Ankita Singh replied to Sanjeev's discussion Best Donation
"Hare Krishna,
So far as my knowledge is concerned, the best donation for human beings is the donation of spiritual knowledge. This is so because if you help out a person with money, food, clothes etc. these will exhaust some time or the other.…"
May 14, 2019
Ankita Singh left a comment for padmavati mataji
"Hare Krishna Mataji...thank u soo much for sooo many blessings at a time...never received soo much at a time from anyone..May Krishna double all that you desire for me..have KC day! thanks...hari bol"
May 14, 2019
Ankita Singh posted a discussion
Hare Krishna! These days I see a lot of food stuffs like Probiotic drinks that claim to contain billions of good bacteria which help in improving digestion & building immunity. However, I was wondering do these living micro organisms have a soul…
May 14, 2019