Chanting rules for women during menstrual cycle

Hare Krishna!


I am a beginner into KC....I am very confused about rules regarding chanting during menstruation...Pls clear my doubts regarding-

1. can women chant during periods,

2. should the take bath before chanting,

3. how to purify the beads after the menstrual cycle is over,

4. can we eat prasadam during periods?

5. can we fast for Ekadasi during this time?

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    • thx Mataji kind ,this is one of the many reasons i like Iskcon.

      • hare krshna...

        as gita says anything related to krishna is krishna himself... liked iskcon means liking krshna.

        my dear sister , everyone likes krishna, if has to like u, love and acccept each and every atomic particle inthis motherly earth.try to follow ur dharma. do u know whom does krishna , he likes and loves the people who protect and follow the dharma as he says "dharmo rakshati rakshitha".

    • Hare krishna mataji....thnx a lotttt.... :)

  • Hare krishna nikita mata ji

    yes u can chant holy names ... bath is required just in the morning. .. as per hindu ritual u cant go to temple for 1st three days ... u r not even allowed to touch deity to do their worship, read bhagwatam, bhagwad gita and touch beads till then u r not well properly and after that taken full bath but according to iskcon ritual u can chant on bead during menstrual period and when u r well from all this wash bead bag with water and sprinkle ganga jal on bead .. u cant offer food to them but u can take prasadam

    That is what i know, Please correct me other devotee if I m wrong at anywhere
    • In Bhagawad Gita , Sri Prabhupada had mentioned clearly that the Vedas in general are full of rituals , practices and sacrifices , that are done by lesser intelligent people in order to attain material comforts either in this earthly life or in their afterlife . But the same Vedas contain some valuable knowledge (in the end chapters of each vedas which makes up the upanishads) , which speaks about the soul and the super soul . People who are intelligent enough , follow mostly the upanishads and pays less attention to the rest of the vedas which are full of rituals and practices .

      Its been a couple of months since i have started reading the Gita and currently i'm on page 130 of the recent 2015 english edition . You can find the above statement of Prabhupada , somewhere between page 90 to page 130 .

      Hope i helped . Hare Krishna :)

    • Thnx a lot... Haribol!




    2.only once is nescessary

    4.we shall not offer anything frist three days

  • As far as i know , there are no rules and timings to chant the name of Lord .

    Whether ur lost in a desert or forest , whether u take bath or not , u can always call the name of lord .

    These small things don't matter . The lord sees if ur inner self is pure or not , not the physical body .

    If ur in Greenland or Iceland or in Antartica , would you be able to take bath , that too in a daily basis ?

    Suppose ur travelling , and ur bag is stolen where u placed ur beads . What will you do then ? U'll have to chant Hare Krishna without beads , u don't have to count the number of times u chant , just keep on chanting , whenever ur free.

    • jai sri krishna

      travis troy ji is correct

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