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The wife of jazz great John Coltrane, a legend in her own right, met Srila Prabhupada and brought the Lord's holy names to the ears of thousands.
WHEN YOU'RE CHANTING the maha-mantra," said the late Alice Coltrane, "your soul responds, because the soul knows these names." The wife of the great jazz saxophonist and composer John Coltrane, she was known among her followers as Turiyasangitananda (which she translated as the Transcendental Lord's highest song of bliss"). She continues: "The soul re

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Just turn the pages of the history of India and you will come across the life stories of scores of eminent men and women who had all the means to enjoy their material life, but they willingly gave it up to pursue their spiritual goals. They weren’t satisfied just to satisfy the demands of their mind, senses and body. Animals do the same thing. Their conscience would constantly nudge them to look something which was not material and not ephemeral. They were searching for happiness which was not

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