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Nectar Documentary Online


New online documentary:

 The Mercy of Radha Gopinath





The Mercy of Radha Gopinath from Amogha Das on Vimeo.


A new documentary is online: The Mercy of Radha Gopinath. Srila Prabhupada personally brought Radha Gopinath from Mumbai to Sydney in 1971. He left them with a prayer: "Now I am leaving you in this mleccha desh. I can take no more responsibility. You please give these boys and girls the intelligence to worship You nicely."

Read about the manifest pastimes of Lord Nrsimhadeva (Mayapur), Lord Jagannath (Rajapur) and 37 other deities at


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The Day I Dressed Radha Gopinath

Radharani just wouldn't allow me put that hair piece on her body. It just wouldn't go on.




Around 1986 my wife Mohini Rupa regularly dressed Radha Gopinath. This was at the Kings Cross/Darlinghurst temple.

One morning she was feeling too ill to do the service, and she couldn’t get anyone by phone to replace her. She sent me at 4:00 am to dress Radha Gopinath.

I was not acquainted with where all the necessary items were kept. A Deity paraphernelia room can be quite complicated, with an order to it that only the pujaris know. There are many drawers, many shelves, and many storage boxes.

I bathed Their Lordships and dressed them, but when it came to putting their hair on I came across a problem.

One of the wigs in the hair box was in two pieces, one for each side of the head. I tried to put it on Radharani, but it kept falling off. I tried to clip it with hair pins, but even though by normal calculation it should have stayed on, it fell off. It was getting late and the curtains would soon open, so I was anxious. I tried to put it on again and it fell again. After it had happened three or four times, I gave up and put another hair piece on Radharani, and all went fine.

I was quite frantic trying to finish in time, and I was anxious becuause I am not a regular pujari. I didn’t know what devotees would think of the way I dressed Their Lordships. When the curtains opened, I was standing next to Nareshvara Prabhu. He asked “Who dressed Radha Gopinath today?” I shyly said, “Me?” “This is nice!” he said. “This is what we need.” Then I felt much better.



When I returned home, I told my wife what had happened. She laughed. “You tried to put Krishna’s hair on Radharani!” We both laughed about it for a long time.

Afterwards I had a major realization: One cannot dress Radharani unless she allows it. One can’t do anything for the Deities unless they allow it. They are not statues, but really Radha and Krishna arca-avatars. They appear in this world in these forms so we can find Them, see Them and serve Them. By the mercy of Srila Prabhupada, Radharani allows us to serve Krishna.

(Read how Srila Prabhupada brought Radha Gopinath to Sydney at under World Deity Pastimes.)

Amogha das


A similar pastime:

Another time while the pujari was dressing the Deities, he was putting necklaces on Jagannatha. He had placed three around the Lord’s neck, but the fourth fell to the ground. He picked it up and put it on Jagannatha and again it fell down. Again he picked it up and put it on, but again it fell down. When he tried again, Lord Jagannatha said, “Don’t you understand? Three is enough: I don’t want anymore!”

from Lord Jagannath, Rajapur, Chapter 3: “Don’t you understand?”

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Mystery of Nrsimhadev's Missing Jewels

Mystery of Nrsimhadev's Missing Jewels,
                                                                        by Amogha das.
How could they reappear?

One day whilst in Malaysia I received a phone call. The lady speaking had a strong accent so I couldn't understand her, but she mentioned my wife's name and said "heart attack." I was shocked and kept asking her "Did my wife have a heart attack!?" Finally after some confusion, I could understand that she was from a store named Heart Attack where she wife had reserved a pair of jewel studded bangles for Lord Nrsimhadev. A few days later we bought the wide gold bangles, covered with pink and multi-colour reddish diamantes. They opened with a spring so you pull them open and then close them around the Lord's wrists.

When we arrived in Mayapur, she checked the bangles. She was dismayed to discover that some of the jewels had fallen out. They were in the bottom of the bag. She placed the bangles with the jewels in a small paper bag on the altar table. In our apartment, the altar is over a metre high and is situated against the wall. On the other side of the wall is our bedroom. She wanted me to get strong glue and reset the jewels.

I needed to get epoxy glue, and it wasn't until we went overseas again and came back that I acquired it. When she asked me again to glue the jewels, I picked up the paper bag. I carefully looked inside, knowing there were loose jewels and bangles inside. I could only see very few jewels at the bottom and she immediately said, "Oh no! You have dropped Lord Nrsimhadev's jewels!"

