Is Drinking alcohol bad?

Dear Krishna Devotees.

Please suggest of drinking alcohol is bad . Is there any harm if a person drinks,within his limits,say a glass of beer & is perfectly within himself.I have seen persons who get more spiritual when they are mildly intoxicated. 

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  • Dear All,

    I agree to all this . 

    Is there any statement in Bhagwat where in lord forbids drinking.


    Jai Sree Krishna.

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      The beginning of wisdom and maturity is knowing ones limitations. Lord Shiva could drink an entire ocean of poison. I know I don't' have that kind of power.
  • Drinking is mother of all evils leave getting  more spiritual


    its a tamsic pravruthi

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    Before Srila Prabhupada and the devotees rescued me I was addicted to all kinds of sinful, self destructive activity. Now I'm learning to be drunk on love of God. It's much less debilitating and not at all expensive.
  • Jai Shri Krishna..


    Dear Prabhuji, you gave such excellent answer in a discussion about meat eating.  You stated that, "there is a manifestation of Krishna in each soul."  Now how could one even think of taking alcohol in whichever quantity when Krishna is also present in each body?  Krishna clearly stated what he'd accept, so consume accordingly the prasadam which is the remnants of Nayved/Bhoga offered to Shri Krishna.  Consuming anything besides prasadam is dangerous to you Krishna Consciousness what to speak of alcohol.


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