Wouldn't we fall again? Please help me...

Hare Krishna,Isn't there will be any possibility that if we are go back to Godhead, go back to Krishna and then we AGAIN have the same envious and fall back again to this material world?I asked some authority and get this answer... " Once we did a mistake we will learn from our mistake and we will not repeat it"'I am so confused as a living entity we cant remember our past so wouldn't we do the same mistakes?Please guide me....Hare Krishna

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        • Hare Krishna

          There are few other stories when souls use to travel between spiritual and material world and that would not mean its a "FALL".

          ->  Durvasa muni  walked into vaikuntha lok (spiritual world) to seek forgiveness from Lord Vishnu when Lord Vishnu's discus was after him. As advised by Lord Vishnu he came to earth to ask forgiveness from King ambarisha. So as such we can technically say that  durvasa also walked into the spiritual world and came back to material word.

           -> Arjuna (in his material body)  walks/steps  into spiritual world along with Lord Krishna and comes back to this material world with those 6 dead sons of brahmin.

  • I have been reading the blog to get the answer and i believe i have from one of the Prebhuji explained nicely and i now beggining to get it. As you saying, wouldn't we fall again? It is your karma you are free to join the life as you wish and if you fall, you would pay the price. At what age would you fall? The age you fall and you pay for karma good for good bad for bad so difference this?
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    This material life is no more than a momentary dream. It's not our real life. It's an illusory wrinkle in the time space continuum. Our real life is permanent and eternal and it's with Krishna in the spiritual world.
  • Hare Krishna

    Wouldn't we fall again? it is down to present birth and if we had fallen in our past life, we have chance to put is right and if we think in our next life we may fall and get same envious and fall back again? Let's worry about present and think, what changes could we bring in our life? srila Prebhupada at the age 70 himself said, it time now to do the work once i always wanted to do and he did so it was not late so what should we learn from everyone around us? What changes could we bring in our life? In this life what we got, we would get in every life we may have so it has to be self realization, "WHO ARE WE" One Prebhuji said on this board, there are 4000 type of human being lives, what type are we so we have to ask ourselves and walk towards that path and do what is there on our way. Arjuna asked Lord Krishna so Lord Krishna said to Arjuna why you are here in this life so Arjuna knew and Lord Krishna knew to why he had to come in a human form. A person do all evil in this life, it is his karama, he has the authority over is action so wheather he pays his dues in this life or the next, it is his karama but to stop him doing bad karama and not to join in, it is our karama so Arjuna knew his karama so in this life we could or would help few to bring them to our standard, it was our karama good or bad it is down to us by knowing our karama to them. Duriyodhan became friend of Karan so Karan knew good and bad karama but he decided to stick with someone who always did bad karama yet he stood by that human being and in Runbhumi he paid what was due now question remain was it a bad karma or good karama? Arjuna faught in Runbhumi so was it a good karama or bad karama so by looking at Lord Krishna karama what do we think about good and bad karama is clear so in this life or past or future we know about karama. Hare Krishna
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      I was in Chicago in 1975 when someone asked this question. A year later in Vrindavan there was a darshan of Srila Prabhupada in his quarters and it came up again. Both times his answer was pretty much the same. He said the whole material world is on fire. If you're in a burning house, you don't argue about how you got there or whether or not you should get out. You take advantage of your first opportunity to reach safety. In the same way Srila Prabhupada asked us to use this process he's given us and take full advantage of our opportunity to go back home, back to Godhead.
      • Hare Krishna Prebhuji

        Yes now i beggining to get this and the way you have explained it here, makes lot of sense. Yes the house is on fire and we are in it so get out while you can and take the oppertunity to save your soul not the life, it is down to us to do the karma so Arjuna teaches us all the right karma fight with the material world and defend our soul. Thank you Prebhuji
        Hare Krishna

      • Hare Krishna Prebhu Ji

        What exactly Godshead is and i hear people says go back to Godheads? Meaning what and do what? Few of my friends have asked me and i would like to tell them so you could guide me here. Hare Krishna
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          It's the spiritual world which is completely beyond this world of birth and death.
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          When Srila Prabhupada encouraged us to take to Krishna Consciousness so we could go back to Godhead, he was giving us information on how to connect with the Supreme Being. That's the actual definition of yoga and the purpose of bhakti. Bhakti is the topmost yoga system because when one is motivated by love of God one is protected from the tendency to misuse the nearly unlimited power that must accrue to him through this most remarkable process. When one connects with Krishna, one also connects with himself in a more real kind of way. God and Godhead is in your heart. For one who really understands this it becomes possible to live from the heart more instead of being perpetually caught up in the mano ratana, the chariot of the mind. God is in your heart. You're there with God. God directs your steps. You don't have to worry. You've got the secret to happiness.
          • Hare Krsna! All of you please accept my humble obeisances. This question of falling from the spiritual world has always been difficult for me to understand. In my mind this Krsna consciousness philosophy taught to us by Srila Prabhupada sounds perfect and logical, except the idea of falling or choosing to leave such a perfect world. One might argue, how could we make such a mistake? And, as was previously stated, if we fell once, how can we be sure that, upon returning, we won't fall again?
            Personally, I'm not very intelligent and all this tathasta talk confuses me. I prefer to remember Srila Prabhupada's analogies for my understanding. After a child sticks his hand in the fire one time, he'll probably never do it again, and a drowning victim isn't concerned with the reasons for being in the water, just the way to get out. Also Srila Prabhupada said that Krsna consciousness is simple for the simple and difficult for the crooked - (I think that's the way it went). So whether we've fallen from the spiritual world or the marginal area doesn't really matter. The goal remains the same, remembering Krsna, loving Krsna.
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