Tulasi Neck Beads

Hare Krishna, dear devotees.

> Question: Is it all right to give tulasi neck beads to relatives, friends or congregational members, even though they do not follow the four regulative principles? I've heard that only "full-time" devotees can wear Tulsi, but then it would be difficult to tell people why they can't wear it.

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  • who told u Gaur Kishor Das babaji smoked beedis?..can u provide any reference to this instance? i couldnt find any references to such an instance..

    do u know that he was a paramhamsa of the highest order? and during his samadhi , Bhaktisiddhanta saraswati made sure that only the people who are uncontaminated get to touch his body..

    such fake stories are outright offenses ,and is only going to hinder one's progress in bhakti..

  • Dear Mataji:

    Please refrain from giving non-devotees Tulasi neck beads or anything related to Tulasi-Devi in general. There are a lot of regulations that need to be observed while wearing Her. Some regulations are that Tulasi beads must not be worn while using the restroom, She must not be worn by someone who consumes onion, garlic or meat and that people wearing Tulasi should not break the four regulations.

    Therefore, please do not give your non-devotee associates any Tulasi since they will mostly likely just offend Srimati Vrinda-Devi. Haribol and All Glories unto Srila Prabhupada!

    -Bhakta Sekou

  • earlier i also used to put 3  strands but an elderly devotee  in ISKCON temple asked me that was i initiated by some spiritual master? i said no. Then he told me that a devotee who is initiated can only wear 3 strands tulsi mala otherwise less than that... and from then onwards i wear two strands.

  • Jai Shri Krishna..


    People.., ask yourself.. Krishna is in my heart, what qualification do I need to have Him there?  If Krishna is there in this gross body that's doing all the sin then surly even Tulsi mata can be around my neck.  If I have Krishna in my body then my body is a Temple, if my body is a Temple then I should treat it as a Temple!  If I treat it as a Temple then I qualify to have Tulasi Mata around my neck, right?


    What I'm saying above is that one should firstly qualify oneself to be Krishna conscious because the Lord is there.  If that is done then no problem in having any of his great devotees around your neck.  One should first think about Krishna then any of his other devotees, since he is next to you, the soul and He the Paramatma.



    • "My dear King Rahugana, unless one has the opportunity to smear his entire body with the dust of the lotus feet of great devotees, one cannot realise the Absolute Truth simply by observing celibacy, strictly following the rules and regulations of householder life, leaving home as a vanaprastha, accepting sannyasa, or undergoing severe penances in winter by keeping oneself submerged in water or surrounding oneself in summer by fire and the scorching heat of the sun. There are many other processes to understand the Absolute Truth, but the Absolute Truth is only revealed to one who has attained the mercy of a great devotee." -Srimad-Bhagavatam 5.12.12.

    • this mean a person who takes onion and garlic is not qualified to wear kanthi mala????


      • Jai Shri Krishna..


        What I mean to say is that a person shouldn't be taking onions and garlic etc. when you consider that Krishna is within your heart and your body is meant to be a temple of the Lord.  This should be your first thought then after that one should think about qualification of wearing Tulasi Mala etc. 


        By all means wear a Tulasi Mala even when you are not Krishna conscious. It will only do you good.  But wouldn't it be more appropriate if you knew why you are to wear a Tulasi Mala?  If you are to wear Tulasi Mala then become aware of the do's and don't.  Tulasi is for the enjoyment of the Lord and we reap the indirect benefits.


        • Volunteer

          Very nice prabhu. I am in agreement with you 100%

          Without Tulasidevi we would be doomed.

  • PAMHO! My wife in not initiated can she wear tulasi mala?

    My daughter is 4 year old, can she wear the tulasi mala?

  • i found in a book which tell how a devotees must be like , etc, i dont remember the name, but there it quotes one of th Guru in our line that says, even garlic and onions should not enter the throat encircled by Tulasi beads, before i was wearing it and after i read it i took it off, and decided to put it later when i am fit to . but many people say it is ok because Tulsi is always pure and it helps us purify ourselves. so yea i need help i this too
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