"I didn't drop anything" I replied. "I just looked inside the bag."

"You've dropped the jewels," she continued. "They were in this bag. We went overseas. No one has been here. You must have dropped them.

My wife really wanted to offer those bangles to Lord Nrsimhadev, so she started searching for the jewels. She looked all around the altar, on the floor around the altar. Then, finding nothing, she expanded the search around the floor further away from the altar. The wall behind the altar is three metres, and to the right side there is a doorway leading to the bedroom. There is no way anything could fall from the altar, go sideways that far, then turn the corner and enter the bedroom. However, since it was adjacent, she started searching the floor of the bedroom.

To allow for storage space the bed was built with high legs. Underneath we keep about ten suitcases and travel bags. My wife started pulling the suitcases out from under the bed. In the middle of the floor under the bed, only accessible after removing suitcases, she found some of the missing jewels.

We were both astonished, because if you see the situation, there is no way you could, for example, drop a child's marble from the altar, and make it roll 1.5 metres, turn left, enter the doorway, roll left again 1.5 metres, then move right 1.5 metres after crossing over some suitcases blocking the way. We had no idea what to think of this. If you look at the jewels on the bangles, they are unique in colour and cut. It's not that you could find just any diamante and it would look like this.

So, I mixed up the epoxy glue, and set the jewels we found back in the bangles. But there were not enough to fill the empty spaces, which are like little craters in the surface.

Somewhat exasperated, my wife went to the temple to see Lord Nrsimhadeva and prayed "My dear Lord, do You want these bangles? I can't find the missing jewels. We can't offer them to You with crystals missing." Every time she swept the bedroom floor, she carefully looked for crystals. She swept that floor, mopped it and wiped it many times over a few months. During her sweeps, she found two more crystals, but there was still one missing.

Two days before Nrsimha Caturdasi, 4th May 2012, she decided to start another search. She pulled all the chairs and the table and cane lounge chair away from the wall near the altar. I was just letting the glue dry after resetting the other crystals when she called out, "I found a pink crystal! I found a pink crystal!" I immediately rushed over. She reached out to give it to me. "Oh NO!" she cried. "I DROPPED IT!!" Now we both got down on the floor with our daughter Sakhi, moved all the furniture, and with a light we looked and looked, but we couldn't find it.

What a tragedy that after all that effort we couldn't offer the bangles to Lord Nrsimhadev. Anyway, that crystal seemed too small. Then, and she said she does not know why, the idea came into her mind to look in the bedroom again. She entered the bedroom, turned left and walked to the windows and there on the floor, right in the middle of the space between the wall and the bed, was a single pink crystal. It was a perfect match with the other crystals on the bangles.

"I have swept this floor many times! she exclaimed. "How could this happen?"

We just could not understand how this could happen. I mixed up the glue and as I waited for it to thicken, I snapped a photo of the last crystal on my finger. On Nrsimha Caturdasi she presented the bangles to the pujari who was attending the altar just after midday. She asked him to accept them, but he said, "No, you have to give them to Jananivas Prabhu first." She pleaded with him but he insisted that she give them to Jananivas Prabhu. Together we went up the stairs to his quarters and told Jananivas Prabhu all that had happened.


He smiled at our daughter (8 years old) and said, "Sakhi. Have you got anything to do with this?" She just giggled and said "No."

I asked whether we should offer them on Gaura Purnima. He replied that we could, but we could also offer them now. I was happy with "now." With a big smile on his face, he took the bangles down the stairs as we followed. He approached Lord Nrsimhadev, and to our great happiness, he removed the bangles the Lord was wearing, and placed our bangles on His powerful arms. Then he brought some Tulasi leaves and a mango from Lord Nrsimhadev and put them in Sakhi's hand. It was an unforgettable moment for us to see the gloriously beautiful, lavishly decorated Supreme Lord Nrsimhadev wearing our bangles with a huge smile.

Thank you Lord Nrsimhadev for accepting our little offerings. Thank you for appearing in Mayapur and allowing us to serve You. Thank you Jananivas Prabhu for encouraging our service. Thank you Srila Prabhupada for revealing that the spiritual world is manifest here in the material world. By your mercy alone we can come here. Without you we would be lost in the darkness of the Kali age.

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The Deity Who Saved a Vaishnava Kingdom


10,000 enemy soldiers poised--The King ordered kirtan.



from a lecture by HH Jayapataka Swami, Los Angeles April 17, 2010


There's the deity at Bankura in Bishnupur established by Srinivas Acharya. He is different than Srivas Thakur. After Jiva Goswami he was the next to protect the sampradaya.

