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Hare Krishna

I do not have Japa beads. When I chant mahamantra 108 times I use my fingers to count. I notice when counting on the fingers, my mind sometimes start counting off like "40 more to go" , "15 more to go".

This mental activitiy is not there w

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Symptoms while chanting

When i chant i feel sudden palpitation irregular heart beat deep breathing and anxiety symptoms that lasts long please tell me why i am feeling these anxiety symptoms also i feel sweet ecstatic taste while chanting like eating a ripe mango sweet feel

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Will it be ok to chant Shriram jay ram jay jay ram instead of Hare Krishna mantra. Does it make any difference? As a Shriram devotee I m more inclined toward him. Although I know Krishna and ram are the same but do different mantra of supreme persona

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