Is Drinking alcohol bad?

Dear Krishna Devotees.

Please suggest of drinking alcohol is bad . Is there any harm if a person drinks,within his limits,say a glass of beer & is perfectly within himself.I have seen persons who get more spiritual when they are mildly intoxicated. 

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    • Thanks  a lot for your reply Savopama. But I am still confused?

      What I want to know is "Do I commit a sin if I drink alcohol" . 

      If Yes how that would be a sin since I am not hurting anyone.If  I  drink within limits & as such do not cause any harm to my body as well : do I risk of being called a sinner.

      • yes you are hurting,you are hurting yourself.

        And as it is beleived that God resides in us,so you are hurting God,I hope you are God Fearing....

        hare krishna!!

        • Jai Radha Krishna

          I partially agree to your  statement.

          Well I am not Krishna fearing. I consider him to be my friend, my pal with whom I can share anything & who will be there besides me whenever I need him.He's bound to help bcos I dedicate everything to him.In case I indulge in  something that makes him sad ,like he was with Sudhama, I need to seek his forgiveness & surely he will forgive me since he's most compassionate as well .He's father,mother brother or whatever you call.How can I be afraid of him & for what when he is the true eternal?

          Your indication of fearing god belittles your relation with him.

          Try treating Rada Krishna as your friend . You will get a new high in life..

          I might be wrong in my approach .. All comments welcome

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          • Jai Shri Krishna..


            Dear Prabhuji, from what I can gather what you have written it's evident that you love Krishna very much.  You also believe that he is all merciful and like a dear friend who will go to any lengths for you.


            Now find a way to appreciate the friendship  you have with him instead of letting him down by drinking toxic substances even in minute quantities.  Respect the friendship by only having remnants of his Bhoga/Naywed which is spiritually and materially beneficial to your health.  Get "intoxicated" with his love instead.


            What more scientific proof do one need to see/hear when Krishna Himself said that he'd accept only flower, leaf etc.

            and we devotees only have the remnants for spiritual advancement.


            • Dear Manoj,

              Yes you rightly said I LOVE KRISHNA. I  don't have even iota of doubt regarding  regarding him being the supreme personality of Godhead & his omniscience.

              Thanks for your enlightening reply. I am just trying to understand concept behind  intoxication in our religion.

              If getting intoxocated is bad why is concept of having  Somras defined in our religion. 

              Why is Shiva being associated with Datura etc etc. 

              We have had saints who are greatest ones in our history & yet they never hesitated in having Holy Smoke

              Let me tell you  Dear , I am a pure vegetarian & non smoker.Both of these things are bad . But I dont still see anything bad in having a glass of wine..

              May be you can you can cast some more light.

              Hari Bhol

              Jai Radha Krishna.


              • hare krsna parbhu g..
                how can u compare a person with a shiva
                he drank a ocean full of poision in his neck
                ..... can u???????
                 your servent 


              • Hare krishna pr,

                pamho. AGTSP.


                Regarding Lord Shiva, he is a pure devotee and he can do that. If we want to imitate Lord Shiva, we need to know what not everyone is ready to drink halahal poison which Lord Shiva could drink and still remain alive. And similarly Lord Shiva can remain pure inspite of association with ghosts and goblins whereas many others can just be victimized.


                About somaras, I have to admit to you that I do not know about it exaclty, but some of the residents of the heavenly planets drink that.


                It could be true that some saints might have done something. If you are such a great saint, then all I can to do is humbly offer dandavats to your feet and beg for forgiveness for any offences. But it takes a lot to become a great saint (or) pure devotee.


                If you need to understand the concept of intoxication in our religion, it is not necessary to taste :). For example, it might not sound sensible to drink poison to understand its taste, one may get that through indirect analysis.


                Finally, if one can't give up beer/wine, then I heard that some of them take non-alcoholic beer/wine and so many other cocktails that do not contain alcohol. I think that it could be a valid substitute because the intoxicating agent is removed and hence it does not break any principle perhaps. At the same time, one gets the feel that he might be drinking wine.


                prabhuji, I dont know much about this alternative :) and hence kindly check with your immediate authorities in this subject matter. I heard about it from one devotee at Chowpatty temple in Jan 2009.


                your aspiring servant,


      • Volunteer

        Knowingly or unknowingly we all commit so many sins. If we can eliminate a few of them that will be helpful.

        A senior Godbrother of mine described how he and another devotee one time directly asked Srila Prabhupada about wine. Srila Prabhupada started to say that a glass with ones meal might be acceptable but then he noticed something about how his disciples were responding to this information and quickly said, "But in your case you will abuse so better that you not take at all."

        • Can you please explain what abuse means in your part of last statement.


          "But in your case you will abuse so better that you not take at all."

          • Volunteer
            Prabhupada could understand that they would over indulge. When the devotees found out Srila Prabhupada drank a bottle of 7-UP the news was flashed all over ISKCON and in a matter of hours there were devotees all around the world purchasing it by the case and guzzling down six pack after six pack.
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