About 300 years after Lord Caitanya there was one atheistic so called pandit. He was called Bhaskara Pandit.

At that time the Moghul ruler was a bit weaker. He amassed an army and he was attacking different villages. He had taken control of a large part of Bengal. Many times he attacked Bankura kingdom, but he was not successful.



This time he had amassed ten thousand soldiers, and he was going to lay siege.

The king (Gopal Singh, 1730-45) who is in the line of disciples of Srinivas Acharya, said everyone chant Hare Krishna for one day, to give us a blessing for going out and fighting this huge horde that this man has made.

Bhaskara Pandit, he used to rob the devotees and loot the temples. He was terrible. At that time the Muslims, apart from Aurangzeb, were quite respectful to the Deities, generally speaking.

But he wasn't. When he heard that the king has ordered "No one raise any weapons for one day. Do kirtan." he laughed.

"HA HA HA! I will attack them now! They won't even resist. I'll kill them all! HA HA HA!

I, Bhaskara Pandit, will be the ruler!"

But the king heard, "POW POW POW"--heard the firing of canons, going off one after another like a machine gun. "POW POW POW POW POW." He came out.

The whole ten thousand army of Bhaskara Pandit was killed. And the canons were hot, smoking.

"Who did it? I gave the order that no one should fire."

Well, none of his kingdom did it.

One old man was there, and said, "The Deity came out. The Deity did it. The Deity took one canon in each arm, POW POW POW POW. He shot."



"The Deity?!" asked the king.

So they went in the Deity room and there was smell like gunshot powder. I think the Deity's name was Radha Madan Mohan. Jaya Radha Madan Mohan ki jai!

So interesting, all these pastimes of the Deities.

That canon is still there and the Deity is still there.


Read how Vishnupur became a Vaishnava Kingdom by the mercy of Srinivasa Acharya., click World Deity Pastimes, find Bankura Kingdom Saved.


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Lord Nrsimhadeva's Miracles

Last year before Nrsimha Caturdasi we received several incredible stories of Mayapur Lord Nrsimhadeva saving devotees. He cancelled devotees' cancer, and provided a couple with a baby. In a disciple's dream He showed that He was protecting Jayapataka Swami, and when a huge bush fire raged towards a devotee's home, upon her prayers He blew the flames away. ( newpastimes. html)

This year coming up to the time of Nrsimha Caturdasi I have had no new stories. When I went to Mayapur, I prayed to Lord Nrsimhadev for new pastimes, but I didn't receive any.

I was surprized, however, to receive more and more pastimes of Gaura Nitai and Radha Krsna Deities during this time. I had started World Deity Pastimes as a new part of to present pastimes of many Deities. Now there are thirty four.

I received the story of Narottam's Gaura, wherein Lord Gauranga revealed to him in a dream where the only Deity of Gauranga made by Himself was hidden. I couldn't imagine where this Deity is until a week later my daughter and her husband arrived from Vrindavan with a photo of the Deity they had taken!


I found the story of the fight for the Juhu temple (posted on I already had the photo of PL Sethi with Srila Prabhupada sent by Braja Hari Prabhu earlier, but I didn't have the written story.



I posted photographs of Radha Madhava during the first days of candan yatra, when Radharani wore peacock feathers and all the gopies were dressed as dancing peacocks.


With my daughter and son-in-law came the fabulous story of Radha Shyamasundar, manifest by Radharani from her heart, and given to Shyamananda. Photography was not allowed, but I found photos of this Deity on the temple website.

Then I found the incredible story of Gauridas Pandit's Gaura Nitai Deities, given to Gauridas by Nitai Gauranga personally. They ran off the altar to join in the kirtan by the Ganga. Even today the curtains are only open briefly then closed, to keep the Deities on the altar. I haven't found photos of Them yet.

Pondering how the lack of stories about saving lives, and these other most amazing Deity pastimes, I remembered the prayer by Srila Bhaktivinode Thakur:

“In my heart reside duplicity, insincerity, the desire for fame, and the six enemies: lust, anger, envy, fear, illusion and intoxication. Therefore I will pray at the feet of Lord Nrsimha to purify my heart and give me the desire to serve Krishna.

“Weeping I will beg Lord Nrsimha that I may worship Radha-Madhava in Navadvip, free from obstacles. Although this form of the Lord is terrible for the evil, He is exceedingly auspicious for the devotees headed by Prahlada. When will Lord Nrsimha become pleased to mercifully speak to me, a worthless fool, and remove my fears?

