Japa question

Hare Krishna

I do not have Japa beads. When I chant mahamantra 108 times I use my fingers to count. I notice when counting on the fingers, my mind sometimes start counting off like "40 more to go" , "15 more to go".

This mental activitiy is not there when I just chant without counting or intention for 108 times. Then I feel I just chant out of Love and no thoughts come to say oh so many to go,... 

So what is the benefit of counting 108 times? For me it only seem to distract me.

Also I think the distraction will be less with beads.. how/where to receive japa beads?

Lots of Love

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  • Thankyou for Your high mind &
    Sincear feed bak buddy.
    Priests' with the admitted ambition s to be a (brake-out) evangelist of the (4-regs & Bhakti dassa-karmaYoga chant in such numbered & counted fashion ('That'sTrue") & that's What (HDG) Was Creating* when He arrived at these Shores.- Instrutor-Guru-s types The Good news is' befor He left the body He himself decleared himself-Satisfied with the Successful # He had accomplished." Or. . So I have heard ?
    All glory allGlouy
    Every Victory
    Sri Sri Sumpadia* yeah
    As far as Chanting the perpettuelly Transendentlel- i.e.-
    Redemption Chant ; * )
    That will never become 'A rong way'
    My there #'s rise,- to count , but your point is valued & valid. KeyJi*
    It's just that the point of authenticity that reflects your heart's State more accoritly is the truer spiret of Yoga. Point taken" however, as the fragrance of flowers permeates "all the skies in a parradice-like-envermemt, So the SuerMost fields of faith buildingSuportive presence of the strengths & "That-Chonchusness of KRISHNA'S. awareness of Krishna & Hi's cannections with us are "Like unTo a Creeper-Vine we' must, fabricate-engineer & design Ourselves we the bhakti is it's creator & maintainer God's not going follow us we must by the works of our mind's sinses & all elseWe- all, at times_ turn to Him. Holy names are dinamic so be careful be nice & be chanting! Peace got tahGo_
  • Hare Krishna,

    I am glad you could get a japa beads for chanting.

    But I just warn you that there are certain rules of chanting on Tulasi mala.

    you must practice Strict Vegetarianism ( without egg , onion and galric) 

    you must not to do any illicit affairs 

    you must not gamble and to unrighteous deeds.

    you must not drink intoxicants and have drugs.

    And there are rules more like keeping the mala in bead bag. Never touching it after you use washroom.

    Keeping it near the altar and carrying it always while chanting above the naval. and never touching the beads with ur index finger.

    I hope you know the rules.

    Tulasi is considered most auspicious and holy.

    For just counting and chanting and maintaining a count a counter or ordinary rosary beads also can work.

    But if you seriously want to chant on Tulasi mala then you must do it in a proper way.


    please watch this video.

    All the best!!!

    • Hare Krishna

      Dear Prabhu where did you find this information?

      I came acros this post on the forum https://iskcondesiretree.com/forum/topics/tulsi-mala-questions

      Krsnanagar Dasa said the following:

      "Who Can Wear Tulasi Neckbeads?

      The following authoritative quotes should put to rest all rumors, taboos and speculations regardingthis question. Bhagavan Sri Krishna Himself states that ANYONE CAN WEAR TULASI kanthi mala. There are no restrictions! The wearing of tulasi neckbeads, (tulasi kanthi mala) simply depends on one’s personal sense of allegiance to his beliefs, duty, or simply as a matter of inspiration if he/she wants to do so. Srila Sanatana Goswamipada calls this a taste or attraction to wear them, (yatha ruchi) HBV: 4.308.

      In Vishnu Dharmottara, Bhagavan Sri Krishna says, “Without a doubt, ANYONE who wears tulasi neckbeads, even if he/she is unclean or of bad character, will surely attain Me.” (ashauco anacharo mam eva iti na samshaya) HBV: 4.322.

      The following quote from a book titled, Associates of Sri Chaitanya, says that Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura gave tulasi neckbeads to a Calcutta industrialist who had neither diksha nor the most exemplary behavior: “Mr. S.K. Ghosh who often visited Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura at his residence called “Bhakti Bhavana.” Under the direction of Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura, Mr. Ghosh started wearing a tulasi mala around his neck, although he was not able to accept the principles of Vaishnava behavior in their entirety.”In addition, an Iskcon publication titled “Vaisnava Etiquette”, quoting Hari-bhakti Vilasa states: “The Padma Purana states regardless of whether one is an impure or pure state, ONE SHOULD ALWAYS WEAR TULASI MALA. And one should never take it off even when bathing, eating or passing stool and urine.” In other words, tulasi beads are always pure and purify anyone who contacts them."

