• Hare Krishna prabhu,

    Moksha is 5 types as given in Scriptures.

    Salokya --- in this liberation one gains residence on one of the Vaikuṇṭha planets where the Narayana forms reside. 

    Sarsti --- when one attains this liberation, he acquires the same opulences(wealth) as the Lord and lives in the Vaikuntha planets. 

    Sarupya --- in this liberation you get the same form as the 4 armed Lord Narayana and live in the Vaikuntha planets.

    Samipya --- in this liberation one becomes a personal associate of Lord and stay in His direct association. This liberation attained by devotees like Arjuna. He was always a friend of the Lord.

    Sayujya --- This is the liberation attained by yogis and jnanis. In this liberation one becomes one with brahmajoyti(the dazzling effulgence from the body of the Lord) or he becomes one with the Lord Himself by losing all individuality. Attaining this kind of liberation is not very hard, the enemies of the Lord such as Kamsa attained this liberation. Chaitanya Caritamrita explains that a devotee would rather go to hell than attain this kind of liberation. In hell we still have the opportunity to serve the Lord but when we become one with the Lord we commit an abominable action and become an offender at the lotus feet of the Lord.

    Actually a devotee does not want any of these liberation although by mercy of Krishna they are elevated to Goloka Vrindavan. 

    Devotee wants to serve Lord where ever Lord gives him place even if it is his abode or as a part of the leelas which He performs. Where ever Lord gives him place be it Vaikunta or Goloka .. a devotee wont complain a devotee only wants to serve Lord.

    main to giridhar ke ghar jau
    hey ghar jau
    main to giridhar ke ghar jau

    jyo phiraawe soi pahiru
    jyo phiraawe soi pahiru
    jyo de soi khaau
    meri unki preet puranni
    meri unki preet puranni
    un bin pal na rah pau
    main to giridhar ke ghar jau
    hey ghar jau
    main to giridhar ke ghar jau

    jaha bithaw tit hi baithu
    jaha bithaw tit hi baithu
    bache to bik jau
    meera ke parbh giridhar nagar

    Meerabai bhajan lines are so apt for this topic.

    Meerabai says.. whatever food or clothing or whatever place You  give i wouldn't complain and always serve you Oh lord!!!

    Moksha is not the end.. Moksha is getting cut from the bondages of life..

    After attaining moksha the soul tries to serve Lord. As Soul is part and parcel of Lord.  For serving lord a mukt aatma ( free Soul) gets a Spiritual body in order to conduct service to Lord.

    No one aims for just simple moksha esp. a devotee of Lord.

    Hare Krishna.

  • Hare krsna prabhuji,
    Pls KINDLY accept my humble RESPECTS.

    Yes. Of course we will have a physical body after moksha, after all If we dont possess a physical body having hands, legs, eyes,nose,tongue etc. Then how will we enjoy the spiritual world, and the spiritual beauty after getting moksha?
    For ENJOYING that we need a body naa?

    So surely we will get a body for enjoyment.

    And regarding about ur feeling, then u will feel very nice, very cool and very Amazing because u will not get a body made of blood,flesh,stool,urine,pus,mucus,hair,skin,bones, etc.
    U will get a spiritual body just like krsna which will be "sac-cid-anand" which means body full of eternity, knowledge and bliss.
    U will be then able to relish the Transcendental bliss of devotional service .

    U will enjoy after getting moksha as there u will no longer suffer from diseases or old age or death.
    U will simply enjoy everything.

    After getting moksha u will be able to drink unlimited tasty milk produced by surabhi cows and also u will be able to enjoy ur favourite dishes whatever u desire.
    U will get a chance to stay in palaces made of Gold, platinum, diamond etc.

    And above all u will get the greatest chance to live with God and enjoy with him.
    So do ur bhakti properly so that soon u may get moksha.
    Chant properly and maximum rounds for ur purification because until and unless u r completely purified of all contamination u will not be able to get moksha.

    Hope I answered ur question.
    For any offense or mistake commited, pls forgive me.
    Ur servant
    Shyam ka gulam
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