'Dear child, stay here happily in Gaura Dham. Worship Radha-Madhava, and develop attraction for the holy name. By the mercy of My devotees, all obstacles are transcended.' After speaking like this, when will that Lord joyfully place His feet upon my head? At that moment, by Lord Nrsimha's mercy, I will exhibit symptoms of ecstatic love for Radha and Krishna, and will roll on the ground by the door of Lord Nrsimha's temple.”

--Srila Bhaktivinode Thakur (Navadvipa-bhava-taranga)

So it seems this year Lord Nrsimhadeva revealed more of Nitai Gauranga and Radha Krsna Deity pastimes than His other types of miracles.

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Deity Pastimes in the ISKCON era

Deity pastimes in the ISKCON era remind us that Gauranga's pastimes are going on today. Two amazing accounts (from "World Deity Pastimes") of Deities interacting with ISKCON devotees are presented below.

The Deities Who visited Their devotee's home

There is a devotee named Adya, a Prabhupada disciple--very nice devotee. In Laguna Beach we have beautiful Panca Tattva Deities. He was thinking, "If only the Panca Tattva would come to my house, I could worship them so nicely." But they're big Deities, and he lives fifteen miles from the temple. "How's it every going to happen? Silly desires. What am I thinking?"

About a week later there was a fire in Laguna Beach. It was the worst fire they've had in 150 years. It came up all the way over the hill, came down the canyon, burned the high school, and it was coming right towards the ocean. They had to evacuate the temple. They had two hours notice.



"Where shall we take the Deities?" the devotee asked. "Adya's house!" They called him up: "Adya Prabhu, can we bring the Deities? We have to evacuate. The whole town is evacuating."

Adya said, "Fantastic!" It's a nice house, They brought the Deities to his house, and They stayed for three days. Then they went back.

So we joked, "If we ever want something from Krishna, we'll just ask Adya, because he seems to have an inside connection."

from His Grace Badrinarayan Prabhu, 22 Feb 2012



The Deity Who saved Gita Nagari farm



I want to go back and tell another little story. It's a kind of personal story that was just between me and Bhakti Tirtha Swami, that shows his personal relationship with Krsna.

One time there was a festival. Every year in Gita Nagari the devotees would have this festival. One day with marriages. One day there would be initiations. It was in May every year.

So I remember it was the year 2000, or 2001.

And there was a problem--a huge problem--that the land, Gita Nagari land, there was still money owed on the land. It is what is called a balloon payment. You have to pay a certain amount, a large amound, at a certain time, or you could lose the land. So the payment was due--thirty thousand dollars.

I said, "Maharaj, do you have the money?" He said, "No."

I said, "Can you get it?" He said, "I'm trying, but it's not coming. I need thirty thousand dollars in a few days, or else we could lose the land."

He said, "I've been offered by the lumber jacks to come and take our trees, but I can't do that to Giga Nagari's land. knowing how Prabhupada would be very unhappy if I gave the land simply for trees." He said, "I don't know what to do."




It was the festival. So he was struggling with that during the festival.

So one night, it was Gaura Arati. He went on the altar and did the Arati. Then he came off and he said, "While I was on the arati, I was praying to Sri Sri Radha Damodar, 'Please, help us make this payment. We don't want to lose this land. We don't want to lose Your worship here.'" Gita Nagari is so important. Prabhupada really had a lot of hope for this project, make it develop into something wonderful--self-sufficiency.

Then he said, "While I was offering the Arati, Krsna spoke to me. He said, 'Henry!' "And I said, 'Henry?', He said, 'Henry! You see Henry? He's sitting over there.'"

Now Henry was a very wealthy person. And Henry was very kind, and he would give money to devotees.

"When He told me 'Henry,' I said, 'Damodar, we can't ask Henry, because everyone's asking Henry for money. And you know how it is, when you're rich, people asking for money, you get a little annoyed after awhhile. Sometimes you get a little less generous. So I can't ask Henry.'"

"When I said to Damodar, 'I can't ask Henry,' Damodar said to me, 'Henry!' again. So I don't know what to do. What do you think?"

I said, "Well he's over there. Give him a try."
So he said, "Ok, you watch. and pray."

He was standing at a distance. He went over to Henry. He was talking to Henry. And Henry's got this look on his face. Like, "uh oh"-- it doesn't look good at all.


