How to control the Subtle Body ?

We all know , by the mercy of Sril Prabhupada , that We are all currently covered by two types of Material Bodies - Gross Body and Subtle Body . Now the challenge is to control both the bodies and serve Hare Krishna i.e. which is without these material coverings our very own spiritual nature and constitutional position .Now what my experiance says is that its easy to conrol gross body then the subtle one . Because actually I don't know what are these Mind , Intelligence and False Ego ? What are their functions ? How they work ? Are they personified or are unconscious ? How I am different from all these ? Is it all simple or complex things ? Where is their location within the body ? Subtle or सूक्ष्म means what - are these three very small or formless ? How I am covered by these ? How may I can control or get rid of these Mind , Intelligence and False Ego ? Are they inter dependent on each other ?I want detailed , undoubtedly clear pure knowledge over this issue .Please don't provide any link to other pages . Please just reply here only .Thanks ,Hare Krishna .

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  • °Correction with some addition -

    Earth - Smell + Taste + Form + Touch + Sound ( subject of all five senses - Nose , Tounge , Eyes , Skin and Ears )

    Water - Taste + Form + Touch + Sound ( not a subject of nose )

    Fire - Form + Touch + Sound ( not a subject of Nose and Tounge )

    Air - Touch + Sound ( not a subject of Nose , Tounge and Eyes )

    Ether - Only Sound ( not a subject of Nose , Tounge , Eyes and Skin i.e. Only the subject of Ears ! )

    Mind - Thinking + Willing + Feeling

    Intelligence - Yes or No

    False Ego - covers True Ego or in other words absense of True Ego .

    So all in all False ego is the base of material existance and It is nothing but ignorance or forgetfulness of the True Ego : I am part and parcel of Krishna and my nature is to causelessly serve Krishna with love .

    Is it Ok ? Anything missing ?
  • Thank you very much Rshmi Mataji .

    You gave the exact answer I was seeking . Plus adding Aashish Prabhu's reply to your reply make the topic crystal clear .

    So this is the case Earth >> Water >> Fire >> Air >> Ether >> Mind >> Intelligence >> False Ego >> I (soul) >> Super Soul ( Krishna )

    So as soon as I turn myself towards Krishna , False Ego will disappear and the chariot will go nicely as required . Yes ! Thanks !

    Let I go and chant i.e. Contact or connect myself to Krishna . thanks .

    Let Krishna shower His causeless mercy unto you !

    Thanks a lot .

    Hare Krishna .
  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


    The body is made of 5 gross elements - earth, water, fire, air & ether. The subtle body is made of mind, intelligence and false ego. If you notice, we always say all the elements in the same order. There is a reason for this - earth is the grossest of all the elements, it has form, you can see, touch, smell it. Water has one element less - it takes the shape of the vessel in which it is kept, fire is still one element less, you can see it, not put it in a container, air is still one element less, you can feel, not see it, ether is still one element less, it has only sound. So you see, each of the elements are gradually getting more and more subtle. Then we come to mind, intelligence and false ego. Mind is one element more subtle than ether also, intelligence is even more subtle and ego is the most subtle. So you can understand how subtle the subtle body is and what the meaning of subtle is. It doesnt mean small - it is the opposite of gross.

    Like you rightly said, its easier to control the gross body than the subtle body. Because it is so subtle. To understand more, you should read the Bhagavad Gita As It Is - it is mentioned in detail. Mind is also called the sixth sense - it is superior to and should control the senses. In other words, if we want to control our senses, we have to control the mind. To control the mind, we have to use our intelligence. We have to convert the false ego into real ego. False EGO is I AM. Real ego is I am part and parcel of God, the eternal servant of God. Once this ego is there, the intelligence accepts it, automatically the mind is controlled and the senses are controlled. It is definitely not as easy as it sounds.

    Therefore, in bhakti yoga, we dovetail our senses to serve the lord. That way, they are easily controlled. We use our mind and intelligence to associate with devotees, read scriptures and hear lectures, eat only Krsna prasadam. That way our true ego is manifested, putting down the false ego.

    I am sorry my answer is becoming too long. I hope I am able to explain myself.


    Your servant,



  • Thanks Aashish Prabhu ji .

    I will chat with you over this reply later .

    Thanks for giving such a heart piercing , mind blowing answer . I will always keep this pic in mind . But stilll , I dont found myself as much lucky or deserver as Arjun prabhu for whom Krishna become the Paarth Saarthi .

    Anyhow even if I progress or elevate myself in Krishna Consciousness , I am unable to maintain a steady position and fall down to the same Marshes दलदल of Darkness from where I started .
  • Hare Krishna Prabhu, AGTSP

    2540278633?profile=originalLook at the Picture here,

    The Individual (Atma) is the Passenger, The Material Body is the Car (Rath), and Intelligence (Budhi) is the Driver (Saarthi). Mind (Man) is the Driving Instrument (Lagaam), and the 5 Sense Organs (Eye, Ear, Tongue, Nose & Skin) are the horses.

    Currently, we are in reverse scenario, Our Senses is controlling Man & Budhi.

    So dont try to control anything, Just try to Love & Serve Krishna.

    If a person is sick Can he leave his Sickness ?

    If a person is Illiterate Can he leave his Illiteracy ?

    If a person is Poor can he leave his Poverty ??

    No.. Than what is the solution ??

    Add Medicine, Sickness will go off.

    Add Knowledge, Illiteracy will go off
    Add Wealth, Poverty will go off.

    The Word Yoga comes from Seed Word ‘Yuj’ which mean to Add.

    So, Bhakti Yogis Add Krishna to their life and when they taste Krishna Bhakti Other things seems tasteless.

    I hope I can answer you and forgive if i have used any offensive words.

    Hari Bol !!

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