• Absolutely. The primary aspect you should focus on is to mediate on every syllable.
    • Just hear every syllable, meditate sincerely and cry as if begging to Lordships to reveal you a direction to go deeper in bhakti. The most merciful holy names will mercifully direct you to deeper understanding of this tattva. Hari Nama Eva Kevalam.
      You can also use mridanga shaped beads to get 1000 times benefit of just chanting 1 round. Also, you can sprinke a bit of soil near tulsi plant on your forehead to get further 1000 times benefit. This will really help you advance quickly.
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  • The only important consideration in this matter of harinam chanting is to avoid the10 offenses. Other things even if there are discrepancies, the holy name will forgive.

    Nowadays I see devotees using electronic counter for chanting. Although this is not vedic way still at emergency times using it is no harm.but regularly we must use neem beeds, and those qualified /initiated use tulsi beads. The counting is done to know wheather we are chanting more or less, are we advancing or not. Actually just 1 name of krsna is sufficient to give us everything.

    Jayati jayati namananda rupam murarer,
    Viramita Nija dharma dhyana pujadi yatnam,
    Katham api sakrdattam muktidam praninam yat,
    Paramamrtam ekam jivanam bhusanam me.
    - namastaka

    Rupa goswami says even if one utters one krsna name, he will become liberated at once , all his sins and karma past present and future will be finished. This name is namabhas , semblance of pure name.
    This is like the first ray of pure name. Pure name gives love of God. But namabhas gives liberation and it appears in the stage of ruci. Before this one is only comiting offenses so the all powerful name withholds His mercy.
    When the holy name sees our nista , we are chanting so long regularly, seeing our loyalty towards chanting he agrees to appear on our tongue.

    Athah Sri krsna namadi na bhavet grahyam indriyai,
    Sevonmukhe hi jihvadau svayam Eva spuratyada.

    When the name itself will descend on our tongue by His own will that will be Suddha nam, (Kali kale nama rupe krsna avatar)

    We chant so many times for the pleasure of the name. It is the service of the name. Offenses is disservice to the name, so it is displeasing to him. So focus on avoiding it.

    And with respect to counting, it is recommended by mahaprabhu

    Hare krsnetevam ganana vidhina kirtaya bhoh,
    iti prayam siksam carana madhupebhya paridisan.
    - saci sunvastakam

    Mahaprabhu considering the gaudiyas as His own, advised them to chant krsna name with count.
    Of course I've told more than what you have asked, please forgive me for that,
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