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The energy of soul is consciousness.  When a person sleeps or unconscious for some time or during comma stage or major surgery, what is the state of soul? Is it get into idle mode? For sure it will be in the heart of the person.

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Hare Krishna !!

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"Prabu Nityananda, please bless me so that i can chant properly and get holy taste when i chant"

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    Hare Krishna dear Devotees, please accept my humble obeisances! all glories to Srila Prabhupada!

    i heard that sleep is also like some type of death. our subtle body leaves gross body for some time and travels. It means soul also leaves :-O ???!

    Then what about Yogis??? For example, Srila Haridas Thakur for some time remained dead and again became alive when he was beaten in the 22 market places and did not die.

    Also the bed shits are considered contaminated just because of we for some times become dead. And when we see or touch the dead body we have to take shower.

    i heard it in the lecture. if there any mistakes, please correct me!

    Your servant,  

  • Thank you!


    Hare Krishna !!

    A new starter servant


    "Lord, please bless me so that i serve much better"

    "Prabu Nityananda, please bless me so that i can chant properly and get holy taste when i chant"

    • Hare Krishna Srijon Prabhuji

      Can a soul go out of body during an un-conscious state ? I have heard from one devotee that during sleep, sometimes our subtle body  (including mind,ego,intelligence) or rather I would say soul goes somewhere and make some impressions of some previous births or this birth and that's what we call  as dream.

      Please share some knowledge regarding this.

      Thank you

      Hare Krishna

      • Volunteer

         Hare Krishna All devotees. Dandavat Pranam. All Glories to Srila Prabhupada

        The soul has two covering subtle and gross. subtle body consists of mind,intelligence and false ego and gross body consists of earth,air,water,fire,ether and fire. Now the soul is conscious and its symptoms is consciousness, which has three states.

        1.waking state

        In waking state (when we are not in sleep) the soul interact with the material phenomenon world through senses, five  gross senses including mind . Thus we percieve the gross matter through our material senses and believe the world is real

        2.dream state during sleep

        In dream state the gross body which include senses go to rest and become temporarily inactive but the subtle body ( mind,intelligence,false ego) not become inactive , the soul identify itself with the mind then specially subconscious mind. As mind stores lots of impression from past lifetimes we dream of so many situation which we have never met in this life

        3.dreamless state

        In dreamless sleep state the gross as well as subtle body become inactive. The soul remains only but doesn't identify with anything.

        In no circumstances the soul get out of body except death.

        Your aspiring servant

        Hari Bol

        • When a person is in comma stage, does soul goes into 'dreamless state'?


          Hari bol!!

          • Volunteer

            Hre Krishna Mataji. Dandavat Pranam. All glories to Srila Prabhupada

            In comma stage the body is not reacting or inactive , Its like the software is active but the device which is driven by the software is not working and damage. The soul may be in dream or dreamless state , we can't be sure beacuse the soul dwell in the subtle body in situation like coma, so it may be dream or dream less state.

            Your aspiring Servant

            Hari Bol

            • Hare Krishna prabhuji. Pranam

              Thanks for clarity.

              I have heard a story about a women in surgery who claims that she felt  an "out of body experience"

              where she could actually re-collect after surgery is over as to what exactly happened during surgery like she was saying..

              "the doctor was on the left hand side , the nurse was on right hand side,

              the nurse went out of room to get something, what the doctor actually did , she could see etc.. She was like floating in the air above her own body etc.

              Can that really happen? Asking this just out of curiosity? What state of consciousness would it be?

              • Volunteer

                Hare Krishna Mataji. Dandavat Pranam. All glories to Srila Prabhupada

                yes this is a phenomenon called "near-death"/ "out-of-body" experience generally felt by patients during surgery or who has survived accident. Actually this out-of-body experience I have also felt many times during sleep. Its a feeling of floating around the top of the house and seeing all the rooms from top, its like you are not within the body. This phenomenon happened many times with me when I used to practise Hatha-Yoga 5-6 yrs back, all during sleep. After coming in KC I also felt it two times where I am getting out of my body.

                So we are not sure what happens in these situation, may be its due to totally absorb in the subtle body during sleep where we don't have any conception of gross body. And we go to a world of consciousness where we feel we are not in this world or out of body.

                Your aspiring Servant

                Hari Bol

                • Hare Krishna Prabhuji

                  Thanks for sharing your experience. Even I felt something similar while I was on anesthesia.

                  So it seems that such phenomenon is not abnormal.

                  Thank you again.

                  Hari Bol

        • Sevak

          Thanks for the clearer explanation Sudipta Roy Prabhu. Hari Bol!

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