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I have great intrest in sprituality.i want to enlighten my self with krishna
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Enlighten and peace of mind
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Ready to help needy people.and ready to inspire other people

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At 8:58pm on May 20, 2019, Walter Cloud ShaktimanahDasa said…
Firmal closher is important as saying good by Such as OmTaTSat or
OM-Sri Vishnu, Sri Vishnu, Sri Vishnu OmTatSaT. Which meand in-essence
The End. Al glory To the HarayNahmah Science tought exclusivly from Krishna through ISKCON'S Bhakti's jaya Jaya
At 8:49pm on May 20, 2019, Walter Cloud ShaktimanahDasa said…
The1st. Revelation needed is to understand is that the term enlightened basically means "that you have an understanding of what is real & what is delushion, i.e. it means that you have personally seen & experienced directly & indirectly Krishna's Sovernty over all things & being at all times and everywhere. Inlightend meen that you understand the ultimit truth through your direct experienceal knowledge. Weather ir not it actually sepperates or elevates one above or differentiates one significantly from the status of others is to-me uncertain, seeing as it indicates only that you have arrived at the propper conclusion as to what is accuallt true & or significant to your continued successful existance! An awakening to the eternal truth! Hence bla bla bla
But what is certain is that what is necessary for this intalectuel- clarification is God's personal association, as Jagannatha Govinda is the Lord of great & unconditional causless instrutions & advice as issued from within our own hearts, & we are instructed thrugh the teachings of Srila (PP's) ISKCON to simply clear our personal space when addressing or i.e.atempting to acomplish meditation on Or serving Krishna. 1st. By chiosing a conducive inviernment, then by excusing one's own personal presence (physical-&-mental) by bowing down out of the eathors of MIAH then Chant or i.e. Call out onto Visjnu the Lord of goodness mercy, love & education. OM-Sri Vishnu' Sri Vishnu Sri Vishnu. 3X's
After attracting the attention/shelter of Vishnue's light-& energies & awairness/conchusnes. A grave and powerful Peace of protection will quickly desend apon you. At this point or in this (stateyou / your mindwill be cappabal of remembering more of what you are about to directly experience i.e.
The i.Q. enhancement, the detachment of intrest in or impressions of the events and interuptions of materral energies-/distractions this is added ny the fact that all of the faculties are at-once engaged in the (turning of the beads 'strictly twords the right-(clockwise) pronouncing the Holy names as respectfully and as properly as possable for you, sitting properlyand progression from beD yo bead. So.. after Summining Hi's LordShip Vishnu & noticing* that you have been acknowledged by him, which will be self explanatory by your own sensory perseptions. Then biwdown one more time re-directing this newer more pure energy state of being and awareness twords Sri Krishna's Immage diaty or within the mind, rise slowly like an unfolding lotus while Chanting *nicely*
Haray Krishna Haray Rama mantra. I advise one resist the earge to engage others or even one's own eyes or attintion'span on anything else. As in yoga be awair of your posture but not fixated upon it, be detected for the most part but keep ah mind's eye on it justto be sure all cercalation is connected & plaitable/opperable/can be made consistant or is sustainable. This power/ prowiss/energy of attention can then be quickly differentiated by Gid from the normal inattentive continuesly destrated awareness that is produced by the normal mind which is about 10-seconds. Because-only,- (for the most part) it's the chanting Bhakti's mind reaching the cattagory of un-distrated. And it is thorough the subtal revelations that accruing on a intalectuel & mintal level(s) that we are coming more and more awair of what is eternally the truth. So " For the patishioning for Guidence from KRISHNA, & fir 'the potentuel of the mind to experience & remember/ memory & learning-retention-potentuel, we Need Vishnu, Loveing inergies tfound only* within the mode of pure goodness (alone). Then our Sound vibrations will have cholesterol value & be attractive to all even the Head God. Mah no ue mahno (man to man) This purafyed presences that one somewhat painstakingly prepares will pay dividends in the results of the more lasting quality of our results. Finnaly as a temple Bhakti myself Once upon a time I would take care to treet thus qullity time with the GodHead(s) & chan.
At 10:15pm on May 16, 2019, Pinkesh said…
What should I do?
At 9:31pm on May 16, 2019, Walter Cloud ShaktimanahDasa said…
I'm 100% sure!
At 9:30pm on May 16, 2019, Walter Cloud ShaktimanahDasa said…
All glory & with out fail
ISkcon is fully equipt & fullfill all of your desiers 100%

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