Panchsakha and Mahaprabhu

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There's this Granth called Bhavishya Malika in odia language written by Panchsakhas(Balarama Das, Jagannatha Das, Achyutananda Das, Yasobanta Das and Sisu Ananta Das) and it's said they were initiated by Chaitanya Mahaprabhu when he visited Puri for the First time. Does anyone know something about it? I have not read Chaitanya Charitramrit so I don't know much about it.

Hare Krishna

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  • Hare Krishna,

    I don't know about these. It is a off shoot branch of gaudiya vaishnavites. Though they were intiated by Chaitanaya Mahaprabhu they maintained their own philsophies so they are much mentioned in Chaitnya Charitamrita as far as I know I didn't come across this sect in CC.

    Excerpt from the following link below. pls check--

    'All of the Panchasakha poets were Sri Chaitanya’s contemporaries and were initiated by him. Nonetheless, the Panchasakha maintained their distinctiveness by adhering to the concept of void and associating it with Lord Krishna, rather than blindly following Chaitanya faith. According to some scholars, while the Panchasakha outwardly professed the Chaitanya cult, they were actually practising Mahayana Buddhism.” Chittaranjan Das asserts that the Panchasakha were simultaneously Buddhists, Vaishnavas, and Tantriks. Panchasakha, as a religious movement, emphasised the concept of void inner purity, mantra, tantra, and yoga, rather than adhering to formalities. As social reformers, the Panchasakha sought to dismantle “the hegemony of social bigots” and elevate “the lower strata of society through cultural innovations.” They gathered disciples from all castes and formed associations with several lower castes, attempting to uplift them."

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    Sri Chaitanya faith in Odisha
    • Hare Krishna

      How come someone initiated by Chaitanya Mahaprahu follows the principle of voidism?

      I just wanted to know what is there in CC about them.

      Hare Krishna


      • Hare Krishna prabhu ji,

        I  read Chaitanaya Charitamrita , Chaitnaaya Bhagwatam, Nityananda Charitamrita. No mention of Panchashaka. I didn't find. maybe I missed. If you find can you quote.


        • Hare Krishna

          Mataji I haven't read CC yet.

          And I don't even know what is Chaitnaaya Bhagwatam and Nityananda Charitamrita. Can you please tell me about these? I've heard about Chaitnaaya Bhagwatam but thought it to be the same as CC. You had mentioned that panchsakhas were initiated by Mahaprabhu so I wonder how they can follow voidism? Anyway just let it to be as it is.

          Hare Krishna


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