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  • 2540344470?profile=originalMay Lord Krishna be your power  and your strength.

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    Hare Krishna dandvats, Prabhuji. Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada. I do hereby wish you all the best in Krishna consciousness, Gauranga, Radhe Radhe, Hari Bol! Hare Krishna.

  • hare krishna prabhu.. please accept my humble obiesences... i just want to ask u something abt my personal life.. thats why im asking you through this message.. plzz help me and guide me because i've lost all my hopes in life.. I just cant take it anymore.. i jus feel my life is gonna end. so plzz help me. im mentally dippressed..

    my name is harikrishna. im 19 years old. im studying BCA in India currently.. and im in touch with iskcon since 7 years. im from a sri vaishnava family. my father is a sri vaishnava and my mother is Hindu. it was intercaste marriage. i sarted coming regularly to iskcon when i was 15.(10th std). i stared chanting, reading, doing sankirtan in home, putting tilak even in my school. everything was going fine. i came to 2nd PU, and when my exams got over the results were out and i score first class(65%). i was not able to study well. and my parents were not happy with my results. from then onwards they gradually restricted me to go to temple, following temple principles, chanting, sankirtana,, everything was forbidden in my home.. at that situation i felt bad about my parents and stared going against them. because at that time i was not able to calm down and think what is right and what is wrong.. everything became even worst..

    june 13th 2010,,
    it was sunday. my dad and mom took me to kerala to some temple to do some puja, vrata for me so that i quit/ giveup my KC..we just arrived to our home on sunday. i still remember that the time was 4:15 p.m. asusual i tok bath and wore my dhoti. i was about to go to temple and my mom for the first time in my life stopped me from going to temple. i asked,pleaded and even begged but it did not make any difference. everything was imperfect.they told me to take rest in the home as we had travelled long distance from kerala.i just kept quiet and started chanting in my room. but suddenly they came back and told me to go along with tem for a function outside.. i told them the same thing that i was tired and i cant come.. but they forced me to go with them to some inaugaral function. we sat in that function till 8 30..and then returned home.. i hope this was the first move made by my parents against my krishna conciousness life.this incident struck deeply in my heart and i was disturbed because i was not allowed to go to temple for the first time even after pleasing and begging my parents to send me...

    june 20th 2010,,
    knowing about the last weeks incident i just kept quiet in the morning and i dint spoke a word about the temple. I think this was the worst incident i ever faced in my life. it was already 6 in the evening and i usually was about to go to temple and all of a sudden my mother stopped me and locked the door. it was weird.this time i did not asked,pleased or begged. I just stood boldly and told that i have to go. she told me leave but on one condition. i was told to leave thinking my parents are dead. they even told me to leave for once and dont come back again, i just kept quiet and started moving toward the door,,my mom started shouting and became angry towards me. she brought my clothes and throwed them out of the house. stilll i was silent.then i came inside and i noticed that there were three photos missing in the altar. and they were srila prabhupada, panchatatva and guru parampara. my mom had already removed this photos from the altar. i was speechless for a moment. i became so angry that i had no control on my tongue. i was not even aware of what was i speaking. i cried, shouted at them.

    june 24th 2010,,
    it was panihatti festival, and i wanted to go and attain the festival. so asked my parents to send me,, but they spoke very badly about the devotees and temple.i could not tollerate it and i was crying and shouting,,, my father had told me that he would convince my mother to send me to the panihatti festivel.. but he too cheated me and kept quiet as if he knew nothing... even my father shouted at me and started asking why am i not listening to him and why am i not following his words. he also told that everything is because of ISKCON and he told that the devotees have brain washed me. my father forced me to remove my kanti mala. he even spoke many bad words about the temple which i myself dont wanna remember. i still remember the incident that happened on 22nd which was 2 days before. 22 jue 2010 was ekadashi, normally i perform abhishekam for the deites in my home.on ekadashi we perform panchamrta abhishekam for their lordships lakshmiNarasimha. i followed normal procedure jus like the one in temple
    ( not sri vaishnava system-- because i was not taught anything from my parents about deity worship since child hood. i was jus born in the family and i visited temples in tamil nadu. BUT I WASANT TAUGHT ANYTHING RELIGIOUS PRACTICE OR PROCEDURE OF DEITY WORSHIP OR PERFORMING ABHISHEKA ) so i started the abhisheka with normal sankalpa in which guru and gauranga's photo is kept on the either side of the deities. that day
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    Even if it means only sticking your head out the door and saying Hare Krishna one time that is better than not doing anything. If you at least do even that much to keep involved in publicly chanting the Holy Name that is better than nothing. If a day goes by without chanting the Hare Krishna Maha Mantra out in public, we lose some of our spiritual momentum and become a little dull. When we go out even if only for a brief moment we become transcendentally energized. As Srila Prabhupada said, "Try it, you'll like it."
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    You are such blessed couple. I am wanting to do Sankirtana everyday. I do Sankirtana about once a week on my own, but I am unable to do daily. Recently I happened to talk to a very advanced devotee in Sree Sampradaya. When I asked if His blessing will help me in going on Street Sankirtan everyday. He said it won work, because He Himself is not performing Sankirtana everyday. He asked me to get blessing from someone who is performing Sankirtana everyday. Only then it will work.

    Please give me your blessings so I too may perform Sankirtana everyday.
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    Hare Krishna,

    Was wondering if performing Sankirtana alone count as Sankirtana? Yes Srila Prabhupada started out like that performing alone. Yes other people joined him later. Nevertheless technically, until other people join, will the chant have the same potency of the 1st prayer of Lord Chatanya... Sarvatma Snapanam....

    Are we distributing Krishna Prema chanting alone?

    (although technically no one is chanting alone, we have Lord Hanuman and Narad Muni with us for sure....)

    @Urmila Jeevaram Jayalwal,

    Neither can I chant (if you mean on the beads). Japa is very difficult.

    My Guru Maharaj Jayapataka Swami Mahraj said that if you are unable to concentrate on the beads, chant loudly and that what I do. I chant loudly in the street, with kartal, or mridang, and lo, I can only think of Krishna (yes every once in a while my mind does wonder, but 90% less)

    You take up Sankirtana, just in time you will realize (if you havn't already) that our body is no more than a piece of dead stick. Only moves because of spark of Krishna's energy within this stick.

    Ps. Are you chanting to get away from problems and worries or are you chanting to please Krishna? If you have come to Krishna Consciousness, at such a young age, you are not convincing me that you are so poor.



  • hare krishna prabhuji pls accept my dandavat prabhuji i m into iskcon since past 1yr n it sumtimes happen that i get the taste for chanting n then i dnt knw wat happens is that i leave chanting m goin mad that since last 4mnth i m getn atractd to maya n m alwys thinkn of my probleme at such a small age i m Takn alot of emotional stress coz i have alt of family probleme n health prob wetevr i do i find failure in life m tired of my life n on the top of it i m not able to concentrate on krishna please help me prabhuji please i beg for mercy please guide me
  • hare krishna prabhuji
  • Hare Krishna Prabhuji,
    Dandavat Pranaam,All Glories To Srila Prabhupada

    Thank you for extending your association to me

    Your servant
  • haribol prabhuji.
    i am a neophyte to krsna conciousness,and have come to know the importance of spiritual association, to overcome the turbulence in life.
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