Taking care of Tulasi plant

Hare Krishna!

I just planted tulasi Maharani and wanted to know how to take care of her. A few questions I had were-

Should I keep her indoors or outdoors

How much should I water her everyday and how many times

How to make my Tulasi Maharani very bushy(right now she's just a baby)

On what days am I not to pluck her leaves and should I water her on those days

Does it hurt her when we pluck her leaves? if yes, then in what way should I pluck her leaves

Am I supposed to eat the Tulasi manjari offered to the lotus feet of Shri Krishna if yes, then should I swallow her, chew her or have her like a tablet (along with water) Since it's kind of hard to have the whole Tulsi manjari

Is Tulsi Maharani the same as Radha Rani or is she an expansion of Radha Rani

Any other points you have on how to render service to Tulasi Maharani


I would be really grateful if you can answer my query for I really want to make my Tulasi maharani happy and it's only possible from your mercy

Hare Krishna

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    Hare Krishna Pranavi Mata ji,


    pls. check this weblink. This has ultimate guide to care tulsi maharani.

    If you still have doubts after reading everything in this. Then I shall be more then happy to help you with your questions.

    Hare Krishna


    The Tulasi Devi Handbook
    Guidelines and Instructions on the Importance, Care and Worship of the Tulasi Tree
    • Hare Krishna Mataji 

      OH MY GOD! Thank you so much Gayatri Mataji! this is all I could ever wish for! I'm pretty sure that along with your mercy and this handbook, My Tulasi Maharani will be so happy from me! I really can't thank you enough!

      Hare Krishna

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