Then all of a sudden, the whole thing changed. A big smile came on Henry's face. And then a big smile came on Bhakti Tirtha Maharaja's face. Then it was over, and I came and I said, "What happened?"

"You know the most amazing thing happened. Henry was just given a lottery ticket. He won a car and it was worth thirty thousand dollars, and he sold the car and got the thirty thousand dollars. So he just happens to have that money. It just happenend last week. So now, Henry gave the thirty thousand dollars.

All Glories to Radha Damodar. All Glories to Bhakti Tirtha Maharaj.

from His Holiness Candra Mauli Swami, 02 March 2012

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Amogha's memories of Prabhupada

His Divine Grace arrives, Melbourne 1974


Dear Devotees,

I recorded memories of times I was with Srila Prabhupada, including audio clips of him speaking on various topics during morning walks when I was present. I love to hear him blast the scientists so effectively, and set our minds right about everything. Apologies if the kirtan lead seems a bit sentimental. I kept this recording for a long time and recently decided to release it.


The link is at It is in mp3 format.


your servant, Amogha das




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Deity Dreams

Deity Dreams

In the modern day many pastimes between devotees and the Lord in His Arca Avatar, or Deity forms are happening. There are many stories....

Dreams have long been a feature of exchanges between the Lord and His devotees.

In Remuna, Kshirachora Gopinath (photo above) told His pujari in a dream to take the pot of

sweet Kshira the Lord had hidden under his dress, and bring it to His beloved

devotee Mahdavendra Puri. Madhavendra Puri, who was outside under a Banyon

tree, had left the temple, feeling he had offended the Lord by desiring to

taste the Kshira so he could offer it to his own Deity. (


When Govinda Gosh, one of Lord Caitanya's dear associates, abandoned all of his

service in frustration after his wife and son died, Lord Gopinath (photo above) appeared to

him in a dream masssaged his legs. "I don't understand your intelligence," the

Lord Said. "One of your sons dies, and you decide,

'Whats the point in feeding the other one let him die also.'" The Lord agreed

to perform the last rites and yearly pinda ceremony for Govinda, who was then

very happy and got up to prepare an offering. Every year this Deity is taken to

the place where He performs the annual pinda ceremony, but Pankajanghri Prabhu

told me the Deity actually went there Himself at the time of Govinda's

departure. (

Dreams of Krishna or Guru are a great insiration for the devotee. In the cases

above, they are also a great inspiration to us and future devotees, because the

dreams are revealed to us through literature or verbal tradition. The devotees

involved spoke about their dreams, or wrote about them, so that we could share

in the ecstatic inspiration, and feel greater faith in Guru and Krishna. If

they kept the pastimes to themselves, we would no know about them.

In the modern day many pastimes between devotees and the Lord in His Arca

Avatar, or Deity forms are happening. There are many stories in regard to Lord

Nrsimhadeva in Mayapur and Lord Jagannath in Rajpur. (narasimhalila. com/

jagraj1.html) Many devotees have given their realizations, dreams and miracles

they have witnessed. His Grace Pankajanghri Prabhu released them in book form..

World Deity Pastimes is a new section aimed at revealing histories of other

Deities, pastimes, and personal accounts Deities manifesting Their mercy.

Here we have some ancient histories, as well as some from the present. One

obstacle we face is that many devotees who have had experiences with Deities,

don't want to talk about it.

It is more convincing to read the experiences of someone who gives their name

and tells who they are, as in Mayapur Lord Nrsimhadeva's pastimes. But if

devotees won't reveal who they are, at least they could spare us some mercy to

know what happened, even if they don't give their name.

Seva Priya devi dasi, who tells of how her daughter Jagannath Lila was born by

the mercy of Lord Jagannath at Rajpur, said she promised Lord Jagannath to

always speak of His glories, so she has to tell everyone. She adds that

devotees who read her story say their faith has been increased.


We have the chance to serve the devotees by inspiring their faith in the Lord

by revealing any pastimes we have seen or experienced. If our life ends without

sharing the mercy we miss that opportunity.

Below are some personal accounts of dream related experiences from present-day


Pujari's Dream Come True

One of the pujaris from Soho temple visited our family in Mayapur in 2009. She

told us a very interesting story about Lord Jagannath in Soho.

The pujaris were preparing to offer a flower set to Sri Sri Radha London

Isvara. A donor had offered the funds required.

During her sleep, Lord Jagannath appeared in a dream. He said, "I am God just

as much as He is! I want a flower set also."

"But Lord Jagannath," she pleaded nervously, "Someone donated the money for the

flower set. We don't have the money to buy a flower set for You."

