vinay kumar.N replied to Bhanu Kiran's discussion Sukriti in devotional service
"hare krishna,
the question you asked is quite deep, ill try to help to the best of my knowledge, in sanskrit "su" means good and "kriti" means creation. someone who is highly intelligent and with wisdom and creative in thoughts are called sukriti.…"
Apr 24, 2020
vinay kumar.N replied to Nikita Bharti's discussion Chanting rules for women during menstrual cycle
"hare krshna...
as gita says anything related to krishna is krishna himself... liked iskcon means liking krshna.
my dear sister , everyone likes krishna, if has to like u, love and acccept each and every atomic particle inthis motherly earth.try to…"
May 15, 2019
vinay kumar.N replied to 39vmjbk85mwcy's discussion Why do the Asura's worship Lord Shiva?
"a small correction i texted wrong... the first line.. it is "im not apposing""
May 15, 2019
vinay kumar.N replied to girish sharma's discussion Sadhu-Sanga: Whatsapp Registration
"hare krishna ....
please do add me prabhuji..
name: vinay kumar
mobile no:9740052646
and im from karnataka,India"
May 15, 2019
vinay kumar.N replied to mohit sanjay jankar's discussion Relationship
"hare Krishna prabhuji,
According to me, it is not right to leave away people who have believed in us. if she is not a Krishna devotee, please try to introduce her to this beautiful life.i do know when we try to introduce or say something about…"
May 15, 2019
vinay kumar.N replied to vivek kumar agarwal's discussion hare krishna whatsapp group
"Kindly add my number too
Hare krishna vinay..
Mob: 9740052646"
May 15, 2019
vinay kumar.N replied to narasimha swamy's discussion is rama is god,any veda evidences
"hare krishna ... pramanikam for proving that rama is god!!! oh god... k the only best proof is the badrachalam rama temple... just check it history ..."
May 15, 2019
vinay kumar.N replied to abhilash sharma's discussion how manage material life.....!
"hare krishna prabhu...
ur question is most common with all those students who are interested on spiritual path.even i was one among them till last year ,but i found a solution for it for my self, seriously i tell u.. journey of self discovery is…"
May 15, 2019
vinay kumar.N replied to hare krishna's discussion How To Overcome Depression?
"hare krishna..
to overcome depression there are two ways. one is the bad way and another is the good way, and many opt the bad way in minutes,because it has no constraints,but what people dont know is by opting the bad way they will reach no were…"
May 15, 2019
vinay kumar.N replied to krishna das's discussion Downfall in Krishna Consciousness
"hare krishna.........
prabhuji ur problems seems to the same what i faced.... i feel rather than texting i want speak to you and i wanna try to help u in solving this problem.....remember one thing do not break ur comfort zone and live ur life ,have…"
May 15, 2019
vinay kumar.N replied to abhilash sharma's discussion what is the end if anyone dnt't serve krishna & serve other ?
"hare krishna....
this question question is oftenely asked to me by the non krishna concious people and ive seriously tried to find an answer ,i hope this is the exact one.
see if the god's name taken as krishna ,they say "KRISHNAM VANDE JAGAD GURUM"…"
May 15, 2019
vinay kumar.N replied to Arun Chadda's discussion Digital Karma & Software Piracy
"hare krishna...
this is puzzling my brain prabhu...because, most of us do that .but that happens only in our country i suppose,hopefully im correct!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
since they same its a crime...then its a crime that's all there is no other option to…"
May 15, 2019
vinay kumar.N replied to supreme kumar lenka's discussion Is Salvation (mukti) Possible without a Guru or not ? if not then why ?
"hare krishna....
ur question is quite interesting......a guru is always needed for every may be ur parent,friend etc., anyone but ultimate is krishna that is reason, elders say"KRISHNAM VANDE JAGADGURUM".
guru is the one who show u the…"
May 15, 2019
vinay kumar.N replied to santoshi's discussion Crying while kirtan
"hare krishna.... mataji the answer is quite simple and as clear a mirror. thing is that u r innvolved totally into devotion and u have loads of love towards krishna inside ur heart.this happen with me too ,wen i listen to pravachans and do bajans.…"
May 15, 2019
vinay kumar.N replied to Munish Mittal's discussion why hare krishna movement prefers krishna bhakti as compared to lord ram's? krishna and ram are not same??
"hare krishna....
ur question seriously awesome and it is to be sorted out to everyone.....
first of all the supreme has taken 10 incarnations, they are vamana,narasimha,matsya,kurma,varaha,parashurama,rama,balarama,krishna,kalki and buddha.All these…"
May 15, 2019
vinay kumar.N replied to Prasad Maitra's discussion hello I'm facing problems regarding day 2 day life
"hare krishna......
hey hi!!..look let me explain u the inner core of following all this rishi prokta gnyanam(the knowledge given by maha rishis)according our hindu mythology ,to live a dharmik like i.e., a life with peace and prosparity one has to…"
May 15, 2019