Devi - Bhagwatam or Devi Purana Controversy

Hare Krishna ,

All Glories To Srila Prabhupada ,

What is Devi - Bhagwatam ?

I have heard that it is a Upurana , but it contains 18000 verses .

It itself declares it as Mahapuran . But there is a controversy over its authentication .

Some says it was written by Ved Vyas . Some says it was written in Bengali ,

It is a major text Of Shaktas , and Glorifies Durga .

But there are many questions regarding Durga's daughter being Laxmi and Saraswati .

Is it a Purana or It have been designated Bhagwatam by people .

Like we have Bhagwat Puran , So it is called Srimad Bhagwatam .

How can devi-puran be Devi Bhagwatam and Durga be the mother of Laxmi and Saraswati .

Hari Bol !!

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  • Hare Krishna Prabhuji's

    Thank you indeed for all your attempts and effort here to avoid somebody falling down.

    I am very new to KC.

    I cant say in general, but for me to accept Krishna as supreme was a tough process.

    I read Bhagvad gita as it and prabhupada's book 5 years back but it never triggered to me of who Lord Krishna really is until after Lord Krishna bestowed his blessings unto me by a personal experience or incident and slowly I started questioning and questioning(from scientific perspective also) and one prabhuji just told me to try chanting one round of Hare Krishna mantra.

    And don't know how easy will it be by just reading scriptures. I personally feel practical experience and realization is required along with scriptures.

    Just trying to know Lord Krishna is itself a sign of devotion.

  • Hari Bol Siddhartha Prabhu jee Hari Bol! PAMHO! ASTSP!

    Your name is so meaningful. Please do not lose your patience over a trivial soul's pain and pursuit. People who live in brick house do not know how it feels to stand outside in rain. Prabhu jee, those who are drenched in rain know that it is not painful either, perhaps they seek best shelter in time to come.

    Dandvat for karuna.

    Hari Bol!

    Your dasanudasa,


    • Hare Krishna Siddhartha prabhuji

      you are absolutely right!

      Also Sudipta prabhuji, though I haven't read Bhagavatam or other great vedas, my views are purely based on my experience on the path to KC( How I took a first step to KC), so I don't agree that they are out of ignorance or passion.

      There are thousands of people out there who have read Bhagvad gita but never understood the essence of it ? why? There are thousands of other people who read Bhagvad gita and claim to be expert and sell the teachings of Lord Krishna. why? they are providing shastric eveidence but never understood Lord Krishna's meaning. why?

      A person will never understand the supremacy of Lord Shri Krishna even if Shree Krishna comes in front of him.(see duryodhan, he never accepted Lord Krishna as supreme).

      The only way is to let the soul realize himself/herself which is not an easy process as it seems to be claimed by vaishnavas here( by just trying to convince them to not read non-vaishanav puranas).

      Hare Krishna

      • Sevak

        Hare Krishna Mata Ji. PAMHO. AGTSP.

        If a mother and father says that let the child learn and realize himself. Will the child learn? No, he will most likely never learn his abcs or walk....he will probably take a bad path that the parents never wanted him to take. Same thing here. As said in the Padma Purana :Simply by remembering tamasic purana even wise persons become deluded. And I have personal experience of that. And Devi Bhagavatam was given supremacy over a golden purana like Srimad Bhagavatam here. If a person keeps quiet while Krishna is being offended, then he is just a pretender thats not called humbleness then. Take the example of Srila Prabhupada. He had no business with Mayavadis but he still attacked them because they were not giving supremacy to Krishna. He just wanted people to follow the right path. If you let a person follow the wrong path and not correct him then you are a selfish Vaisnava. A Vaisnava who uses even harsh words to correct a person is way better than a selfish Vaisnava.

        Your Servant. 

        Hari Bol! 

        • Hare Krishna Srijon prabhuji. Pranam

          Off course we should show the right path to the most we can but it's upto the soul to realize it, without the soul's own realization, the teachings is incomplete. That's the main reason why at first place we all are here under the influence of maya because God wanted us to realize his importance. Otherwise Lord Shree  Krishna would have forcibly kept us with him and making him serve. But he doesn't do that. Why? because he wants us to realize the truth through whatever sources possible, walking through spikes and falling again and again  and then realizing why I fall again and again.

          If it's so easy to make someone accept something by own will then Lord Krishna would himself come in front of every fallen soul and declare his supremacy. But that doesn't happen because one's the soul realizes the fact then only the soul  will accept the supremacy of Lord Krishna by his own will.

          In old days(satyug/treta yug) sages use to realize God not just via scriptures, but by practical means of meditation and yoga.

