About chanting hare Krishna!!

Hare Krishna!!All glories to srla prabhupada!!hare Krishna devotees......I'm a neophyte and I had a question about chanting.......actually i'm 17 and I wanted to ask that can I chant on the tulsi beads??Or only a initiated devotee can chant on beads??Sorry if I have asked something wrong.....i'm a foolish neophyte.....plz do answer......Hari bol!!!

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    Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


    Yes, you can chant on tulsi beads - no problems. If you have reservations or are not following the 4 regulative principles fully, you can chant on neem beads also.

    You have not asked anything wrong prabhu. Please feel free to ask whatever comes to your mind - otherwise how will your doubts be cleared?

    Chanting is important prabhu. Please start with minimum 4 rounds and gradually increase till you reach 16 rounds. While chanting, one should hear one's own voice saying the mahamantra clearly. That is the way to chant.


    Your servant,


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