Nick replied to RANGA KRISHNA's discussion Sinful College Culture
"You have summarised Srila Prabhupadas description of the current age , you are not mistaken ..! Take to Krsna Consciousness and be happy . "
May 18
Nick replied to Alek Boras's discussion I need advice
"Hey Alek, Hare Krsna, if you just need a friend contact me direct, happy to talk. I live in the UK..All the best for now .Nick"
Apr 4
Nick replied to Punkech Patel's discussion False Humility False Friendship
"Hey bud, dont get disturbed our by external appearances, if you know the books and if you know Prabhupadas mood, you stick to that.."
Nov 10, 2023
Nick posted a discussion
Is anyone aware of communities in Europe seeking devotees to come and do service and live fulltime? I am particularly interested in farming .i would prefer Southern Europe RegardsNick
Aug 29, 2023
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Jul 22, 2023
Nick replied to Nick's discussion Worship
"😉That made me laugh . Sorry Punkech if I was rude !  It sounds like we practice Bhakti in the same way , but we have to become consistent and steady ... Gauranga! And thank u 🙏🏻 "
Jul 22, 2023
Nick posted a discussion
Hare Krsna I have some questions about performing arti .I do not yet have deities I only have pictures of Radha Krsna ,Panca tattva and Srila Prabhupada .I want to offer simple daily arti, could someone just explain a basic procedure of an offering…
Jul 21, 2023
Nick posted a discussion
Anyone looiking for grounding in Bhagavad gita I would highly reccommend the online courses supplied on ISKCONdesire tree on the Home page.I have just come to the end of 'Journey of Self Discovery' and it is the best thing i have done in…
Feb 8, 2022
Nick commented on ISKCON Desire Tree's blog post Confessions of a Prasadam Addict: The Sunday Feast
Aug 8, 2020
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May 14, 2020
Nick replied to Nick's discussion chanting
"As long as we think there is some lasting value or happiness in this world it doesn’t matter how many rounds we chant, we will not develop a taste for chanting.. is that not true ..? today I chanted 3 and I will chant 1 more round later ...hare krsna"
Feb 29, 2020
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Feb 29, 2020
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Feb 25, 2020
Nick replied to Nick's discussion chanting
"vanished for a long time .."
Feb 24, 2020
Nick posted a discussion
 "By practical experience also, we can perceive that by chanting this maha-mantra, or the great chanting for deliverance, one can at once feel transcendental ecstasy from the spiritual stratum."A snippet of Srila Prabhupadas quote from his…
Feb 24, 2020
Nick left a comment for Nitesh Patel
"Prabhu you're funny , ive read alot of your posts ,i also have all the same problems .!.. Nick UK "
Feb 24, 2020