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Ekadashi (50)


Hare krishna prabhuji, all glories to srila prabhupadaji, my question is about Ekadashi fasting. Prabhu, i regularly keep Ekadashi fast of each and every month, so my mother or sisiter prepares prasadam, is it ok to take a help of mother and sister o

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Ekadashi And Sins

Hare Krishna to all the devotees!My dandvat pranam to you!PAMHO. May be this is a very bizzarre or stupid question but i feel like asking.

Suppose anyone sucessfully execute ekadashi God decides to send him to Vaikuntha. but then he continues to perfo

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Ekadasi fasting

Hare Krishna,

I am curious to know about the prescribed food one should intake in Ekadashi fast. I know of people take 'Coun' rice but some people do not. Some take vegetables like potato and bannana.

I wanted to know it from the Authority the ideal fo

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Hare krishna to all....... accept my humble obeisances.

jai sri radhamadanmohan ki jai.............. all glories to prabhupada.....

      Acc to our rules we have to fast on ekadasis. but one of my friend asked(he also devotee) me in total baghavadgita

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Hare Krishna !!!


I took new resolution to become fully Krishna conscious and startd observing Ekadashi Fast. One of my coleague asked me significance of Ekadashi. I gave him information about origin and significance of Ekadashi. However he still had

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