Tulasi Neck Beads

Hare Krishna, dear devotees.

> Question: Is it all right to give tulasi neck beads to relatives, friends or congregational members, even though they do not follow the four regulative principles? I've heard that only "full-time" devotees can wear Tulsi, but then it would be difficult to tell people why they can't wear it.

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    • Hare Krishna!

      You are correct. Offenders should never be allowed to wear Tulasi. Therefore only sincere devotees should have the privilege of wearing Srimati Vrinda-Devi.

    • Its mentioned in the Chowpatty Vaishnava etiquette book, but I don't remember where they were quoting it from. Not something I had heard before reading it there.
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    Back in the airport in Chicago one day when I was distributing books one young man from the navy came through and while I was showing him a Bhagavad-gita he suddenly noticed my neck beads. He said, "Whoa, dude, those are all surfed out. Can I have some of those?" He gave enough to cover both the beads and a Gita so I prayed for extra protection for spending the rest of my day without beads.
    • Savropama, Your talking about Chicago's O'Hare airport? I thought they didn't allow any krishna's to go into airports any more? did u ever replace ur beads? And tht's my hometown u were talking about.
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        Not true. I chanted in Sacramento Airport. As long as you are moving, they normally don't care.

        Surprisingly they stopped me from chanting with Mridanga, in Calcutta Airport even though their is no law against it. I had to see the authorities and tell them I was just practicing my religion. They let me continue.

        If anyone stops and enquires, what I am doing, ( even at private business areas), I usually tell them that I am practicing my religion and practice of my religion requires this meditation.They become defensive saying that they were only trying to find out what I was doing.

        At the Sacramento downtown Wednesday market, surprisingly, I am allowed to come in and chant Hare Krishna while the Christian preachers including Jahova's Witnesses are kept out of the market. That's a bit odd in a so called Christian country.



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          Ki Jaya! Sravan Prabhu, while you're there in the airport, you can also distribute books and prasadam.
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            Isn't distributing Krishna Prema higher than distributing prasadam?

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        Lalita Sakhi, I was out there from '75 through '95. I replaced them a number of times because I found that more than once different people would notice them and want a set.
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    Anyone can wear tulsi beads. It is good to make them a fashion. However, they should only wear on strand of beads. Three or more strands (odd number) is for initiated devotees only. Try for that standard at least if possible.
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