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Sri Ramanujacarya Appearance


Sri Ramanujacarya’s Life History (By Sri Ubhaya Vedantha Anbil Ramaswamy)

Sri Ramanuja (1017 – 1137 CE), the most important philosopher-saint of Sri Vaishnavam and one of the most dynamic characters of Hinduism. He was a philosophical as well as a social reformer, displaying a catholicity that was nearly unparalleled in Hindu religious history before him. He revitalised Indian philosophy and popular religion so much that nearly every aspect of Hinduism has been influenced by his work. His life

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In 1895 Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura published in his “Sajjana-tosani” selected verses from “Śrī Prapannāmṛta”, a 12th century book by Sri Ananta Acarya, son of the great Kuresa, famous disciple and chief associate of Srila Ramanujacarya. The book contains valuable information and biographical accounts of the great founders of the Sri-sampradaya – Nathamuni, Yamunacarya and Ramanuja. It is stated in “Prapannāmṛta” in relation to Ramanujacarya’s birth:

caitre meṣe śukla-pakṣe pañcamyāṁ guru-vāsare

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Appearance Day of Sri Ramanujacarya

Ramanujacarya was born in India during the year 1017 A.D. His parents were Asuri Keshava and Kantimati, both from aristocratic families.

Ramanuja was a great acarya in the Sri Sampradaya.

Prior to Ramanuja, the Sri Sampradaya was already an established organisation under Yamunacharya, and bhakti songs and devotional ideas already a part of south Indian culture because of the twelve Alvars (great saints).

Ramanuja’s fame grew because he was considered the first thinker in centuries that disputed

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Sripad Ramanujacharya in Navadvipa dhama


Today is the appearance day of Sripad Ramanujacharya.Sripad Ramanujacarya has also visited Navadvipa dhama & performed his bhajan at Vaikuntapur.

Navadvipa dham Mahatmya narrates Ramanujacarya’s arrival to Navadvipa as follows:

A great acarya once came to Puri and pleased the Lord with his verses. Jagannatha appeared before him and said, “go and see Navadvipa Dhama, for soon I shall appear there in the house of Jagannatha Misra. Navadvipa is My very dear Dhama, situated in one place in the spir

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From Back to Godhead

In many places in his books Srila Prabhupada describes the wonders of prasadam, food prepared with devotion and offered to Krishna. Prabhupada discusses such merits of prasadam as how it effectively immunizes one against the contamination of the material nature, how it frees one from becoming a ghost after death, and even how it is considered ecstatic nectar from the lips of Lord Krishna. In the Chaitanya-charitamrita (Madhya-lila, 4.93, purport) Srila Prabhupada writes:


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Earlier this month Prana dasa and Candrakoti devi-dasi released Bhakti Learning, in Mayapur Dhama for Gaura Purnima. Bhakti Learning is a Krishna-conscious online learning platform for children from 5 years to 10 and over.

There are 4 subjects in the program – Story, Sanskrit, Sloka and Pilgrimage – and three levels: ages 5+, 7+ and 9+. The subjects are delivered according to the Vaisnava calendar with fresh material being distributed at the start of each month. The material is engaging for you

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On March 26th, 2020, well-known ISKCON spiritual master and published author Sivarama has released one of his books for free. He shares:

“At this time our planet and our devotees need prayer. No doubt many devotees have their own prayers. Yet some do not. Some years back, in response to repeated requests to write something about prayer, we published the prayers I recite daily upon rising.”  

The name of Sivarama Swami’s book is My Daily Prayers. While that book is now out of print, Lal Publish

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All day, we are talking about money. At work, money is the centre. That is what it is basically all about; doing all these things to make money. We make money, the company makes money. So money is all we are doing it for. Having a nice meeting – for money! Everyone is present – for money! That is all that is for.

At work, one is busy with money. But then at home, that is enough! How much time can we spend for money? Money comes anyway on it’s own accord. And its also to be remembered that one s

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In the Annex by Bhaktimarga Swami

 In the Annex I’m walking
Moving and not docking
Row upon row a Victorian home
With cars lined just like a comb.
As I stroll here Bro
I see the status is “pro“
Got it made for sure
They are far from poor.

