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how to practice devotion staying with father and brother drinkers who try to hide that matter from me.father sumtimes chants,comes to temple.but the br troubles a lot & even uses harsh words to lord and devotees.always watching T.V. still m chanting 16 &4 principles.but not able to concentrate.pls guide me.


Hare KRsna Mataji,


In one word, the answer is "Keep Trying". Krsna sees and rewards the sincerity of your prayers. You keep trying. Keep this in mind - Kabira teri jhopdi, gal katayan ke paas, jo karenge, so bharenge, tu kyun bhaye udaas. (It means that Sant Kabir is saying that his house is beside that of a buthers, everyone is responsible for their own acts, he doesnt become sad for other's acts). If you care for your father and brother, do so much devotion that your devotion is enough to deliver the two of them.

If your brother is abusing the lord, then to stop him from doing further offences, you stop discussin Krsna Conscious ness with him. Dont try to preach with words at all - preach with actions - you become humble and adjusting. Just be firm on your chanting - that is most important, the rest will follow. Since you are able to chant 16 and follow 4, despite these conditions, then the situation is not taht bad.

You can consider marrying a devotee to get out of the situation at home. You can give me your matrimonial bio data, put up on www.grihasta.com and on www.marryadevotee.com and search for yourself, you could give your profile to your local ISKCON temple (find out if there is a marraige bearue run by them, then give tehre, else to the Temple President or his wife).

Remember, our struggle to please Krsna not only increases our resolve, it pleases Krsna to see that we are putting in some effort for Him. One day, He will shower His mercy on you and make your situation favourable to bhakti - but He will do it only after you ahve firmed up completely in Him. Sometimes, it is seen taht as long as the struggle is there, we have the desire (more like defiance) to serve Him, but once the obstacle is removed, then our resolve to serve Him also disappears. Am speaking from personal experience, so I know for sure this is true.

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  • how is the situation now after 2 years?

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