My home caught fire

Hare Krishna. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

For the first time in a long time, I feel I don't have mind peace. I live in Valparaíso Chile, and in April of this year there was a giant fire in the city, where 5000 houses were burn, among them was mine. It was a horrible experience. This was the first time I stopped chanting for some days, because every thing we had to do. I've have been chanting for 7 or 8 years.

I'm not mad at Krishna in anyway, I know it's just the material energy working as it's supposed to do. But besides I can feel that way, my family doesn't, and that's why I am so troubled. In my house my dad also had his work source, a not so small serigraphy studio. So in one day my family had no money and nowhere to sleep. Plus, we rescue 2 of our cats, but I lost my beloved one in the fire.

It is very difficult see my family like this, I do all I can but the money I make from my work is not enough. This problem has me overthinking, my rounds are not the same, I can't really focus. I feel like I would do anything for not thinking in that horrible day, but I can't.

I wish you could give me some advice. If someone passed through something similar, please let me know what you did. Any kind words will help.

Thank you. Bolo Hari.

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  • Hare Krishna Karan

    Since you are the "new kid on the block" I will not make any further comments on this matter.

    • Guys, there is no need to fight. I understand the words of you two. 

      Maybe I will never forget this incident, but with time it could get less painful.

      Thanks you guys for your interest.

      Hare krishna :)

  • Karan. Please be careful what you write here. This poor man lost his very beloved cat in a horrible fire. For you to say that he will very soon forget this situation is simply not true. He has suffered very greatly and he will never forget this experience as long as he lives.

  • You should think of the Lord through smaranam even if u r not able to chant. I can relate with you very much. Similar incidents have occurred in my life too. My article of Good People Bad things may be useful.Click on the link below for my blogs.

    Read More..

    • Thank you very much Sairajesh.

      Hare Krishna!!! :)

  • Hare Krishna. Thanks S. Balaji, Rashmi Khaitan, Bhuwan Dutt Bawari, and Krishna dasi for your words.

    It is true what you all say, as this material world is temporary, problems are also temporary, and we have the luck to have the holy names to refuge. I will never stop chanting. I will only pray for my family to be ok. 

    The only material problem now is money, no one is harm or sick. And I hope it will resolve soon.

    Several local devotees had helped me out with clothes, prasadam, service, and money, and I will be eternally grateful with them for doing it.

    Hari bolo

    • Hare Krishna 

      My dear Cristian,

      I just pray to the Lord that your family and you get over from the problems soon and the Krishna ji gives you enough strength to face the difficulties.

      Hare Krishna

      • Thank you so much Krishna dasi.

        Hari bolo!!!

    • Dear Cristian

      So sorry to hear about that horrible fire. I am sorry to hear that you lost both your home and your beloved cat in the fire. I am glad to hear that local devotees are giving you some help. I pray that you will be able to get some financial help too.

      • Thank you Pandora :)

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