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Bhagavad gita 1.1 purport

 Srila prabhupada explains that in the Gita Mahatma it says one must read Bhagavad Gita very scrutinizingly with the help of a person who is a devotee of Sri Krsna.  Further he says the example of  clear understanding in the way the teaching is understood by Arjuna who heard the Gita directly from the Lord. 

Please can someone explain this to me further . Sadly and i know this sounds crooked ,but my instinct is to be wary of teachers. I am worried that unless that person is absolutely pure i will be to that degree  proportionately misguided..BUT at the same time i have so many doubts questions and concerns

Some  Devotees say well you can take Srila Prabupada as your teacher but in reality  i need guidance for my own particular situation and conditioning..

How to resolve all this ?

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  • IskconDarma
    God (!) enters the
    Heart as (finnal gide)
    as teacher Himself*
    OurAccptence is activated or demonstrated by a (yoga)
    The qulity of the bhatee/all-service* all actions intended to please God 1st.)! ?
    Transendental is probly'always divine, however, some are likly not as poised as other's ?As transcendent & transendental are not twins
    Yet both liberated! So' the manner in which we honor ourselves as we commune-acate with God-Directly not (indirectly)! I say Let even every breath be measured till all doubt is gone & I would use exercise and utalize near ebery measher to call on Vishnu honoring with "OM" Closing with OM TAT Sat)
    Relish Pasahdum & Dance
    If teacher's Came with wear-proof warranties. Time is the real point hear in my iskconDarma tought me that the big stars of darma are the Preasts & Prestisses? So a lot of aspiring priests feel extra conflicts i suppose*?
    I do fill there is faver found all Bhaktis-(works performed directly for TheGodHeads. & the Gunah ( Goodness ) is 'the Only learning with-memory-Guna. So MahatMaha'Vishnu is inherently Gahgot & never forget it! Ji' & the best kind of people are those adapt at observing that modicum of modesty We Call Darma*
    My only addvice don't put others down as you are new & improved after your devotionals
    & others are only
    OtherWise emotionally distracted. Isolate your devotions & distinguish your every sylible to the best of your grave & sobering abilities, like the darkness of death is coming.!*
    All offerings are " formal events
    & Not carryed-out as after throughs. Introducing your efforts thorough the "Perambahrah succession in verse song prase & Prayer after SomeTime of Chanting
    Vary early on- everyday* I.e.
    (Follow the Ashram's Program) it's good questioning what is the Seeker Owed?
    Generally little i'd supose & Krishna seem's extortion proof. I.e. Krishna likes Clean, Sincear, frinds of Vishnu "the master of all Gunas,before one may expect Krishna's personal in-house/heart guidance. Or better said before Hi's internal potencies are inabeled to be accsesed.
    It's the "Donct judgement zone is what I heard G-luk
  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


    I completely understand what you are saying and what you are feeling. 

    What you need to do, according to me, is - build faith based on facts. Study the life and activities of a devotee who is in your vicinity. You will find that he follows, to a certain extent, what is mentioned in the shastras/ scriptures about how a devotee should be. When you interact, you are yourself able to judge whether a basic level of faith develops or not. Like how in a normal friendship also, faith develops. Take one baby step at a time and follow such a person. If you see its working for you, you will be able to follow the other things more easily. 

    What I am trying to say is - you are well within your rights to judge a devotee and decide whether he inspires you and whether you can trust him or not. Having done that, then you have to keep faith. 

    Our process is that we are encouraged to preach, to the extent we have learnt and realised. We do not tell people to wait till they become absolutely pure to start preaching. I can say for myself, I have a lot of impurities inside me, I am nowhere near being called a devotee even, still I try to help people who are coming to spiritual realisation after I have come. 

    It is also mentioned in the Gita that a person will be guided by many shiksha gurus - Tad Viddhi Pranipatena Pariprashnena Bharata, ...Gyaninas tattva darshibhih. In this verse, gyaninas word (plural)  has been used. In the Srimad Bhagawatam also, it is mentioned that a true seeker can learn from anyone, from the trees, from the wind, from an animal, even from a prostitute.... Krsna only sees the sincerity of our heart. Once we are sincere, He sends the right person to guide us. 

    I hope I have made some sense to you.


    Your servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD

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