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hare krishna


why do people commit suicides

my ex colleague swati gupta dey daniel was in her cocoon for four years after her split with her husband and refused to pick up phone calls of common friends. yesterday in red she wrote on her FB wall I

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Parikrama with Pet

Hare Krishna Prabhu ji's and Mata ji's


Last year me and my family had a 2 days visit to Vrindavan Dham, we were not able to explore every thing.. but we had a parikrama of Goverdhan hill... we left our pet dog in pets hostel in noida for two days

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Who is God ?

Pamho, HK,

1.  How to answer the question fully to a person who says man was made in the image of God ?

2.  How to answer a person who takes a pose of Krishna ?

I already know 2 points:

1.  Krishna lifted Govardhana Hill on His smallest finger.  No human

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