• Jai Radhe Diya Ji


    Extremely sorry for the late reply. However I am hopeful that my reply helps you in future.

    As per ISKCON and Gaudiya Maths Gurudev (spiritual masters)'s vyas puja is celebrated on his abirbhav(appearance) tithi/day. However in other sampradays and also in Traditional Gaudiya Vaishnavism Guru Vyas Puja is done on Guru purnima or the appearance tithi of Lord Vyas.

    The day is celebrated with special offerings of different prasadi/offered items to Sri Gurudev (Chandan, Mala, Flower Nirmalya, Vastra, Food, Arati etc.) Special kirtan and prayers to gurudev can also be part of the days celebration.

    Hope it answers your query

    Das Satyananda

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