What after Kaliyuga?

Hare Krishna to all.

I had a question. After the current age, Kaliyuga is over, will there be partial destruction of the universe, which is this earth, or the destruction of the total material creation?. Please guide. 🙏

Your Servant,

Avinash G.

Jai Shri Krishna

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  • Hare Krishna,

    One thousand cycles of four ages constitute a single day of Brahmā, known as a kalpa. In that period, O King, fourteen Manus come and go. ( SB 12.4.1)

     After one day of Brahmā, annihilation occurs during his night, which is of the same duration. At that time all the three planetary systems are subject to destruction. ( SB 12.4.2)

    This is called the naimittika, or occasional, annihilation, during which the original creator, Lord Nārāyaṇa, lies down upon the bed of Ananta Śeṣa and absorbs the entire universe within Himself while Lord Brahmā sleeps. (SB 12. 4.3)

     We are currently in the 28th Kali yuga of the first day of the 51st year  in the reign of the 7th (Vaivasvata) Manu. 

    For total anhiliation to occur it take to complete all the 14 manu's time period.

    When Brahmā’s life span of one hundred years is finished, there occurs the prākṛtika, or total material, annihilation. ( SB 12. .

    only we r in 28th kaliyuga. 

    the four kinds of annihilation (constant, occasional, material and final)  SB 12.4

    now and then  some natural disasters they all constitue the constant annihiliation. somewhere in the some part of the world some destruction is going on.

    ocaasionally some big pandemics are occuring destroying some human life.

    Material annihiliation happens at after 100th yr completion of Brahma's life. totally material creation except the Vaikunta planets and the goloka. everything below brahma loka is destroyed. 14 planetary systems are destroyed.

    final destruction is when even the brahma loka is also destroyed along with all loss of material created worlds also.

    So long way to go not yet going to be total destuction.

    Kalki will come at the end of Kaliyuga,  kill the wicked re-stablish fallen Dharma and start the golden age of Satyuga.

    Hare Krishna

    • Hare Krishna Mataji.



      Thank you so much for your exhaustive answer to my query. I was wrong in saying that 40% of manvantar is over but actually it is 50% since we're in the 7th manu. Your reply has totally dispelled the darkness of my doubt regarding annihilation. Yes, it is a relief to know that we're still far far away from total material destruction but we better go back home, back to Godhead in this very life itself.

      Your Servant,

      Avinash G.

      Jai Shree Krishna.

  • time and timme again people go on about kalki at the end and then purport to believe in chaitanya mahaprabhu. No clue at all. There will be no kalki at end.

    • What do you mean by there would be no Kalki in the end? Could you please explain punkech ji. 

      • Exactly Prabhuji. There will certainly be Kalki avatar of the Lord at the end of kaliyuga to annihilate the demons and protect and reclaim the devotees.

  • AFAIK, neither the earth, nor the universe are going to be destroyed at the end of kali yuga.

    At the end of kali, Vishnu will reincarnate in the form of Kalki avatar, ride a white horse with a sword in hand and annihilate all sorts of wicked, sinful people, in order to free the earth from all sorts of impurity.

    But the type of destruction you spoke about in your  original post (like the entire destruction of the universe) happens after the end of Lord Brahma's daytime (one kalpa) and also such large scale destruction happens after the death of each Lord Brahma. 

    ... There is also another type of minor, small scale destruction that occurs after each Manvantara (after each ruling period of Manu). There are 14 manvantaras or ruling periods of Manu in each kalpa of Brahma. And after every Manvantara a small scale destruction (flood) occurs, like the one mentioned in Bible's first chapter - The book of Genesis or the one mentioned in Matsya Purana. During such a flood, all creatures drowns and dies in the flood, except a select few men, beasts and birds who are needed to repopulate the earth for the next Manvantara.

    Hope i helped :)

    • Hare Krishna Prabhuji,

      Yes your answer was very enlightening thanks. So I have also read as you mentioned that at the end of each manvantar and currently only 40% of that manvantar is over. So still lot of time even for small-scale destruction or pralaya. Also, I wanted to know at the start of your reply you've written AFAIK. What does AFAIK mean?

      Your Servant,

      Avinash G.

      Jai Shree Krishna

      • As Far As i Know (AFAIK)


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