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its impossible for me to dance on mahamanta

hare krishna great devotees of lord

i used to sing and dance on holy name in sankirtana but after my accident it is impossible to dance on holy name,my leg muscles are weak and i cant really annoys me and seeing my condition i lost my interest in holy name too......what should i do that if not physically but i can dance spiritually...

please guide me what should i do in respect to develop interest in chanting..

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  • hare krishna prabhu ji 


    you are right as what you said bt when i compare to previous part of my life then i become sad rest i am trying to involve myself in chanting. bt seriously we cant help it still can pray to lord.

    • Hare Krishna Maral Mataji and Rahul prabhuji

      I like your spirit and enthusiasm . You are already blessed.

      "he may have taken away your dancing, but tell him he can't take away your love for Him :)". "I am learning mridanga to make others dance"

       Priya Mataji

       Keep chanting and you will be surprised to see one day , you are back to dancing on the floor for Krishna. He takes care of his devotees as promised by him in "Bhagvad Gita" . So don't be sad anymore, you will be fine soon.

      Jai shree Krishna

  • Volunteer

    Jai Jai!

    In one his lectures HH Niranjana Swami told that  once Devotee wanted to make him dance and he refused. He told that he can not because body is old and some problems are there and because of that he can not jump and dance as others do.

    But as we see how he makes others to dance!!! 

    So in this way again service means not that which we like to do but that doing which we please Krishna. 

    How nicely replied by Rahul Prabji, thank You Prabhuji and also for Your selfless intention to learn mridanga and assist others in their dancing. How glorious!

    Your servant, 

  • Volunteer

    You need to redevelop that love for chanting Sri Krsna's name that you once had. The best way to do this is to just listen to hours and hours of transcendental kirtana. One of my favorite singers is Vaiyasakhi Prabhu. You can find his albums on Amazon or you could youtube it. 

    Aindra Prabhu is also a wonderful singer and another one of my favorites. Dravida Prabhu is another nice singer, he doesn't release albums, but if you happen to catch him leading the kirtana in the temple, you automatically start nodding your head to that particular tune. Prahlada Das is another wonderful singer. And Danavir Goswami and Radhanath Maharaj are others. Haha the list goes on and on, I don't think there is an end  :) 

    The entire point is to remember Krsna so just think of Krsna as frequently as possible!

    Here are a few to get started:

    Narasimha Prayers - Vaiyasakhi

    Hare Krsna - Vaiyasakhi- Assavari Dhun  (one of my favorites)

    Sri Sikshastakam - Dravida

    Poems - Dravida

    Kirtana from ISKCON San Diego

    (scroll down)

    Hare Krsna - Prahlad Das

    In my spare time, when I'm not loaded with college work, etc. I try to make little videos and post them on youtube. Its a slideshow with background music from various devotees

    Iskcon Dieties:

    SriDham Mayapur

    Radha Kunda

    Vrindavana Parikrama

    Govardhana Parikrama

    And of course, Srila Prabhupada

    The only way to develop love for God is to hear it from those who have developed love for God. Youtube is an extremely nice place to begin for kirtana because you get a video too, and IDT also has a nice compilation:

    That's my recommendation. You may not be able to dance, but just raise your hands in the air and imagine yourself dancing with other devotees! Think of your condition as a test from Krsna, he may have taken away your dancing, but tell him he can't take away your love for Him :)

    • Volunteer

      he may have taken away your dancing, but tell him he can't take away your love for Him :)

      • Volunteer

        Thank You so much Radhe Prabhuji (Shyam Patel Prabhuji) for Your merciful replies!

        And also for those videos on You tube.

        You are doing so much for Krishna!

        And dear Priya Mataji, i am so much sorry for that accident which You told about! It is really sad. But please keep Your enthusiasm. And very soon Your health will be nice by His mercy. 

        And it is true if not with physical body then it is possible to dance with subtle body. In mind and that is as equal as physical dance. As for example, Narasimhananda Brahmachari did not have anything to offer to Lord Gauranga but once He desired to construct a special road for the Lord from Puri to Vrindavan and he was able to do that on his mind and Lord was really walking on the road and enjoying that.

        So service means which we render it whether we like to do it or do not like, but for the pleasure of our object of love.

        And Devotees here are very happy to support and help You always! :)

        Your servant,    

        • Thank you radhe ji and bhaktin maral for your kind words , yes you are right to dance with subtle body

          thankyou again for ur replies

          hare krishna

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