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I don't know if my doubt is correct, but my question is in the Ramayana, Lord Sri Rama hunts for a deer as per the wish by Goddess Sita Devi. But it is wrong by human nature to kill any animal, know? Sorry if my question is wrong. Please try to correct and answer me.

Thank you

Hare Krishna

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  • Sevak

    Hare Krsna 

    Lord Sri Rama hunts for a deer as per the wish by Goddess Sita Devi

    Sita devi did not want Lord Rama to hunt the deer, She wanted the deer to be captured and have it as her pet. Lord Sri Rama realized that the deer is demon and hence decided to kill the deer. 

    But it is wrong by human nature to kill any animal, know ?

    Yes, it is wrong for a human being to kill animal unnecessarily. 

    It is not wrong for Lord Rama to hunt animal in wild because 

    1. Kshatriyas are allowed to hunt wild animals (not domestic or pet animals) because hunting as an activity is dangerous and it keeps the abilities of Kshatriyas sharp. Kshatriyas are supposed to protect the citizens and dharma, so they should be prepared for war anytime. But war is not there all the time. So they are required to practice and keep their skills, reflexes etc sharp even when there is no war. This is common in modern defence also. Every air force pilot is required to have a minimum number of flying hours in a year. Navy ships regularly conduct naval fleet exercises using war ships. This flying of fighter aircrafts for practice and running of naval exercises when there is no war costs a lot to every country every year, but it is done because the forces and defence personnel need to be prepared all the time. If defence personnel are not well prepared then it puts whole country at risk. Similarly in olden days Kshatriyas were allowed to hunt not for entertainment or food. Hunting is very intense activity it involves speed, concentration, use of weapons, escaping danger, life risk etc. All these are required even in war and to protect citizens and dharma. So Kshatriyas were allowed hunting of wild animals for this purpose. 

    2. Lord Sri Rama realized that deer is demon. Being Kshatriya it is His duty to kill demons and protect innocent creatures from harm. So Lord Sri Rama was not hunting any animal, He was killing a demon which His duty as Kshatriya. 

    Hare Krsna

    • Thank you prabhuji.

      Hare Krishna.

  • Hare Krishna,

    Firstly, It is a leela of God and all events are calculated and done as per Lord's plan which will lead finally to the death of Ravana. This is a purely caluculated leela. It appears to us like it is like some ordinary wish of Mata Sita like seeing a golden deer getting attracted to its color, desiring it. But is not so. The birth of Mata Sita happened for a reason. She becomes the cause of Ravana's death. and its a leela. She is not simply asking like any other female.

    Secondly, This deer was Maricha a demon he disguised to take this beautiful unusal looking deer just on the request of Ravana. Laxmana came to know at the very instant seeing the deer itself ..he informs Lord Rama " oh brother this is not looking like some ordinary deer." It could be demon Maricha, the one who is expert in changing forms.

    Do you think Lord Rama didn't know the disguise. He also said ya it looks very unusal. I have not seen such a beautiful deer in mrityu loka ( on Earth) .. Lord Rama said it could be from Indra loka or from the galaxy ( constellation) Orion belt stars coming down to Earth. 

    Sita devi, who is Self- satisfied and always absorbed in the love of Lord Rama who desires nothing else then Lord Rama's company was asking such a futile thing it is not usual for a woman of such great status. Lord Rama understood her wish. She asked oh Lord please get the deer hook or crook if  you get it alive we can take it back to our palace when we complete our 14 yrs vanvaas, and it would be a great delight for everyone ( mother in laws and ur brother bharata also to watch). If in case you kill it also I can use its skin for making a seating placing darbha grass over it on our throne.  Lord Rama understood her internal wish. 

    Lord Rama spoke to Laxmana , oh brother Laxmana I too doubt that it could be maayavi Maricha the son of tataka who takes various forms to delude the kings who come to forest for hunting and who creates troubles for sages when they sit to do yagna. But as per wish of Soumitri I shall capture it for her or kill it for the skin.. or anycase if the deer is demon Maricha then only his death is today in my hands. Let me go for it. Safegaurd Sita.!

    but the Maricha when was shot by Rama changed to his original form and also before dying mimicked the tone of Lord Rama and decieved Sita and Laxmana (  Demon shouted "oh sita.. Oh laxmana save me pls. come here). 

    Laxmana knew this was going to happen and also knew that this is not real Lord Rama and he had complete faith in Lord Rama so he assured mata Sita to keep calm. But Sita devi out of love for Rama she requested Laxmana to go and help Lord Rama. At that time Ravana disguised as a sage and came to beg alms. kidnapped Sita devi.

    It is all planned leela. 

    More information:-

    Lord Rama when was 16 yr old boy he was brought to slay demon Takata and her sons' Maricha and Subhahu by Vishwamitra to the forest along with Lord Laxmana.  At that time Tataka was killed and Subhahu was also killed but Maricha escaped because of his sorcerous tricks ( supernatural tricks) at that time itself. Vishwamitra told the brothers Rama and Laxmana about this Maricha and his tricks and to be aware of him as he can take any form. Laxmana immediately came to know seeing that unusal golden deer. It was so unusal that its horns were like saphhires and its body with not like normal deer. It was some trick. and Lord Rama also knew it. Sita innocently asked it but she is Supreme Lord's consort she also knew and this is a leela which will in future lead to the death and destruction of Ravana.

    Lord Rama is Kshetriya and duty of Kshetriya is to kill creatures who are causing trouble to citizens of the country and sages who were doing yagna. Thus it was rightful duty of a king to kill such hideous creatures and protect general public.

    the thing is here the deer was hideous and was a demon in disguise.

    http://www.valmikiramayan.net/aranya/sarga43/aranyaitrans43.htm  ( Reference sake)

    Hare Krishna.

    Valmiki Ramayana - Aranya Kanda
    • thank you Mataji for a detailed explanation.

      Hare Krishna.

  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna Mataji,


    In the earlier times, the society was divided as per varnashram. Rama was born to a king - He was a kshatriya. Kshatriyas are the warrior class - they have to defend themselves and their country in times of need. So to practise, they are allowed hunting. 


    Your servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD

    • Okay. Got it. Thank you, Mataji.

      Hare Krishna

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