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HH Mukunda Goswami Maharaja relates:

There is an interesting story that I wrote about. It took place when “Govinda” first came out, when the recording was first released. I was in England, and Yamuna was in England, and we sent this recording to the devotees in Los Angeles to show how we were really preaching big time to the Beatles and had done this record. But the devotees in Los Angeles didn’t want Prabhupada to hear this, because they thought it was very strange that a woman’s voice would b

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By Satsvarupa Das Goswami

I received an email from Vanamali Pandit, the temple president of Boston. He has invited me to conduct a Zoom presentation for the 49th installation anniversary on July 19th. I have agreed to do it because Prabhupada sent me alone to Boston in 1967 to open a center. I stayed there for several years and watched it grow. I have a soft spot for Boston ISKCON. I will share my memories, including the several visits of Prabhupada to the Boston temple and his installation of

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"Srimad Bhagavatam  explains  that  the  material  world  is  a  place  of  constant  danger: padam  padam  yad  vipadam  na  tesam …  the  place  where  there  is  danger  at  every  step. We are  constantly  confronted  with  a  myriad  of  challenges  in  this  world  and  it  only  worsens  as  Kali-yuga  progresses.  The  devotee’s  only  shelter  is  the  lotus  feet  of  the  Lord.  The  more  we  take  shelter  of the  Lord’s  lotus  feet  the  more  we  become  freed  from  the  effec

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