"Don't worry," Lord Jagannath said. "Radharani will arrange everything."

The next day someone came to the temple and donated the money needed to buy

Lord Jagannath's flowers, and the devotees enthusiastically prepared a flower

set to Lord Jagannath also.

Most Wonderful Dream
as told by Kaisori devi dasi

This is the most wonderful dream I have ever had of a Deity of Krishna. We were

living at St. Augustine, so we would drive to Alachua temple .

This was during a time when I was going through a lot of tests, in spiritual

life, in life in general. I dreamt that I was in the car driving to the temple

with my husband and my mother was also there. We were driving and then we

arrived at the temple.

As soon as we saw the temple I see this mataji coming out of the temple room,

and she says to me, "Take advantage. Krishna is still outside." And I said to

her, "What do you mean Krishna is still outside?"

She said, "The Deity, Shyam, He's right in the center of the temple room. He

came out!"

I said "Ok. I have to go see that." So I rushed to the temple, and there He

was! The Deity of Shyam was right in the middle of the temple room!"

I offered my obeisances and I started walking close to Him. Then once I was

really--literally this close--suddenly He became Himself. He was no longer a

Deity, He was Shyam. And then He smiled at me.

And He said, "Kaisori, don't worry so much about things. It's not good for


He said, "Whenever you have a problem, or anything that worries you, just come

and tell me and I will take care about it."

It was very very beautiful. That's the most beautfiul dream I have every had.

Lord Balaram's Appearance Day, New Mayapur

As told by Vaiyasaki Prabhu.

We were in New Mayapur in France for Lord Balaram's Appearance Day. Sri Sri

Krishna Balaram are the main Deities of the temple, and Lord Balaram is the

only Lord Balaram Deity in Europe. It is a big festival. Every temple has their

big yearly festival. That's their big one.

I gave class and there was a big kirtan. Right on the final day, in the

evening, the devotees presented a play in French. So a few of us went back to

the temple for sayana arotike rather than sit and see a play in French. There

were a few devotees there in the temple, maybe about ten. I led the kirtan, the

consch blew, but the pujari didn't close the curtains, so I just kept chanting.

Then the pujaris started putting the Deities to rest like they do after closing

the curtains. They brought in the beds, they took off all the garments. They

did everything. They put Them to rest, said all the mantras with the curtains

wide open. So I just carried on chanting. Then when the pujaris were finished

they blew the consch and closed the curtains.

This is unusual that the pujaris put the Deities to rest with the curtains

open. It's very unusual. So I said the premadvani prayers, and I said to

everbody, "We really got Lord Balaram's mercy!"

Anyway, I went home. That night I had a dream. I was walking in some temple. I

don't know where it was. I didn't recognize it. Just me and Prabhupada. We were

walking and I said to Srila Prabhupada, "I think that we got Lord Balaram's

mercy." Srila Prabhupada said, "Yes, you definitely got Lord Balaram's mercy."

Just then I woke up. I was like wide awake, and I thought "Wow!" I looked at my

clock and it was one o'clock in the morning. I thought "I've got to go back to

sleep," but I couldn't. So I just chanted sixteen rounds.

This happened about ten years ago.(year 2000)

To share some pastimes or Deity histories, please write to me

at amogha. acbsp

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Ram carved Gopinath on the way to Ayodhya

When Lord Ramachandra and Sita Devi were returning to Ayodhya after Their exile, Their flower airplane flew right above this place. In those days, the area used to look magnificent. There were seven rivers flowing through it and the landscape was vibrant with lush vegetation. As Sita was mesmerized by its beauty, she inquried from Lord Rama, "Oh, my Lord, in what form will You appear on Earth when you descend in Dvapara-yuga?"

Lord Rama immediately landed the plane. At that spot there was a large black rock, and He started to carve it with the tip of an arrow to answer her question. "Just see, My dear, this is how I will look when I appear in Dvapara-yuga." Then He showed her the wonderful form of Gopinatha He had carved. Rama also carved eight gopis, four to each side of the Deity, as well as a cow that serves as a base for the lotus feet of Gopinatha. He also carved Ananta Sesa above Gopinatha's head. (That piece of stone is on the altar as well, but we couldn't see it because it was covered with cloth.)

After that, Rama and Sita continued their travel to Ayodhya, and the local brahmanas started to worship the Deity and have continued to do so to this very day. We took this unique opportunity of offer Gopinath our service through prayers and chanting and dancing in a several-hour long kirtana enthusiastically led by Prahlad Nrisimha Prabhu.

