Hare krishna devotees. Do we have to fast today on the ocassion of Kamada ekadashi and break in the paran tommorow as usual or the fast is tommorow on Damankaropana dvadashi?
The doubt arose because i saw that the fast is today on the iskcondesiretree home page however in my krishna app there is no mention of ekadashi fast on today but on tommorow and fast breaking on 14th april in parana time. I am confused please clear my doubt. ūüôŹ

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  • Hare Krishna prabhu,


    This dwadashi doesn't come under maha dwadashi list. There are total 8 maha dwadashi days observed.


    There are total 8 Maha Dwadashi which are observed by ISKCON -

    1. Unmilini Maha Dwadashi
    2. Vyanjuli Maha Dwadashi
    3. Trisparsha Maha Dwadashi
    4. Paksha Vardhini Maha Dwadashi
    5. Jaya Maha Dwadashi
    6. Jayanti Maha Dwadashi
    7. Papa Nashini Maha Dwadashi
    8. Vijaya Maha Dwadashi 

          Some of points which are important to note that, Maha Dwadashi fasting prevails over Ekadashi fasting. Whenever, Ekadashi and Maha Dwadashi fasting are consecutive, ISKCON temples, rather observe fasting on Ekadashi day observe it on Maha Dwadashi day. In other words Shuddha Ekadashi fasting is abandoned due to importance of fasting on Maha Dwadashi day.

    Now this dwadashi is not included under the 8 maha dwadashi days so. normal routine Ekadashi day one must do fasting. If you desire to do on the next day also. Its upto you and your health.

    Hare Krishna




    Damanaka Ropana Dvadasi
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    • Thank you mataji for clearing the doubt. Hare Krishna.ūüôŹ

  • My calandar is the Krsna calander from the ISKCON app. It showed a fast on the 10th for Rama Navami. It shows a fast tomorrow (13th) for Kamada Ekadasi. Break the fast on the morning of the 14th, which also happens to be Damankaopana Dvadasi - but it shows no fast for Damankaopana Dvadasi.¬†

    I noticed on the home page here it says to fast today (12th) but my  Krsna app is set for my time zone (GMT +8), so I defer to it.  Does Desire Tree know our time zone?   This seems to be a very India centric website, so I would defer to my Krsna app for exact dates & times. 

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