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Govardhan Pooja
Jul 19
Alka replied to dhameshvari devi dasi's discussion bhakti yoga and morality - is it not related?
"Hare Krishna Prabhuji
Absolutely correct!. On the name of Krishna or BG verses , one should not intentionally commit such crimes and declare himself/herself a devotee.
What I was trying to say is we cannot rule out the fact of someone being in depre…"
May 15
Alka replied to Karishma Iyer's discussion Perception of Women in the Scriptures
"Hare Krishna Mihir Prabhuji
 I have read somewhere in Bhagvatam..
The hunched back women you are talking about is depicted as Mother Earth who became bend at three places( also called trivakra) because of the burden of sins she was  carrying…"
May 15
Alka replied to Siddhartha's discussion are only women responsible for bad children?
"Hare Krishna Rakesh prabhuji
If your question is genuine re (if they are married even though with karmi husbands it is better.), and not just for argument purpose, then I have plenty of live examples, and I will answer them in your inbox or just cha…"
May 15
Alka replied to 1zdtyzkes8i46's discussion Dangerous Advaitva Vedanta ,Shankarchaya Philosphy Spreading Very Fast
"Hare Krishna Sudipta prabhuji. Dandavat pranam.
Many times these kind of discussion's helps a lot to understand things though it seems argumentative.
Thanks for your descriptive reply. Beautiful examples.
Though I read  this statement (in BG) before…"
May 15
Alka replied to 1l560op53b8yz's discussion Marriage!
"Thank you prabhuji for your concern
By the way I am born and brought up as a vegetarian . By default even without bookish or guru knowledge I  have been following the 4 regulative principles from birth as that sanskar was given to me by my parents a…"
May 15
Alka replied to Priya Sutradhar's discussion Are men and women not EQUALL??
"Hare Krishna
Wonderful reply Rakesh Prabhuji.
But why are people unwillingly forced to live in a pathetic condition in cities like mumbai? ( can we just blame everything on karma?)"
May 15
Alka replied to Saili Rangnekar's discussion '' what is the difference between a bhakta wearing kanthi mala and a person not wearing the kanthi mala but following the same rules?
"Hare Krishna Sudheendra prabhuji
I was told by one of the temple mataji that I can wear 1 round of tulsi beads.I clearly mentioned her that I eat onion/garlic sometimes especially when eating outside.
Well!! Looks like few things in KC we have to de…"
May 15
Alka replied to 1zdtyzkes8i46's discussion Devi - Bhagwatam or Devi Purana Controversy
"Hare Krishna Prabhuji
I agree I have no knowledge of vedas/puranas as you have but I don't understand how did I or Sharanagat  prabhuji ( i have read his messages)has done any offense against Vaishnava or against supreme God.
No one becomes vaishnav…"
May 15
Alka replied to Mitu Nayak's discussion State of soul when a person is unconscious for some time or during surgery or sleep
"Hare Krishna Prabhuji
Thanks for sharing your experience. Even I felt something similar while I was on anesthesia.
So it seems that such phenomenon is not abnormal.

Thank you again.
Hari Bol"
May 15
Alka replied to Mittali Garg's discussion Offerings Like Milk, Curd/Yogurt
"Hare Krishna Mataji.
No issues at all.
You always provide valuable information, so such minor things doesn't matter.
Thank you again for your nice quote.
"This life especially spiritual life is an exam. Everyday there will be exams and we have to to…"
May 15
"Hare Krishna Sudipta prabhuji
I like your answer
"No without knowledge, blind faith would fade away infront of strong opposition."
Thank you for answering other questions as well."
May 15
Alka replied to Artha Kadamb's discussion Blood Donation
"very true Pandora prabhuji
I have met one such devotee in ISKCON temple who was atheist before as and engg student(literally arheist) and now he has dedicated his last 20 years fully in that temple and he is still just in his middle age .
I think ti…"
May 15
Alka replied to dhameshvari devi dasi's discussion bhakti yoga and morality - is it not related?
"Hare Krishna
May be the devotee husband is going through some kind of dual personalities existing in him ( some kind of abnormal mental state). Whose knows?
Probably his own male friends should talk to him without indicating as if they know their fa…"
May 15
Alka replied to priya kamboj's discussion its impossible for me to dance on mahamanta
"Hare Krishna Maral Mataji and Rahul prabhuji
I like your spirit and enthusiasm . You are already blessed.
"he may have taken away your dancing, but tell him he can't take away your love for Him :)". "I am learning mridanga to make others dance"

May 15
Alka replied to Siddhartha's discussion are only women responsible for bad children?
"Radhe Krishna!
"Todays time Its all about earning money. the more money one earns the more respect he earns from wife & others."
True till certain point , but after the threshold is reached, more money doesn't earn any more respect. Don't…"
May 15