The one thing we couldn't miss for the world was tasting the special sweet made only at this place and nowhere else. Ksira is the sweet the Deity was named after. It is made from condensed milk, sugar, and cream with raisins added. Chora means a thief. Once opon a time, The Deity Himself stole a pot of that special tasty sweet to offer to His dear devotee, Madhavendra Puri, who desired in his mind to try it so that later he would know how to prepare it for his own Deity, Govinda. That transdendental pastime has made this temple, Madhavendra Puri and the sweet famous. Soon we got the chance to try it. In the courtyard, there was a room with many clay pots full of condensed milk. The sweets started to disappear when the devotees, hungry for nectar, got to them. Most of us were not satisfied with only one pot! Soon it came time for breakfast, which we took in the prasadam room within the temple complex.

for full story see click World Deity Pastimes

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ISKCON Namacharya Aindra Prabhu

"When devotees announced we should pray for him, I thought "rather we
should pray TO him, that we might also get dedication to chanting
Krishna's holy name and go back to Godhead."

ISKCON Namacharya Aindra Prabhu
by Amogha das

In one of my favourite classes by Srila Prabhuapada, he indicates that
the Bhagavad-gita is not a book of knowledge that can be understood
simply by study. Krishna says, "tesam satata yuktanam bhajatam prithi
purvakam...dadami buddhi yogam tam" "I reveal Meself to My devotees
who are always engaged in worshiping Me with love." That is Krishna's
special favour to His devotees.

You cannot see Krishna. Just like at night you cannot see the sun. If
you are in the darkness of night and you demand to see the sun, you
cannot. But in the morning when the sun comes up of its own accord,
you can see it.

By reading the Bhagavad-gita you can find Krishna. If you are so
fortunate that you find Krishna, surrender to Him! Become a faithful
servant of Krishna. Render loving service under the guidance of a bona
fide spiritual master. Then He will be pleased with your service, and
He will reveal Himself. Only then you can understand what are the
loving pastimes of Radha and Krishna, the pastimes of Nityananda and
Gouranga, everything. They cannot be understood just by reading books.

His Grace Aindra Prabhu is an example of a faithful servant of
Krishna, who constantly rendered loving service by chanting His holy
names for many many years in the transcendental land of Vrindavan.
Through his service He became dear to devotees all over the world even
if they never met him. Surely he pleased Srila Prabhupada, Radha
Shyamasundara and Nitai Gouranga.

When devotees announced we should pray for him, I thought "No, we
should pray TO him, that we might also get dedication to chanting
Krishna's holy name and go back to Godhead."

Srila Prabhupada gave special significance to life of Jayananda
Prabhu. I don't think anyone will disagree if I say that we should
honor the life of Aindra Prabhu by refering to him as ISKCON Namacharya
Aindra Prabhu. In our modern times, he stood out in the world for his
extraordinary dedication to chanting the holy names, as Haridas Thakur
did during the pastimes of Lord Caitanya.

I am not sure who to approach about this in our GBC, but I think all
devotees will agree that he deserves this title.

your servant, Amogha das.

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Jayapataka Swami's first japa

I am a godbrother JPs and my wife is his disciple. This article is a glimpse at how this courageous preacher carried on preaching, ecstatic, despite the crippling effects of the stroke on his body.

At this time he revealed the first time he chanted japa, with an amazing aspect.

I wrote the following on October 5, 2009, when Jayapataka Swami was in Kuala Lumpur. This was the first time I could be close to him since he had his stroke. For those who don't know, this stroke would normally have finished anyone's life, but within three days he opened his eyes, to see where he could enlighten others about love for Krishna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

For the past several days we have be treated to the chance to hear His
Holiness Jayapataka Swami's talks here in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. His
mood is jovial, cheerful and ecstatic. He is staying in a house rented
by Marici Prabhu, next door to his own house. There are many rooms and
plenty of space for his assistants. Sometimes he speaks there at
night, sometimes at Lord Jagannath's temple.

On Sunday he gave initiation to 125 devotees (92 first, 33 second).Today
he gave give initiations to devotees who arrived from a nearbycountry.

