Are men and women not EQUALL??

Hare Krsna dear devotees

Accept my humble and respectful obeisances AGTSP! AGTSG!

Every living being is not this material body but the spiritual soul, and soul is part and parcel of the Supreme. Therefore, we're all equal, non of us are low or high.

But I have seen almost every where women/girls are considered subordinate, less intelligence to men. Even the same is there in the vedas. Why? Isn't this injustice?

Sorry for questioning on vedas. Pls forgive if I have commited offence by asking this question.

Jai Gauranga!

Your servant,

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  • Hare Krishna Mataji.Please accept my humble obeisances. This is an excellent reply you've given. But due to the lack of discipline and guidance by parents of this age given to their children such values are falling apart and girls or rather  women of this age find it impossible to accept this and pin the blame on "male domination" and "male torture". Such women with this kind of mentality are NEVER happy in their lives. What they don't understand is that our Vedas DO NOT authorize Men to abuse or insult them, I too loathe such men. They develop a pseudo smart complex and gets into this "self indipenedent" or whatever they call themselves mode. This is leading to the fall of society. Hari Bol. 

  • Equality is there in the spiritual possibility. But as far as the physical kingdom including body,mind ,intelligence,ego are concerned each one has positive quality  as well as shortcoming. The opposites love because one needs the other to make it a whole. If some one uses it as a supriority or inferiority complex that is just a power game. For me my mother as well as my father had equal contribution in my being born as well as upbringing.One can't do without the other.Soul is neithr man nor woman but a part and pacel of God and as supersoul He resides in every living being.Division according to Karma  quality or sex is never used as a method of exploitation or creating a complex .In the highest states of devotion such as that of Meera Bai and other exalted devotees there is only one Purusha and that is lord Krishna.

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    I did not intend to writ so long and so much in my previous reply but some how I was dragged to do so. However, I am not a high level person or something. I am a STRUGGLING demon trying to become a devotee.

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    I really do not get the link between the actual topic and the current subject being discussed in this thread. However, Siddhartha Pr you are saying that other countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai, etc are great nation because of their strict rules and so on. It all begins with a basic question what you mean by great? If you consider modern technology, higher standard of living, faster commuting, clean city roads etc are candidates for making the nation great then let me tell you this is not what makes a nation advanced according to Scriptures. All the advancements you are talking is providing nothing but only 4 basic things eating, sleeping, defence and reproducing. Thats all. Nothing more nothing less than that. And Scriptures say that if a human being is also running all day to fulfill only these 4 aspects of life then there is no difference between a human being and and animal. Because animals also perform only these four activities in their life and nothing more than that. A dog may be eating what ever is on the street and we may have a dinner in a 5 star hotel but the act is same, a dog may sleep in a gutter or on roads and we may sleep on a soft and warm bed but the activity is same, a dog may defend by its nails and teeth and we may have modern weapons but the intention is same. A dog may mate with another female dog on streets and we may do the same activity inside a room but that does not make any thing difference at all. So further on what scriptures say is that the only difference between a human and an animal is the execution of Dharma - religion. It says dharmenavhena pashubeir naraanaam - without proper execution of Dharma, there is no difference between human beings and animals.

    I was hearing one lecture of my beloved guru maharaj HH Radhanath Maharaj in which he was explaining about an incident that happened a few years ago. He was in a house for a program where a proffessor from a reputed institute came before him and challenged that he would not believe in what he was teaching about God. He asked how can I believe that Krishna really exist? Then Maharaj replied something really amazing. Maharaj said, I was born and brought up in America and I left all the comforts of an American home and traveled by foot for a year to India to learn the religion (dharma) from Indians and now I am hearing from an Indian that I don't believe in Krishna!!! This is a shame on you being an Indian. Well its a very strong statement but if u contemplate on the message here, its very much clear that India is well known for its rich culture and heritage.

    When Britishers came to India first, they sent a letter to their queen stating that there was no one poor that they saw around and people would sell gold, silver, pearls and other precious stones on streets, no one was hungry, and so on... And the strong foundation keeping all these bound together is the rich culture of Indians. And he also writes in his letter that unless this is broken, they can not enter India. Well I forgot the name of the British officer who wrote this letter but he was very true in what he had written. And we have seen from the past history where they ruled for 200 years and successful in completely breaking the backbone of India which is its Dharma.

    Srila Prabhupada when met Srila Bhakthisidantha Saraswathi Thakur for the first time, argued that there is a great need for nation to get freedom from British rule than to spread KC. But SBST said SP that the only thing that people are lacking is KC. If they get that then every thing will be alright. And he in fact convinced SP on this point and thoroughly defeated him in his arguments.

    There are much more problems in India today than population and corrupt government. But we must admit we all are responsible at some point or other in our life for this situation. And let me tel you one more thing, SB predicts all these things 5000 years ago itself. One of the points that comes in degradation as Kaliyuga progresses is regarding the taxes. The taxes will become soo high that people will leave their homes in towns and cities and run to forests (provided there are any left lol). we are already seeing this happening in ours and other countries.

    It is our GREAT fortune, may be due to pious karma that we had done for millions of births that we are born in  this planet earth and in the land where Mahaprabhu appeared just 500 years ago... And Mahaprabhu said that this movement would continue for 10,000 years of which 500+ are already gone. We are very very very lucky to come in contact with devotees and begin our journey back home. So, have faith in these personalities and practice more and more strongly.

