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RAM - The Poem by Bhaktimarga Swami

Ram possesses all the qualities of a superhero
Royal traits of ultimate prince, monarch, or pharaoh
Reverent to all, eager to help and listen
With a service attitude acting on what's given
His build is admirable, countenance grave
Tasks he tackles meant only for the brave
He never moves suddenly at a reckless whim
No wonder his father, the emperor, adores him
Ram is the heartthrob for many a woman
He also has a striking brother, his name, Lakshman
Of all ladies, lovely Sita won Ram in a tourna

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Is Shri Ram Human?

सीतानाथ समारम्भां रामानन्दार्य मध्यमाम्।
अस्मदाचार्य पर्यन्तां वन्दे श्रीगुरू परम्पराम् ।।

Get clear view of Shlokā;

आत्मानं मानुषं मन्ये रामं दशरथात्मजम् || (६-११७-११)

Many of us some times get easily confused with this shlokā, as we think the word maanuSham here means human. But this is not true, earlier I have already explained it and you guys have given a very good response in that but this time let's see same Shlokā with a quite different meaning.

The actual meaning of Manushya is successors of

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सीतानाथ समारम्भां रामानन्दार्य मध्यमाम्।
अस्मदाचार्य पर्यन्तां वन्दे श्रीगुरू परम्पराम् ।।


First get clear that every deity is menifestation of Paratpār Par-Brahmā Śrī Rām as said by Vedas ITSELF, so according to that it's Śrī Rām alone who appears in every form;

एतेषु चैव सर्वेषु तत्त्वं च ब्रह्म तारकम् ।
राम एव परं ब्रह्म राम एव परं तपः ।।
राम एव परं तत्त्वं श्रीरामो ब्रह्म तारकम् ।।
वायुत्रेणोक्तास्ते योगीन्द्रा ऋषयो विष्णुभक्ता हनूमन्तं पप्रच्छुः रामस्याङ्गानि नो ब्रूहीति ।
वायुपुत्रं विघ्नेश

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By Madhava Smullen

In this gloomy time, there can never be too many sources of light. So it’s apt that on Diwali day (November 14th) this year, there are at least two new devotional songs set to be released. As well as Govinda Priya’s first single “Achyutam: Your Names,” another UK-based artist, Radhika Ranjana Das (affectionately known as Radhika Das) has announced his debut track Ram Sita Ram. 

“In my childhood I would hear ancient tales of Sita Ram and particularly Hanuman, the fiercely str

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