One day during his talk he mentioned the first time he chanted japa. A
devotee gave him beads and he went to a nearby park. He used to do
hatha yoga so he sat in an asana position and chanted 32 rounds. He
was feeling some ectasy from chanted which amazed him. After the
thirty two rounds he went back to the temple. The devotee who gave him
beads to chant on said he made a mistake. He had given him Srila
Prabhupada's beads by mistake, and took them back, giving him new

Another time he mentioned that Srila Prabhupada told him he was a
devotee in his previous life. Jayapataka Swami replied, "But
Prabhupada, how could I have been a devotee? I am so fallen!" Srila
Prabhupada admonished him, "You are doubting the words of your
spiritual master?" Then Jayapataka Swami didn't say anymore about it.
He accepted Srila Prabhupada's instruction. "Ok, if Prabhuapda says I
was a devotee, I was a devotee."

One day He said he doesn't mind to give permission to his disciples
who want to become the Siksha disciple of another guru. He said that,
for example, several of Bhakti Caru Swami's disciples take Siksha from
him, and several of his disciples take Siksha from Bhakti Caru Swami.
He said he just wants all his disciples to feel well situated. "But
please stay within ISKCON," he said.

At a Bhagavad-gita class he mentioned a story Lord Siva told to
Parvati about a householder couple. They were travelling and the
husband said there is no value to travelling. You just do the same
eating, sleeping, mating and defending in a different place. There
were sitting under a hangman's tree, full of ghosts. The ghosts were
all waiting for night to fall so they could posess the couple. The
wife knew half of a verse of the Gita (8.1) kim tad brahma kim
adhyatmam, kim karma purushottama. Because they heard this the ghosts
were immediately taken to Vaikuntha. Afterwards Lord Vishnu sent for
the couple as well. Maharaj had us all blissfully chanting the verse
with him.

Another night he described how Lord Caitanya and Lord Nityananda met
for the first time. Gauranga asked the devotees to search all over
Navadvip for Nityananda. They couldn't find him. One householder had
devotees at his door three times asking for Nityananda. Then Gouranga
took a sankirtan party out chanting Hare Krishna. This brought out
Lord Nityananda. They saw each other and Gouranga cried out
"Nityananda!" He cried out "Gouranga!" and we were all shouting out
the same over and over with Maharaj.

Maharaj walks into the temple. There is a ramp but instead he ascends
the steps, about six steps. This requires assistance from his
disciples. He takes careful gradual steps, working to recondition his

He preaches in the evening after a full day of therapy.

Daily he takes hyperbaric oxygen therapy 1 hour a specialized clinic.
Also he goes for speech therapy 1 hour, occupational therapy 1 hour,
and physiotherapy 1 hour. This is at a stroke rehabilitation center
run by a Buddhist association at nearby Puchong--a charitable
institution. They have state-of-art facilities and quite quite
efficient and personal.

The next course of treatment will involve a teadmill machine called a
Lokomat. It retrains people to walk with proper balancing. Presently
KL does not have one.

All of his talks are broadcast live on the,
and afterwards they are saved. You can go there to listen to them. The
live lectures are usually at about 9pm Kuala Lumpur time, which is GMT
+8. (He is here until October 6th). Check for
announcements. You can also send questions to Maharaj, which he likes
to answer after the talk. Some nights are set aside just for questions
and answers. He will broadcast from India after the 6th.

It has been a moving experience to see Jayapataka Swami powering on,
jovial and ectatic, and to hear his enthusing talks.

Amogha das
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Wild Kirtan Rathayatra KL

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
July 14, 2010

"No one in particular seemed to decide what would
happen next but it just went on, like
waves, one after another. One devotee did
something like a Russian dance down on the
floor, shooting his legs out."

Last night about 400 devotees were at the
temple to greet Lord Jagannath, Who
returned from the 6 hour Rathayatra at
10pm. The kirtan was so jubilant, devotees
dancing together in several clusters across the
temple floor. They were spinning,
dancing in circles, moving in and out of
the center raising their hands, and going
nuts. One turning circle of devotees (joined by
holding hands) surrounded another circle
going the opposite direction. Both went faster
and faster until the spin force broke them apart.

No one in particular seemed to decide what would
happen next but it just went on, like
waves, one after another. One devotee did
something like a Russian dance down on the
floor, shooting his legs out. Another
moved his arms and legs so wildly that all
the others laughed. We were really
enthralled as the Temple President
Vishnu Caitanya Prabhu, an incomparable
singer, carried us away, surrounded by drummers.

I marveled at the mercy of Prabhupada that
the devotees were experiencing intense
kirtan rasa, laughing, jubilant, overcome.
Prabhupada said "They are dancing like
peacocks." After Melbourne Rathayatra in
1974 he said "Why are they dancing?...
Because they are directly in touch with God."
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