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Japa (108)

Symptoms while chanting

When i chant i feel sudden palpitation irregular heart beat deep breathing and anxiety symptoms that lasts long please tell me why i am feeling these anxiety symptoms also i feel sweet ecstatic taste while chanting like eating a ripe mango sweet feel

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Will it be ok to chant Shriram jay ram jay jay ram instead of Hare Krishna mantra. Does it make any difference? As a Shriram devotee I m more inclined toward him. Although I know Krishna and ram are the same but do different mantra of supreme persona

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shall i continue chant?

i used to recite hare krishna maha mantra 4 to 6 rounds everyday. recently my grandma expired a couple of weeks ago. shall i keep mourning her death for certain months or shall i continue with my chant? Pls advice.

devotee of hare krishna

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What I know is we should start by Srila Prabhupad pranam mantra. Then Panch Tattva Mahamantra
Then we should do 16 rounds of Hare Krishna Mahamantra. Would you please tell me how to end it ?
Any prayer at the end ?

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