    Please forgive me if I have offended you or any one reading this

    Hare Krishna

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    Hare Krsna p

    At that time scarcity was not because of over population, this i am sure.

    and as u say that everyone was not KC during that time, I never said that everyone will become KC in present time, I have only said that the problems are due to lack of KC and this is truth. Prithu Mahraj was a Rajrishi and an avatar of Krsna Himself. So He lead a Krsna conscious kingdom.it is true that those corrupt people will not release the money but that does not mean we can change the reason for the problems. The basic problems still remain the same- lack of Krsna consciousness.

    It is true that there are three types of problems in material world- they are not the cause of problems,during Rama rajya, there were no problems. That was also material world but it had become spiritual world.

    Please do not take any offenses but you have to have faith that the solution of all problems of life is  only Krsna consciousness and nothing else will solve. We have to have that FAITH.

    About the countries that you have said, USA is also so developed but do u think there are no crimes, no problems? Please check the statistics. You will be amazed.


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    I have been to mumbai and I have been through those jam packed local trains as well. I have seen more than a kilometer long traffic jams in Bangalore as well, When I was in Kolkata, there was so much crowd that we would have to walk slower than our normal pace to just keep walking. Driving is so tough in such crowded areas, water is becoming scarce,electricity is also becoming less as more is needed. Slums,mess, passport office queues and so many other problems.. you are right in mentioning this problems.

    But please see that they are not because of huge population. Most of the problems you have mentioned will vanish if everyone in this world become Krsna conscious and hence as I said the problem is not population but lack of Krsna consciousness. If everyone becomes Krsna conscious then those people who are holding back billions and billions of public money will release them and there will be no electricity problem, there will be no water problem cuz there is lot of water on earth, the problem is due to greed of some people to keep more resources for themselves. Ideally speaking if the whole world becomes Krsna conscious, I guess there may not be the need  for SO MANY PEOPLE TO STAY IN MUMBAI( as you have written that earlier mumbai also had lot of places but now it is crowded but if you go to villages and rural areas, there is so much space, people migrate to mumbai for better life , they do this cuz govt(not KC) is not providing them livelihood which they will if govt is KC) and hence there will be no need to have so many vehicles on the road, there will be no need of so many people walking on the road all day long,there will be no parking problem cuz there will be no rush of people at that place. Water shortage as I said is not due to scarcity of water but because of people who want more water for themselves. I know people in some places don't have water to drink and there are others who have so much water that they wash their cars with water jet which is not at all required. There will be no electricity shortage if people use it judiciously only for the purpose of maintaining body and using the body for Krsna consciousness. I know USA alone eats up 30 percent of world's power.

    Slums are not a problem if all people in the slums become KC. Cleanliness is a very important aspect of Krsna consciousness and they will make those slums very neat, clean and hygienic if they all become KC. Also the people in slums are mostly from villages who have come for work to cities. If they all become KC, they will return to their villages cuz government( which will also be KC) will provide for their food and lives. Going to passport office and waiting is not so much a trouble I suppose, if every one is waiting and everyone has important work to do, I guess we can wait once in a while. If the whole world becomes KC, all the above problems will be solved to a big extent. As Maral mataji has mentioned below Arjuna alone killed 44 crore people(440 million). Krsna in His battles killed so many that there were rivers of blood with limbs and ornaments flowing like fishes, this is truth. Also Srila Prabhupada said that the world has enough resources to feed 10 times the present population, but they are lacking because of some people's greed.

    Also, this is material world, so problems will be there for sure but they are not because of any reason other than lack of Krsna consciousness.

    I am not 100 percent sure of all the answers I have given but if everyone becomes KC in one way or the other problems will be solved, cuz during satyuga, treta yuga, there were so many people but still there was never such population problem and all the problems that you have mentioned.


    • Hare Krishna

      Wonderful reply Rakesh Prabhuji.

      But why are people unwillingly forced to live in a pathetic condition in cities like mumbai? ( can we just blame everything on karma?)

      • Volunteer

        Hare Krsna Alka ji

        Humble obeisances

        Some people stay in mumbai for preaching purposes though they can stay in completely Krsna conscious places like Mayapur and Vrindavan. I heard this in a lecture by Mahraj.

        We cannot blame everything on karma and just remain sited and watch the pathetic situation. But we can just try our best. Mumbai is being tormented by influx of people from countries like bangladesh and mostly it is due to these people that mumbai is so overcrowded. I don't wish to say anything against any particular religion but one particular religion( which Lord Chaitanya has also said is full of faults ) is primarily responsible for the pathetic condition of mumbai and most other over crowded cities of India. They simply believe in enjoying and expanding their substandard religion everywhere , they have finances from their far distant relatives of oil exporting countries. So people can leave mumbai and go to Mayapur and Vrindavan but then we have to sacrifice something, we won't get the same job in Mayapur as in mumbai and many other things like this. So for a higher purpose , we have to stay in this cities like mumbai and others so that we can render service to Krsna and help other conditioned souls come back home back to godhead.

        I too do not want to work at all, trust me, just wish to do service, remain Krsna conscious but I have to , cuz this is also my service and it is a heavy austerity for me to work but still I have to.So for a higher cause we take some austerities which are sometimes difficult but still to please Krsna we do it.

        If it is the case like we are forced to stay in mumbai then we have to try to get out with sincere endeavors and m sure , Krsna will help and we will be able to get out with the sanction of Krsna.

        Please forgive me for any offenses

        Hare Krsna


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