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If You are receiving questions from new comers to Your personal mail box then please share them here but without the name of a person who asked the question. Some may feel shy and discomfort to ask openly so they ask some senior Devotees...

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  • Hare Krishna!

    I am totally aware of the fact that meat-eating is a violation of 1 of the 4 regulative principles and I don't support such activities in the following question below.

    In Islam, they are encouraged to eat meat as they justify from the Koran that Allah has allowed them to do so by following a procedure of Halal in
    which an animal is humanely tortured in the slaughterhouse. As a permissible procedure of the Islamic method of Sacrifice, it's not a sin as per Islam.
    Therefore, will Muslims eating meat get Karma for this even though they are sacrificing the meat to their God?

    The original question was asked here-

    Hare Krishna!
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  • Dear Devotees, 
    I am writing to you on behalf of Food for Life Vrindavan. 

    Every year at FFLV we celebrate Srila Prabhupada's Appearance day by hosting a special feast for 1500 children at our schools. The feast includes Rice Pulao, Poori, Sabzi, Choley & Gulab Jamun (Srila Prabhupada’s Favourite). 

    This would cost Rs 60/- per person which is equivalent to Rs 90,000 (approx $1400 USD)

    This year the feast will be hosted on 16th of August, 2017 at the Sandipani Muni School, Vrindavan. 1500 Brajwasi kids will enjoy the Prasadam & remember Our Dear Srila Prabhupada!

    If you would like to sponsor this feast partially or fully and receive the blessings these brajwasis, please write to us at info@fflvrindavan.org or call/message/whatsapp at (0091)7895002907.
    You are welcome to personally attend the feast with your family if you are in Vrindavan.
    If you are unable to, we shall send you the photos. 
    Let us know your thoughts.
    Your Servant
    Sri Radhika Dasi
    Communications Manager
    Food for Life Vrindavan
  • I feel like everything is being taken away from me.  I'm so scared and think I am going to be alone.

    • Make some good devotee friends.. From being with their Association Loneliness will go away.. & what has been taken away from you. K.C. Has given U the most precious priceless thing "Krsna" what else more can anyone give to you... Even though if everything is being taken away from U & bt still u have "Krsna" Then Everything is there & on the opposite If everything is there bt, Krsna is not there means "nothing is there wth U.. Soo, don't be scared associate wth devotees & enjoy the Bless..!🙏hare Krsna🙏
  • And i have made my mind not to marry and to serve my whole life as krishna servant... you may call a young blood starving for new things but trust me my mindsetup and everything has changed alot not as young blood but as a krishna servant... i keep on begging to see glimpse of my hari.... can anyone help me
  • Hare krshna...pamho agtsp ..... from last year or so i have became curious to know about krishna..and by the grace of lord krishna i have got shri sarla prabhupad as my guru...but recently i have been facing huge turmoil due to association with iskcon my heart is diverted into sanyas ashram and due to family pressure i hav engaged with beautiful girl now my family pressuring me to leave iskcon ...how can i leave krishna ?i am betraying myself as my heart is completely diverted into sanyas and i dont want to marry as i belong to very well educated and rich family sometimes education ruin people mind and heart as same happend with my family they are threatened me for not to particepate any events held by iskcon ... i know that grahasth ashram is the part of our life but sorry i lost myself completely my friends call me insane but it doesn't matter at all...could you please guide me...
    • What is current status of your spiritual Journey to sannyas?
  • Hare Krishna...i am new to this site.Please explain me should i leave sleeping on bed and start to sleep on ground.Hari bol...
  • Hare Krishna Manisha mataji! First of all I like your question which is a common complain among us. With my small fund of knowledge I would try to answer your question.

    - we need to find out what is the underlying reason why someone behaving unexpectedly. 

    - we have to avoid anger and should not jump to the conclusion from his/her behaviour at a certain situation

    - Someone's prejudiced behaviour is not based on reason or actual experience. That means the person is acting only to hurt you because somehow he/she was hurt from your direct or indirect behaviour or action. 

    - Instead of becoming angry or upset for his/her behaviour, we should openly ask him or find out what is the cause of misunderstanding. 

    - Once the reason is known, it would be easy to explain him/her that what was perceived from your unwanted action/ behaviour was baseless. 

    - it is most important to talk to the person openly in a humble manner avoiding anger and make the person understand your actual position. 

    - in any situation, we have to act/react sensibly and make other person understand our honesty, sincerity and openness. Nothing wrong asking to forgive if he/she got hurt because of my unintentional behaviour.

    -if you can make the person understand you then his/her anger will go away and will become a friend again. 

    I understand it is a difficult situation to overcome. However, if you handle the situation in cool brain, you will  not only be able to avoid further consequences, but also help him understand that prejudiced actions are not always appropriate. 

    Hope it helps.

    Hare Krishna and accept my pranam.


  • Hare Krishna when we lie down in front of Thakur ji, How we should lie down. when are leg should face and where or hand should be. 

This reply was deleted.

How to over come sinful desire?

Hare Krishna, My dear devotees, Please accept my most humble obeisances.I am a new devotee, I met KC throught my father in 2014. I am university student.I am chanting japa, keep 4 regulative principle, but I think I also have so many sinful desire.My japa is always bad, I just do that because I should do, there is no any taste and I don't like to chant.When I associate with devotees I am full of enthusiastic,but I can't keep my enthusiasm for a long time.I trust all these things  real /about…

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How to make Jaggy turban for Krishna

Hare Krsna.. Could someone please help me on how to make Jaggy turban for Krshna. I did an exhaustive search in Google. But couldn't find a proper site where I could learn this. It would be really helpful if you could share the steps on how to make Jaggy turban and dhoti for Krshna. The Krshna Idol at my home is about 60cm tall.

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Negetive thoughts

Hare krishna...i was suffering from depression two month ago.i an taking medicine and i am doin hare krishna japa one round and i feel much better and happy and but still negetive thoughts coming in my mind please help me how i can rid of these thoughts.jai gurudev.hari bol!

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How to overcome lust and attain peace?

Dandavat Pranaam.I came to know of the Krishna Consciousness Movement through my mother who got initiated under Sree Bhakti Ballabh Tirtha Goswami Maharaj of Sree Chaitanya Gaudiya Math in 1997. My family - my mother, me and my sister moved to Gujarat, India in 2008. Since then, we have been visiting ISKCON temple, Ahmedabad for darshan and worship. We went through a lot a financial difficulties from 2008 to 2012 and my mother suffers from schizophrenia.My main problem is that like my mother I…

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