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Negetive thoughts

Hare krishna. i was very depressed and sad then i start chanting hare krishna japa i am doin one round i am very clam and relex but lots of negetive thoughts coming in my mind which is make me very guilt can anyone tell how i can rid of these

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my mental illness

i have been chanting 16 rounds for two years.Everything was going nice.i was gradually progressing.But 1 month before i got a mental illness called panic anxiety attack.So i am disturbed. Please guide me. how to deal with this problem.Can a devotee h

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Dinosaurs and aliens

hare krishna and happy balrama purnima !!

in my opinion - dinosauras must be pre-pralaya times but there is no single word about dinosaur or that like big animal description in our scriptures but as there are 84 lakh types how one can write all names

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