Chanting rules for women during menstrual cycle

Hare Krishna!


I am a beginner into KC....I am very confused about rules regarding chanting during menstruation...Pls clear my doubts regarding-

1. can women chant during periods,

2. should the take bath before chanting,

3. how to purify the beads after the menstrual cycle is over,

4. can we eat prasadam during periods?

5. can we fast for Ekadasi during this time?

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  • During preganancy can we chant maa durga mantra, as am a devotee of her. Daily I used to chant her mantra atleast once, before am pregnant. Can anyone please suggest me.

    Durga Mantra,Durga Mantra for protection
    Maa Durga Mantra when chanted helps in attaining all types of siddhis.Durga Mata Mantra is considered most effective.Durga Maa Mantra when chanted he…
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      Hare Krsna Mataji,


      Yes, you can chant. Not an issue.

      Typically, even normal people do a lot of puja paath when they are pregnant to get good progeny. I hope you are reading Gita everyday. This will be very beneficial for the both of you. You should start by reading Gita everyday - atleast an hour a day, then once you complete, pls proceed to read Srimad Bhagawatam daily. It will be very very beneficial.

      Congrats and best of luck,


      Your servant,

      Radha Rasamayi DD

      • Thank You mam! for the Suggestion , It's very helpful

  • Hare Krishna Mataji 

    Ofcourse we can chant if not on beads then on fingers or in heart .Taking bath is a good practice if possible atleast once a day.Holy water of river Ganges is best to purify anything .As far as my knowledge earlier there were not many means of getting rid of germs like soaps sanitizers etc so women were restricted but now we can enter kitchen if no one to cook we can cook also and yes Prasad always n anytime......but we don't touch deities /enter temple koz we may touch some devotees who observe high grade cleanliness so to avoid that its good that we take rest and don't enter Mandir though Krishna is in our heart and if love is there rest other things are least important .Fasting can be done but we don't touch deities .


  • yes, you can do all these, my authority is my guru, srila sankarshan das adhikari guru maharaja, who gave me this reply to same question, hence no doubt on this., but as you may guess be hygienic.
  • hare krishna....

     and now let me tell u the does and donts when your in menstural cycle, first thing ladies in the time of their periods should never go near god , tulasi, neem tree, they shouldnt enter temples and even in the kitchen room and chanting is also not allowed u should not touch anything for those five days which  are holy and sacred i.e., godly things. especially tulasi if u touch it in this period or without bathing or if u touch it after coming from crimination ground and if someones dead in ur home u should not touch it, it's highly sacred , if do so it will decay itself or it gets dried of.if u see or touch holy and sacred things in the time of period even those things also turn dirty that is "meil".

    yes, always before sitting for chanting u should take bath , because we would gone outside or to the washrooms and all they say na, CLEANLINESS IS NEXT TO GODLINESS. and u should take head bath after five days of ur period  and then go near to god , altar(puja room), and touch mala and all other sacred and holy things.

    yes clean the beads  better dip it tulsi water and start using and ha after the period better change all the bedsheets sofa covers and carpet and door mats put them for washing and then put a washed and clean one , because u might have selpt on those beds and sat on those sofas and stood on those carpets and door mats in that period of five days.

    clean the front door of ur home , i.e, the bottom bar of the door frame in telugu they call GADAPA in hindi they say DEHLIZ , clean it with water and wipe it with a clean cloth and apply turmeric on the both of the bottom ends of the main door and apply kukum to it  by this all the negitivity in ur home goes away and positive vibrations stating coming if didnt understand this GADAPA wala matter check it on youtube.

    NO , dont touch any of the godly things during that periods , try to eating mild food dont use pickles and ha in these days u should not even touch pickles or  else even they get spoilt  according hinu mytho  pickles is the resembles of lakshmi mata,dont eat curd it increases heat much in the time of periods.

    fasting doing all sacred thing like cooking prasadam and all that is an offense, if u do also it is not counted .

     my dear sister , shall i say u y they keep all these rules to ladies while this period because , in this period they will have body pains and frustation will be on peaks , they go angry for no reason especially at the menopause time, so to give rest to them to make them feel comfortable  our elders kept this rule that she should not touch anything in kicthen or at puja room even they avoid travelling to holy places and even other places such that she will relax at home happily for five days , if its minus on oneside plus on otherside because taking rest for five day gets energized and work happily for the rest of the days.


    i hope i haved satisfied ur question, if any queries  ask me ur kindly , vinay

    hare  krishna

  • hare krishna  .....

     before clearing all your doubts let me tell u a story for the cause of menstural cycle.

         once lord indra gets cursed by a sage because of his annoying behaviour and the curse he got was that what he touches and sees let all those  things it may human ,nature or a non living thing it should become filthy and dirty and in hindi they "meil" which means no one can touch it... some thing like untouchability. then tensed and crused victim indra ran to meet bramha vishnu and maheshwara , he said his greif to them and the trimurthys said suggested a soultion,that was to divide his curse to 5 elements in this world , then he divided as they said to those 5 elements and those 5 elements were ladies, river, cows ,trees and sorry i forgot the last one, and like this he divided his curse and gave to u ladies which turned as menstural cycle, to the river due to which excites on every pournima, to cows that is why even they have this menses problem and trees that is the reasons the leaf wither and again regenuate and ha last one is dog (sunakam) even they have this menses .

       so this the reason for ladies undergoing menstural cycle everymonth  mythologically

  • 1. yes

    2. No regulation. Good for better chanting if you do.

    3. beads - tulasi is already pure. She purifies us. No need for anything like that.

    4. Yes, yes, please

    5. yes. during menstruation one should follow - Rajasvala vrata as per scriptures.

  • Hello and Hare Krishna,

    you do not dirty or "contaminate" anything during menstruation. We should all, men and women, just try to be as clean as possible. We should all wash after leaving the restroom. We know more about science and medicine now to know that we are not "impure" during menstruation. You are the same wonderful person before, during , and after. Hari Bol!!

  • Dear Nikita PAMHO!

    Srila Prabhupada has allowed reading all his books Bhagavad Gita, Srimad Bhagavatam, as it is Nastaprayesuabhadresu nityam bhagavat sevaya. So, we have to serve the Lord 24*7 365dAY So, please Sravan and Kirtan. Read Chant Do kirtan. Only don't contaminate deity's worship paraphernalia. Wash the beads in running water if no ganges or yamuna jal. Change the bead bag(washed clean)

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