Wish I could meet them
The ladies, the gentlemen
They are very much nestled
With maya they’ve wrestled.
Want to give a higher taste
Joy is truly above the waist
Or do they care to dance?
In a different circumstance.
The dancing avatar has come
Bengal is where He’s from
Telling us we’re
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HG Dhananjaya prabhu, a disciple of Srila Prabhupada and pioneer of the Krishna consciousness movement in many countries, has been hospitalized after being diagnosed with coronavirus symptoms. Please send Dhananjaya prabhu prayers for his well being and speedy recovery.


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By Sarvani Devi Dasi 

Please pray for Her Grace Payasvini Devi Dasi ACBSP who is actively making her transition from this world. Payasvini was initiated by Srila Prabhupada in New York, July, 1971.

Devoted mother of three children, Bhakta, Vrnda and Vrindavan. A well-loved ashram Mom who loved children and gave the best birthday parties! Payas was always instrumental in organizing get-togethers, picnics and outings with the devotees. Always a devoted friend and well-wisher. She will be missed

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Iskcon Trivandrum: Dear Mahatman!
The most panicking pandemic is around our doorstep killing thousands. We were wondering about how we could help the society along with our prayers.
Right at the moment, our police friends explained their challenging situations. Long hours in hot sun without proper food and water supplies… And risks involved in handling situations which can end in health hazard.
They requested us to supply lunch and dinner for the next twenty days. We have agreed with prayers in

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About the virus emergency by HH Jayapataka Swami from Sri Mayapur on 24 March 2020

“But first I would like to explain something about the present situation.
Here in Mayapur, and in the whole of West Bengal the government sent a notice out that until the 27th March, everybody has to stay indoors, and the only reason you to go out is to go outside is if you have to go to hospital or to buy vegetables and so on. We want devotees to chant Hare Krsna, from their verandahs, from the balconies. I don’

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I am now situated in my house in Vrindavan, India where I will stay in isolation for as many days, weeks and months as required during the Coronavirus pandemic. This is what governments around the world are recommending and even imposing upon their citizens. Social distancing is one of the practical keys to alleviating the Coronavirus. At the same time it poses a problem for devotees who thrive on sadhu sanga – associating with other vaisnavas, which is a key to spiritual advancement. To encour

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6200 students from 22 different schools of North Delhi, India participated in first Value Education Olympiad organized by ISKCON Punjabi Bagh.

Dr Suruchi Mittar, who has over 20 year experience in the field of education with various National Universities and a great concern for holistic education of the students led the organization of this Olympiad.

The purpose of this olympiad was to inspire students towards integrating and nurturing values like truthfulness, honesty, cleanliness, devotion,

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One of the most benevolent of functions is to plan and organize a kirtan, especially in tough times.  Kirtan is, in many ways, another word for ‘healing’, a nourishment for the soul.
Billy and I were talking. Billy is the kirtan enthusiast who runs the ‘Temple Groove’ every alternate Sunday morning. Since indoor social closeness is currently discouraged in favour of social distancing, I suggested to Billy, “Why not bring your Temple Groove group to a park for kirtan for healing purposes. Ever
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Please Pray for Jairama prabhu


Dear Devotees

Please accept my humble obeisances. all glories to Srila Prabhupada

I am deeply sorry to inform you that Jairama prabhu (aged 78) from Paris (initiated by me 6 years ago), is at present in hospital in Paris with Covid 19, and the doctors say there is nothing they can do for him – within hours he may pass away.

Many of you know, or would have met Jairama prabhu, who rendered unconditional service to Sri Sri Radha Paris Isvara, Jaganantha Baladeva Subhadra and Sri Sri Nitai Saci Sut

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As the ground in Zagreb is still periodically trembling, after two major earthquakes which happened on the morning of March 22nd, when all inhabitants of Zagreb run out of their homes, we are glad to inform you that our beloved deities Sri Sri Gaura Nitai are regularly worshiped without disruption, the Nova Jaladuta temple building did not suffer any major damage, while nobody of the devotees from Zagreb was reported as seriously affected. As an immediate precaution measure the upper part of t

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The Most Intelligent Woman


By His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

Teachings of Queen Kuntī, Chapter 3

tatha paramahamsanam
muninam amalatmanam
katham pasyema hi striyah

You Yourself descend to propagate the transcendental science of devotional service unto the hearts of the advanced transcendentalists and mental speculators, who are purified by being able to discriminate between matter and spirit. How, then, can we women know You perfectly?

Srimad-Bhagavatam 1.8.20

Even the greate

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