1. A vaishnava forgives the offender before the offense is over.


  • Whatever Krsna does with us is to increase our quality of love for Him.
  • Material nature will record every detail. Every adjective, verb, noun, what our intention is - all is being recorded & will produce a reaction. RNS
  • no they all are for devotees first then if general public can apply then its ok
  • but here we are talking about devotees they wont use u dont worry!! if they are really sincere devotees
  • By forgiveness we can have harmony with each other.
  • then why do we consider intellectual match at the time of choosing for marriage
    • bcoz of our free will thats it
      • some people dont look for intellectual they look for something else like money, beauty, fame etc
  • how do we infer that it is not good for me....... coz even if mind thinks in a particular way it is through mercy of lord krishna only
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