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How to over come sinful desire?

Hare Krishna, My dear devotees, Please accept my most humble obeisances.

I am a new devotee, I met KC throught my father in 2014. I am university student.

I am chanting japa, keep 4 regulative principle, but I think I also have so many sinful desire.


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Negetive thoughts

Hare krishna...i was suffering from depression two month ago.i an taking medicine and i am doin hare krishna japa one round and i feel much better and happy and but still negetive thoughts coming in my mind please help me how i can rid of these thoug

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About chanting hare Krishna!!

Hare Krishna!!All glories to srla prabhupada!!hare Krishna devotees......I'm a neophyte and I had a question about chanting.......actually i'm 17 and I wanted to ask that can I chant on the tulsi beads??Or only a initiated devotee can chant on beads?

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diety size

Namaskaar to ALL,

Dear Devotees, I would like to bring krishna ji of size more than 20 inches at my home for worship, but as pr rituals, we cannot keep more than 9 inches diety at pooja ghar. 

I would like know, if we do not initiate (pran pratishtha)

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