are only women responsible for bad children?

This is from BG Ch 1 text 40. arjuna & SP put blame for bad progeny on women. so are only woman responsible for bad children? but then we have mandodari, gandhari, kunti giving birth to demonic sons (karna for kunti). plz forgive if this post is offensive or if i hurt some one.


adharmabhibhavat krsna pradusyanti kula-striyah strisu dustasu varsneya jayate varna-sankarah


When irreligion is prominent in the family, O Krsna, the women of the family become corrupt, and from the degradation of womanhood, O descendant of Vrsni, comes unwanted progeny.

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  • Radhe Krishna!


    "Todays time Its all about earning money. the more money one earns the more respect he earns from wife & others."

    True till certain point , but after the threshold is reached, more money doesn't earn any more respect. Don't we see divorce cases(blaming each other) in high/rich societies? It exists every where (slums as well as villas)

    And in this kalyug, what Maral mataji pointed out makes perfect sense

    "if they are married even though with karmi husbands it is better."

    • Volunteer

      Hare Krsna mataji

      if u c the post , it is written" Now in ISKCON most ladies are not again protected by their karmi parents but by the senior counselors which is at least better" and  "if they are married even though with karmi husbands it is better"

      So it does not mean that it is being suggested that they should marry karmi husbands, it is being said here that if they are married to karmi husbands but are protected in the way mentioned then it is better. As you can see in the first sentence , it is written that karmi parents don't protect their daughters... so how will karmi husbands protect their wives???


    • Volunteer

      Hare Krsna alka mataji

      humble obeisances

      In what sense is it better to be married for devotees to karmi husbands?

      A devotee is generally far better than a karmi if the devotee is non duplicitous , that is, he has not become devotee for ulterior motives... Of course there are many other things but I don't understand how is it good to be married to a karmi who does not follow reg principles at all and has his own way in everything than a devotee who is trying to serve Krsna!!!!!!!!!!!!


      • Hare Krishna Rakesh prabhuji

        If your question is genuine re (if they are married even though with karmi husbands it is better.), and not just for argument purpose, then I have plenty of live examples, and I will answer them in your inbox or just chat with me in KC chat room.

        jai shree gokulesh

  • Volunteer

    please accept my humble obeisances dear Devotees,

    Siddhartha Prabhu, money we get as much as we require according to our karma. If even though we are not satisfied with what which comes easily but work too hard then over earned money will go for medicines, rubbers...or something like that.

    In order to earn much we ruin our health and for doctors we will spend much so better to stop for some time and think. What is better to live life in the mode of goodness and protecting health spend less amount of money or earn much and spend accordingly.

    For example, i won't let my future husband to work like an ass for some materialistic people, better to be satisfied and spend less. 

    You stay in Mumbai, and it is enough good place for earning money if one has just some ideas. Ordinary people work for somebody from morning till nights but little bit intelligent ones find and open their own business or something like that..

    Business in food, cloths, ...did you ever think of it?

    Of course some risk is needed but in order to gain something good we need to do some sacrifice also.


    And what is the use of such like respect which is only for our money???? 

    Your servant,

  • Hare Krishna

    Excellent Sudheendra prabhuji. I like your answers as usual.

    Dandavat pranam.

    jai jai shree krishna

    • Volunteer

      hari hari...

      All Glories to Srila Prabhupada.

      All Glories to Sree Guru and Sree Gauranga...

  • Volunteer

    hare krishna Siddhartha Pr

    pamho. agtsp. agtsg&sg

    We have to understand in what context Arjuna is talking these words. If you read couple of verses before this one, there is a logical explanation how these unwanted progeny are generated by women who are corrupted. Scriptures says that women has to be under the protection of parents until marriage, then under the protection of husband till husband dies or takes sanyaas and latter under the care of son. But never left alone. The society from time immemorial has been trying to exploit women in some or the other way. That is why Arjuna is predicting that if all these men are killed then their wife will become widow and if not protected properly then they would be exploited by men resulting in unwanted progeny by such women. 

    By birth no one is a demon or a devotee. Ofcourse there are some exceptions. We know that Dhuryodana was very nice friend of Pandavas in his childhood. However, by bad association of his Mama. At the same time, Prahalad maharaj though was born to a Demonic father, became a great devotee of Lord just by listening to Narada Muni when he was in his mother's womb. It is said that we are what we associate with. If one associates with demonic people, then certainly he is likely to become demonic. And if one associates with devotees, then there is every chance to become a devotee.

    The best example for this case can be our own self. It is only be association of devotees who brought us in Krishna Consciousnesses we are what we are today. That is why SP has given high priority to association and encouraged devotee communities in ISKCON.

    Hari bol!!!!

  • HK, Because souls are females naturally, when we realize this, we get a chance to associate with Krsna. There is no way that a soul can become a husband of Krsna. Baladev tried to become Krsna's big brother, but still couldn't control Krsna. Krsna/Vishnu are the only Purushavataras.

    Think of the sadhana that nanda maharaj had done to become His father, yashoda, Arjuna, Vasudeva, Devaki, what kind of austerities they might have undergone that Krsna gave them positions to control Him.

    Our sadhana as devotees is not even nearing to Putana, Kamsa, Ravana, Hiranyakashipu also. Even demons who were killed by Krsna were incomparable devotees of the Lord, just that they used shortcuts to Sayujya Mukti whereas His devotees in mode of Goodness reached positions of salokya, sarupya, samipya mukti.

    • Hare Krishna Siddharth prabhuji

       I have heard in one of the lectures that those 108 favourite gopis of Krishna were 108 rishis who desired to be his wife when they met Lord Ram during his vanvaas in the jungle.

      And when those rishis asked Lord Ram to accept them, Lord said that in my next avatar in dwapar yug I will accept you as my wife. Those rishis could have asked to become brothers of Lord Krishna , but NO, they wanted to be his wife. (it's not to fulfill their lusty desires for sure). Since women is an epitome of selfless Love, they wanted to experience that pure love for Krishna.

      This example here is to just show the other potencies of Lord Krishna like " faithfullness,patience,speech,love etc"  which he invested in womens.

      Same as Lord invested strength in men and that's why he says "I am the strength in Men".

      K.A . Prabhuji even I have heard in one of the lecture  as you had mentioned in your previous post about why women was bestowed with lusty desires for taking 1/4 sin of Indra.

      I am not denying any of those things.

      But that does not mean that women is responsible for every demonic things like giving birth to demonic sons,prostitute houses(where 90% of women are forced to go in such hell),  etc

      One other major problems for all these is also because of uncontrolled senses by men which puts women under such circumstances.

      So lets not put all blame on women's.

      jai shree gokulesh

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