Lord Nrsimhadeva's Miracles

Last year before Nrsimha Caturdasi we received several incredible stories of Mayapur Lord Nrsimhadeva saving devotees. He cancelled devotees' cancer, and provided a couple with a baby. In a disciple's dream He showed that He was protecting Jayapataka Swami, and when a huge bush fire raged towards a devotee's home, upon her prayers He blew the flames away. (narasimhalila.com/ newpastimes. html)

This year coming up to the time of Nrsimha Caturdasi I have had no new stories. When I went to Mayapur, I prayed to Lord Nrsimhadev for new pastimes, but I didn't receive any.

I was surprized, however, to receive more and more pastimes of Gaura Nitai and Radha Krsna Deities during this time. I had started World Deity Pastimes as a new part of narasimhalila.com to present pastimes of many Deities. Now there are thirty four.

I received the story of Narottam's Gaura, wherein Lord Gauranga revealed to him in a dream where the only Deity of Gauranga made by Himself was hidden. I couldn't imagine where this Deity is until a week later my daughter and her husband arrived from Vrindavan with a photo of the Deity they had taken!


I found the story of the fight for the Juhu temple (posted on dandavats.com). I already had the photo of PL Sethi with Srila Prabhupada sent by Braja Hari Prabhu earlier, but I didn't have the written story.



I posted photographs of Radha Madhava during the first days of candan yatra, when Radharani wore peacock feathers and all the gopies were dressed as dancing peacocks.


With my daughter and son-in-law came the fabulous story of Radha Shyamasundar, manifest by Radharani from her heart, and given to Shyamananda. Photography was not allowed, but I found photos of this Deity on the temple website.

Then I found the incredible story of Gauridas Pandit's Gaura Nitai Deities, given to Gauridas by Nitai Gauranga personally. They ran off the altar to join in the kirtan by the Ganga. Even today the curtains are only open briefly then closed, to keep the Deities on the altar. I haven't found photos of Them yet.

Pondering how the lack of stories about saving lives, and these other most amazing Deity pastimes, I remembered the prayer by Srila Bhaktivinode Thakur:

“In my heart reside duplicity, insincerity, the desire for fame, and the six enemies: lust, anger, envy, fear, illusion and intoxication. Therefore I will pray at the feet of Lord Nrsimha to purify my heart and give me the desire to serve Krishna.

“Weeping I will beg Lord Nrsimha that I may worship Radha-Madhava in Navadvip, free from obstacles. Although this form of the Lord is terrible for the evil, He is exceedingly auspicious for the devotees headed by Prahlada. When will Lord Nrsimha become pleased to mercifully speak to me, a worthless fool, and remove my fears?

'Dear child, stay here happily in Gaura Dham. Worship Radha-Madhava, and develop attraction for the holy name. By the mercy of My devotees, all obstacles are transcended.' After speaking like this, when will that Lord joyfully place His feet upon my head? At that moment, by Lord Nrsimha's mercy, I will exhibit symptoms of ecstatic love for Radha and Krishna, and will roll on the ground by the door of Lord Nrsimha's temple.”

--Srila Bhaktivinode Thakur (Navadvipa-bhava-taranga)

So it seems this year Lord Nrsimhadeva revealed more of Nitai Gauranga and Radha Krsna Deity pastimes than His other types of miracles.

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