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Niranjana Swami on book distribution

8240125073?profile=RESIZE_400xBy Niranjana Swami

I was recently inspired. It was the 2nd day of our GBC meetings. I was completely absorbed the whole day, which for me is not something very easy. I am not so inclined to meetings, but on this 2nd day of our GBC meetings, there was only one subject, and that was book distribution. It was affirmed by other GBC members with whom I spoke that this was the most enlivening day ever spent in a GBC meeting because the subject matter was just about Srila Prabhupada’s books.

We got the

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8240116663?profile=RESIZE_584xBy Madhava Smullen

With the UK recording over 1.5 million coronavirus cases and 55,000 COVID-related deaths, the government introduced a second lockdown in England in early November, which is set to lift on December 2nd, although a three-tiered system of regional measures will follow.

Amid these tough times, devotee-run charity Food For All is doing its best to help, mobilizing volunteers and continuously increasing its output. The charity is now distributing 5,000 packaged prasadam meals a day

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eParikrama 2020 Day 30 – Vrndavana

8240114101?profile=RESIZE_584xWe end our eParikrama right here in the Sri Sri Krsna-Balarama Mandir in the heart of Sri Vrndavana dhama. We meditate on the holy dhama through the harinama and pray that we are able to evolve our consciousness so that we are always situated in Vrndavana. Check out Maharaja’s kirtans and lectures below, along with a few photos, from his many journeys to Vrndavana over the years.

We are in Vrndavana to collect some spiritual fortune. That is why we came. We need something to take back; somethin

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December Book Distribution

8240100683?profile=RESIZE_400xBy Giriraj Swami

My dear devotees,

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

In a letter to me dated December 1971, Srila Prabhupada wrote, “Go on increasing books, and go on increasing my pleasure.” December is a special opportunity to focus on Srila Prabhupada’s desire that we distribute books—and thus increase his pleasure. As he wrote in the same letter, “I am most pleased especially to hear that you are distributing many books.”

tad-vag-visargo janatagha-viplavo

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Excited by Bhaktimarga Swami

8240023475?profile=RESIZE_400xI think it’s just one of the best things the city has done—created a beautiful, slick but cozy dynamic on Bloor Street. The street is known for its expensive shops at the platinum strip, from Sherhbourne to the ROM (Royal Ontario Museum). It’s a stretch where people just move, never loitering, never stopping to say “Hello!” It is tainted with corporate culture, more so than a leisurely space of realisation.

So what’s different now?

They have these net-looking curved benches that light up at nigh

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अध्याय उन्तीस-- भगवान कपिल द्वारा भक्ति की व्याख्या

1-2 देवहूति ने जिज्ञासा की : हे प्रभु, आप सांख्य दर्शन के अनुसार सम्पूर्ण प्रकृति तथा आत्मा के लक्षणों का अत्यंत वैज्ञानिक रीति से पहले ही वर्णन कर चुके हैं। अब मैं आपसे प्रार्थना करूँगी कि आप भक्ति के मार्ग की व्याख्या करें, जो समस्त दार्शनिक प्रणालियों की चरम परिणति है।

3 देवहूति ने आगे कहा : हे प्रभु, कृपया मेरे तथा जन-साधारण दोनों के लिए जन्म-मरण की निरंतर चलने वाली प्रक्रिया का विस्तार से वर्णन करें, जिससे ऐसी विपदाओं को सुनकर हम इस भौतिक

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8236691071?profile=RESIZE_584xBy Madhava Smullen 

After going part time with his communications service, ISKCON Communications Director for Australasia Bhakta Das is using his free time in “the latter part” of his life to realize an artistic dream years in the making.

He’s creating a series of twenty contemporary, expressionistic paintings, which will give an overview of the Bhagavad-gita As It Is chapter by chapter. At an impressively large 2 x 1.5 meters each, the astonishing pieces will go on a touring exhibition when the

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A day to go!

8236680090?profile=RESIZE_584xAfter karthik, it’s time to get ready to visit Sri Kshetra Pui dhama!

ISKCON Mayapur has arranged for a special Virtual Puri Parikrama from 2nd Dec to 5th Dec.

If you are yet to register for Sri Kshetra Puri Parikrama, please DO NOW at

2nd December is the day of Adhivas. It means all of us together will assemble at the Maha Sagar ( sea beach) to take a vow or sankalpa to perform Parikrama. Do not miss to receive the full spiritual credit of

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8236678864?profile=RESIZE_584xIn 2018, His Holiness Kadamba Kanana Swami took us to Vimala-kunda in Kamyavana, which was formed by the loving tears of the daughters of King Vimala. Krsna and His cowherd boys came here to play and water Their cows. Close to Vimala-kunda, is Dharma-kunda, where four out of the five Pandavas had died after drinking its water. It was not until Yudhisthira took part in a deep conversation with Yamaraja (Dharmaraja), that Yamaraja agreed to revive the remaining Pandavas. Check out Maharaja’s full

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Cooking for God by Bhaktimarga Swami

8236671073?profile=RESIZE_584xI took my hand at the culinary craft today, cooking the noon offering. I have this great privilege being on the Monday schedule now. I feel blessed.

It’s been a long time since doing this seva (service). I love it.

