lord hanuman (2)


On Tuesday 23rd April, Bhaktivedanta Manor observed Hanuman Jayanti in style.

As with tradition, a new Hanuman flag was hoisted to the top the pole at the front of the Manor building. It is believed to ward off negative energies, keeping the home or temple and its occupants safe from harm. The bright red colour of the flag attracts positive energy and divine blessings.

Then devotees participated in bhajans, kirtans and the Junior Bhaktivedanta Players performed a Hanuman drama.

Hanuman is rever

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Who is qualified for spiritual life? Only brāhmaṇas? Or sannyāsīs, or human beings, scholars, or Indians!? – Whether one is a man or a woman, householder or a renunciant, Indian or an American, aristocratic or underprivileged, rich or poor, educated or illiterate, child or an elder, human being or an animal, everyone is a child of God and is spiritual. Therefore, to love God and serve God is the innate characteristic (dharma) of every living being.


Bhakti or devo

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