      This is not in alignment with what you state. Though I do feel like not wearing the tulasi when going to the bathroom. I believe this is the taste or attraction Srila Sanatana Goswamipada speaks of.

      Tulsi mala questions
      1) Which rules should be followed to wear tulsi mala for a person who is not associated with  iskcon still he wants to wear it? 2) should tulsi mala…
      • E-Counselor

        Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


        To wear kanthi mala, tulsi beads on neck, the condition is - after wearing tulsi neck bead, none of the forbidden food should pass through the neck, be it non veg, alcohol, onion garlic.

        One round can be worn by anyone provided condition mentioned above is followed. 2 rounds are worn by more serious devotees. 3 rounds by sheltered and initiated devotees.

        What texts you have quoted simply says once worn, they have to be kept on at all times, whether one goes to loo, whether one is in unclean state of mind or body (for women esp). It does not mean that one can wear without following the regulations.

        Significance of wearing tulsi neck beads - it means that at the end of life, yamadutas cannot take away that soul, Vishnu Dutas will take away that soul. That is the reason it is important to keep wearing it at all times. No one knows when life will end, therefore, it is better to wear it at all times.

        Second significance of wearing tulsi neck beads is - this signifies that we have a master. Like a dog with a dog collar, even if the master is not immediately visible, anyone who sees a dog with a dog collar will know that this is not a street dog, this dog has a master. Same way, by accepting tulsi neck beads, we are accepting that we are servants of the Supreme Lord. Like the material world,  this designation of being servant of Supreme Lord comes with a responsibility, to follow the 4 regulative principles and have faith in the lord.

        I hope I have been able to explain.

        PLease ask if there are further queries.


        Your servant,

        Radha Rasamayi DD

      • Hare Krishna,

        This question is about Japa beads. I think even Neck beads there is some rules.

        One line everyone can wear.  2 lines neck beads can be worn by those who took Harinaam Diksha and  3 lines worn by only initiated devotees.

        I think Radha mata ji would better explain this more in detail.

        And moreover Tulasi in hand and in neck must remind you always of the things which  you are gulping down your throat and stop you from doing bad activities. If not the purpose is not served.

        See the purpose of wearing Tulasi is to have purified thoughts and actions. If you are doing chanting and as well as eating non veg what is the use of such chanting..???  it is not  perfect method of chanting... 

        Though you get partial benefits of taking nama but it is not pure nama.

        Ya, I know all cannot stop all the things immediately  as mentioned but one can try to cut down some bad habits atleast.

        One should not eat non veg....,gamble, take drugs intoxicants and illicit sex is not advised.  these are minumum rules one has to try to follow.  You may take time to leave but I would preferably not touch Tulasi without stopping these things. 

        For more details I would request senior devotee Radha mata ji to explain more about it.

        As far as I know..

        7) To commit sinful activities on the strength of the holy name Is an offence < This is one of the offenses to the Holy Name.


        You cannot do sinful activities along side take Holy name also thinking its strength will purify you.

        You need to stop sinful activities and start taking holy name in real repentance to the sins committed.

        Hare Krishna.

        The Ten Offenses to the Holy Name
        Song Name: The Ten Offenses to the Holy Name Official Name: The Ten Offenses to the Holy Name Author: Vyasadeva Book Name: Padma Purana (Section: Bra…
  • Haha amazing! I did not have to wait for Belgium, my girlfriend visited me and gifted her mala chanting beads! She said they want to be with me :) Hare Krishna!!
    • E-Counselor

      Krsna's ways are indeed mysterious. It was your sincere desire that Krsna fulfilled through your girl friend.

      Hari Haribol.

  • Hare Krishna Prabhuji

    Thank you for the suggestion, I did not know they could be found in temples. I am currently in Sal, Cabo Verde for my internship for 3 months. Here is no Krishna temple. I will go as soon as possible when I return to Belgium.

  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


    It would be advisable to visit your nearest temple at the earliest and get one chanting beads, japa mala bag as soon as possible.

    Else, if you have a church nearby and you can get a set of rosaries, just count that the number of beads is 108 and get started.

    Until then, you can chant on excel. I am sure you have access to computer. Open excel sheet. Chant mahamantra once and type hk on one cell. Next time you chant mahamantra, type hk on A2. Like this, complete 108 in coloumn A. Then move to coloumn B, row 108 and begin again.


    YOur servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD

  • Hare Krishna,
    Thats why we have to chant on beads with beadbag so no more thoughts will come to distract us.
    You can visit your nearest temple to get beads and beadbag.

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