  • Volunteer

    Hare Krishna Sarangat, Siddhartha Prabhuji and other devotees. Dandavat Pranam .All glories to Srila Prabhupada

    This argument business is going no-where. The website is for sharing Krishna Katha not personal opinion. Let us stop this argument and counter agrument business , it is detrimental to Bhakti. As we are all a passenger of the life saving boat Called ISKCON, and the captain is HIS DIVINE GRACE A.C BHAKTIVEDANTA SWAMI PRABHUPADA. So let us all hold his lotus feet tightly and cross the ocean of this misery called life.

    /*some have started thinking that they have become SRILA PRABHUPADA*/

    no one is thinking that he became Srila Prabhupada. Before hearing this sentence also I desire that I should cut my ear into pieces. It is a very terrible way of insulting a devotee. This simple disscussion should have not been taken this picture where people started bashing each other only to become great which is driven by false ego. This way we will never reach Krishna. This discussion reached in this position only because few people have disaggrement on evidence of shastras and guru's word. we must know when we involve in some spiritual argument we should always rely on shastras and guru rather than caiming our opinion great. WE ARE NOT GREAT, GURU SHASTRA AND KRISHNA IS GREAT. And claiming this is not harsh and not a question of not being humble.

    Establishing shastra paramana is one's duty , if some one is in disagreement that is due to his/her pre-occupied conception of seeing things from their own way that doesn't mean the other person is saying wrong. Devotees wants best out of others in Bhakti path thats why they preach in this way, we should not take this as insult , a mayavadi may talk in sweet way but his/her aim would be to slowly kill the bhakti of a person and made him/her a self claimimg big headed god/atheist.

    If anyone simply read the post from first he/she can see that the thread is all about repeated disagreement on shastric evidence and establishing one's own personal judgement. we should refrain from personal judgement here, devotees are not enemy of anyone that they would try to force one person to leave Krishna Consciousness rather they put forward argument to make the faith of the person more strong thus he/she can adavance in KC. Please try to see fact without being partial.

    If I have personally offended anyone then I beg a humble apology from them. Hari BOL

  • My dandvat to you Prabhu jee.

    There will be no offtracking. Some of us are ahead in the cycle, some are behind, that is all. However if you still consider it off tracking and it happens, trust me, this jiva will always remember that he learnt the humility here.

    Hari Bol!

    Your servant,


    • Volunteer

      Hare Krishna Sharangat Prabhu and other devotees. Dandavat Pranam. All glories to Srila Prabhupada

      what is the use of humility when we can't protect the interest of krishna. If humbleness is to be shown everywhere then

      "Krishna would have agreed with Arjuna of his decision to not fight with Kauravas and be humble"

      "Srila Prabhupada would have been humble and not attacking mayavada"

      "Hanuman would have been humble to Ravana rather than burn his Lanka"

      If someone is questioning Shastra, Guru , Supremacy of Lord Vishnu then a devotee should defend rather than being humble. Exhibiting humility and not protecting Krishna's interest is not Krishna Consciousness rather cowardliness. It may sound harsh to the one who don't want to follow injunction of shastras and Guru because he/she is seeing from his/her own angle of concocted conception. Ofcourse we should try to be humble always , but not in the case when Krishna's interest is questioned.

      Dear Sharangat Prabhuji, material emotion has no place in spirituality. What do you think all the devotees is just chastising you ?? are they your enemy??........NOOOOO. please try to understand they are saying all this , and stopping you from reading Devi bhagavatam because we want that you stay in Krishna Consciousness and become a great advanced devotee.we are not saying you all this thus you leave KC.......NOOOO. Try to see the things in positive way. when devotees are giving importance on shastric evidence that is because thus you can earn good faith in Krishna, beacuse Krishna is supreme.

      Devotees are not anyone's enemy, they preach in this way because , without strong conviction in philosophy blind faith would not sustain long. A vaishnava generally follow what his/her guru has instructed because he has full faith in Guru why? Because Guru is teaching Krishna's word unadultered and not claiming himself God. So Devi Bhagatam is not studied in Vaishnava parampara, thats why it is no way related to Krishna rather 1000 of contents are there which are critical to Krishna. Please try to understand we are not your enemy. Devotee when say it is not his/her own view rather he/she quoting shastra.

      Your Aspiring Servant

      Hari Bol

  • Hari Bol!

    Ashwani Prabhu jee, if there is disagreement, I will certainly not post here. So you will never know. My upbringing prohibits me from hurting someone knowingly. Knowing well that here we have devotees of Sri Hari who can be offeneded, I dare not. Call it cowardice or call it mayavad, it will be the path.

    Hari Bol!

    Your servant,


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