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Srila Prabhupada Vs. Osho

Both Srila Prabhupada and Osho (Acharya Rajneesh)  were preaching and practicing different schools of thought . They were not supporting each other also . Let me know , how is Krishna Bhakti as taught by ISKCON (and other similar vaishnav institutes

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Selecting Guru


Hare Krishna,

1) Do I need to take initiation for self-realisation?

2) When (age) is the ideal time to think about approaching a spiritual master? (I'm 17 at the moment)

3) How do you select and approach a spiritual master? There are many o

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Gurru apradh

hare krishna everyone i have committed Guru apradh due to my false pride i thought bad about my pujya sadguru dev i seek atonement everything i got by the grace of my sadguru dev in spirituality the bhav i got is lost i now have become the most sinfu

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