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Material Life

Hare Krishna!

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What is the exact defination of " material Life"? How can we diffentiate between spiritual and materialistic life? Husband-wife relation comes in which category?


With humble regards

Deepa Ahuja



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Please advice

Hare Krishna!Please accept my most humble obeisances,All Glories to Shree guru and GaurangaI had a postpaid simcard on my name which I gave it to one of my devotee friend. After some days he went to his home town for 3 months. Before going to home he

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Rat menace

Rats are creating menace in house.

Either I kill rat or using rat catcher. The problem with rat catcher is that I will leave it at some place where the rat will again annoy someone else. At least I want them outside my house. What is best for a practi

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