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Hare Krishna It is clearly not easy to wake up early in Winters. In summers, I used to attend mangal arati every week.However, now it is so difficult to wake up early and complete 16 rounds before 7 AM. My question is regarding exercise.I was…
Nov 20
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Nov 5
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Nov 5
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Hare Krishna, During First month of chaturmas ie Shravan Mas: No leafy vegetables, such as spinach, salads of all types, cabbages of all types, kale, leafy herbs like coriander, mint, parsley, curry and powdered leafy herbs and teas. So which…
Jul 28
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My Wife says there can not be taste if you do not put onion and garlic.Can anybody help to tell one dish that I can demonstrate. I will try my best to make it and demonstrate to my Wife.It should be a man course like sabzi or dal, not sides like…
May 5
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I need to get initiation and i have done IDC. My home people are helpful in devotional life, but they dont help me in a onion garlic free food.I thing rice or dal is fine from home, and i should make a veggie or dal for myself without onion garlic…
Apr 23
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Feb 28
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"Hare Krishna Gayatri Mataji, You caught me, I will follow the advice i liked the best, pasting here again: -
I saw one video on whatsapp whihc spoke about maintaning optimum health in pandemic time.
So it said morning till 10 am, do not eat…"
Feb 21
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"Hare Krishna Radha Rasmayi Mataji
Pamho, very nice suggestion.. Sorry for missing this. Will try this suggestion out. 
Hare Krishna"
Feb 21
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Hare Krishna, Please Accept my humble obeisances.All Glories to Srila Prabhupada.I do chanting and Bhagwatam class daily. Thanks to lockdown days.. This is continuing.I have put on weight as before this schedule, i used to run, or cycle. Now I am…
Feb 18
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May 3, 2021
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May 3, 2021
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Apr 13, 2020
Varun Pant replied to saurabh garkoti's discussion Sex Life for a Devotee
"Listening to Hare Krishna Chants Helps a lot..
Try listening for 2-3 hours, even if you may feel asleep, agitation will definitely fade away."
May 15, 2019
Varun Pant replied to Dixa Bhavsar's discussion i beg u guys 2 help me plz...................
"Take care of your health also. Then you can continue the progress very well."
May 14, 2019