Cooking brown rice, dahl soup, two veggie preps, chappatis, popadams, halava and, am I missing something? It was so exhilarating. You really have to be sharp when every item is over the flame simultaneously. I like the creativity of it all. It is quite the balancing act but, with Kris

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8236663069?profile=RESIZE_400xI first met Mother Krsnanandini at the fortieth anniversary of the installation of Sri Sri Radha-Kalachandji in Dallas, on Sri Radhastami in September of 2012. She and her mother, Bhumata, were both initiated by Srila Prabhupada on Radhastami in 1972. At the anniversary, she shared wonderful memories of her meeting Srila Prabhupada in Dallas at the time of the installation of Sri Sri Radha-Kalachandji. And she made a heartfelt appeal:

“Srila Prabhupada has given us the key to happiness, which is

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Sarasvati ”Maharaj”



Be Very Careful, If one does not chant Hare Krishna, Sarasvati ”Maharaj” may give you a ”Slap”, and ”Sarasvati, is preaching, “Do you know Krsna?”………..
Prabhupada: This girl, Sarasvati… Some boy said, “Oh, why you are chanting? This is not very good.” She gave[him] a slap. Just see. Naisthiki. How firmly she is fixed up, although she is a small child. Bhaktir bhavati naisthiki. Nobody can deviate [her]. A pure devotee of Krsna cannot be deviated. You cannot cheat him. No. He’ll give you a slap

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Recently, while going on a business trip, I started talking to my driver since it was a long drive. He happened to be a local native. It all started with me sharing my driving experiences in Fiji and New Zealand. We spoke about the road conditions, speed limits in Fiji and then my visits to New Zealand, Australia, USA and India with the road conditions there, speed limits, highways, foods etc.He asked me if I was a vegetarian and I said yes, we don't take meat, fish, eggs, and even onion or garl
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अध्याय अट्ठाईस --भक्ति साधना के लिए कपिल के आदेश 

1 भगवान ने कहा : हे माता, हे राजपुत्री, अब मैं आपको योग विधि बताऊँगा जिसका उद्देश्य मन को केन्द्रित करना है। इस विधि का अभ्यास करने से मनुष्य प्रसन्न रहकर परम सत्य के मार्ग की ओर अग्रसर होता है।

2 मनुष्य को चाहिए कि वह यथाशक्ति अपने कर्तव्यों का पालन करे और उन कर्मों को करने से बचे, जो उसे नहीं करने हैं। उसे ईश्र्वर की कृपा से जो भी प्राप्त हो उसी से संतुष्ट रहना चाहिए और गुरु के चरणकमलों की पूजा करनी चाहिए।

3 मनुष्य को चाहिए कि परंपरागत धार्मिक प

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8231737486?profile=RESIZE_584xGBC Strategic Planning Team (SPT) invites you to hear one of the most exciting and inspiring update from around the globe on the Kartik outreach during the pandemic. The devotees who are sharing the outcome of their results are – Seva Svarupa das – manager for Congregational Development Ministry, with HH Jayapataka Swami as the Minister.
Jalaghi dd lives in Mayapur and is coordinatoring efforts in Hong Kong, etc. Amrita Gaurang dd lives in Malaysia and is assisting with the overall outreach.


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8231352695?profile=RESIZE_584xAmidst the Covid situation of this year, pilgrims from far and across the country are visiting Sri Dham Mayapur during this auspicious period of the year to partake in the various auspicious pastimes of the Lord. From Govardhana Puja celebration, to Gopastami, down to the most auspicious days of Bhisma Pancha, Devotees all over the Dham are observing various vrata, taking cold and auspicious bath in Ganga while reciting various sacred mantras, offering seva to our Mayapur Goshala, Sri Radha Madh

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eParikrama 2020 Day 28 – Anjanoka

8230277886?profile=RESIZE_584xIn 2017 and 2019, His Holiness Kadamba Kanana Swami took us to Anjanoka, the birthplace of Indulekha, one of the asta-sakhis who intimately serves Radha and Krsna. Check out Maharaja’s full kirtans and lectures, along with a few photos, during Parikrama 2017 and Parikrama 2019.

This is the birthplace of Indulekha, who is a left-wing gopi. She is fiery and hot-tempered, and she is rebellious and chastises Krsna. She wears garments the colour of pomegranate. In her grove, everything is white in c

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Srimati Vrindadevi’s Appearance Day

8230273863?profile=RESIZE_400xAccording to Vrinda-kunda Baba, Srimati Vrindadevi appeared on the full-moon night at the end of Kartik, or Damodara.

Srila Visvanatha Cakravarti Thakura, in Sri Vrndadevi-astaka (6-8), glorifies her:

rasabhilaso vasatis ca vrnda-
vane tvad-isanghri-saroja-seva
labhya ca pumsam krpaya tavaiva
vrnde namas te caranaravindam

“By your mercy, people attain residence in Vrindavan, the desire to serve your masters’ lotus feet, and the desire to assist in the rasa dance. O Vrinda, I bow to your lotus f

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bhagavan api ta ratrih


viksy- arantum manas cakre

yoga-mayam upasritah

Sri  Kṛṣṇa is the Supreme Personality of Godhead, full in all opulences, yet upon seeing those autumn nights scented with blossoming jasmine flowers, He turned His mind toward loving affairs. To fulfill His purposes He employed His internal potency.    – S.B 10.29.1

On this most sacred and holy evening on the full moon night of the month of Kartik,in the forest of Vrindavan the moon starts rising on th

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During Kartik, in addition to reciting the Damodarastaka, I read about the damodara-lila in Srimad-Bhagavatam, Canto 10, Chapters 9 and 10, including Nalakuvara and Manigriva’s beautiful submission to Lord Krishna, which I pray will be my own:

vani gunanukathane sravanau kathayam
hastau ca karmasu manas tava padayor nah
smrtyam siras tava nivasa-jagat-praname
drstih satam darsane ’stu bhavat-tanunam

“Henceforward, may all our words describe Your pastimes, may our ears engage in aural recepti

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